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164914 tn?1269577507 In the TTW I had terrible breast tenderness, but now my breast tenderness is completely gone.They are still slightly swollen and my viens are more visible,but thats it. I know everyone is different and each pregnancy is different but I just want to know if its normal not to have breast tenderness ? Could it be a sign of low HCG levels? Has anyone experienced this also? I have a doctors appointment but not until a few weeks. I had a miscarriage in Oct.
Avatar n tn Things like nausea and such don't usually start until weeks 6 to 7 on average as it takes some time for the hormones of pregnancy that cause those symptoms to build up enough to do so. Breast tenderness and feeing fatigued or extra tired are usually the first symptoms. However, you haven't missed a period yet. If you miss a period, take a test. If your period is strange and more like spotting, take a test. Symptoms early on are not a good way to tell if we are pregnant.
162948 tn?1205256292 I am having breast tenderness (very sore and heavy feeling). I think I ovulated on 10/19 or 10/20. BBT up on 10-21 and still up. I am wondering if this is PMS related or early sign of pregancy. It has been so long since I had a period (almost 3 years) that I have forgotten when the breast tenderness begins. I have just recently gotten my period back after having ds (24months old) he nurses in morning and before bed (less than 5 min). We are ttc.
Avatar n tn I would go more by the u/s than the hcg levels at this stage in your pregnancy. I am 9wks pg and my breast tenderness comes and goes. I actually asked that question a few days ago. The soreness has been gone for about 3-4 days now and only every once in a while I feel a little sore when going down the stairs etc.Good luck at your u/s.
Avatar f tn You need urgent care, though, because usually when adults get fevers, it's something nasty and more likely to be bacterial. I don't think you'd have any pregnancy symptoms this early. Being sick often causes a lack of appetite, but you need to keep eating something and getting fluids. You have lymph nodes on the sides of your breasts as well, which could be swelling from the chest infection. Especially if you can feel small nodules, that's probably what those are.
Avatar n tn I'm a little confused on where exactly do the breast hurt during breast tenderness in pregnancy.is it the whole breast,just the nipple?.because im trying to conceive and my breast feel tender when I press them and when I touch underneath.I ususally get breast tenderness before my period but its more tense and never underneath.and my period isn't due til nextmonth. Can it be my wish is coming true or what?
1752977 tn?1418225396 I was wondering if in early pregnancy if its normal to only have breast tenderness for some parts of the day. I seem to have it most at night and when I wake up. The rest of the day, they seem okay.
Avatar n tn I would not worry.Not everybody gets very tender breasts this early on. Tenderness will come and go. Enjoy your pregnancy.
Avatar f tn Could it be a side effect of the shot or is this maybe a early implantation pregnancy ? Sometimes my breast get sore after ovulation but I know for a fact I ovulated on monday morning because my doc took a sonogram. So this isn't from ovulation. If it is from pregnancy it is normal that sometimes it's more tender than others ?
Avatar n tn WIth my first pregnancy I had no breast tenderness, in fact I wasn't even able to nurse my baby after she was born because there was no milk either. With my current pregnancy I had extremely sore breasts the first 5-6 weeks which have now subsided and according to my last u/s I'm still pregnant. I guess for me the s/s come and go. Maybe perhaps your body gets used to the increasing level of hormones? Just a thought.
Avatar f tn Breast tenderness was my first sign of being pregnant. But, I was 3 weeks along. It's still constant for me. But I'd say it's too early for you to notice any pregnancy symptoms.
Avatar f tn As far as the cramping goes.. Yes. That was one of my first signs of pregnancy plus breast tenderness. I started cramping around 3-4 weeks (I found out I was pregnant at 3 weeks) and I still have cramping. I'm now 8 weeks. But cramping is normal so try not to worry too much.
1296549 tn?1272532118 For about a month now I've had what the books say early pregnancy symptoms. Nausea, Breast tenderness,Fatigue, Hightened sense of smell, and for two weeks I've had some pink spotting (not much) and light to dark brown spotting. About two to three weeks ago I took two home pregnancy test and they were negative. Planning on taking another one in two weeks.
Avatar f tn I didnt have any symptoms at all during pregnancy! Well besides slight breast tenderness at the very very beginning, but I thought it was just my period. I didnt even feel pregnant till I felt the baby move at like 5 months and was still barely showing. I just think cause you hear of sooo many women having awful symptoms that the ones who have little to no symptoms are rarely talked about. Consider yourself lucky and lets hope it lasts!
1296549 tn?1272532118 For about a month now ive had what the books call early pregnancy symptoms. Ive had breast tenderness, nausea, fatigue, heightened sense of smell, and ive also had pink and light to dark brown spotting (2 weeks off and on). About two weeks ago i took two pregnancy test and both were negative. the first time we tried to conceive was March 30th 2010. Im wondering if these symptoms could be early pregnancy signs, or my body readjusting from coming off of five months of bleeding.
372598 tn?1256943770 Sorry for such a short response but I was pumping and typing w/ one hand. LOL!. Anyway, everything you are describing are early pregnancy symptoms. I get them all. I forgot the technical term for the bumps, but there is one, but that is very normal. It can happen even before you miss you period like, in your case. Another symptom can be the veins in your chest being much darker and more noticeable. Take a look. My chest looks like a freakin road map during early pregnancy!! LOL!
Avatar m tn I im 4 weeks &' 5 days pregnant , i was reading some articles about early symptoms of pregnancy ; &' it says that i will have tenderness in my breast &' around my nipple it will get dark , but i havent had tenderness or my nipple assent got dark ; is their something wrong ? or is it a good thing ? i would like to know if anyone had the same thing like me ?
Avatar f tn I am 18 weeks and still do not feel pregnant at all.. No sickness... No breast tenderness.. Just feel fat...
Avatar n tn with a sour face and he won't smell what I do until a few minutes later) some back pain here and there, and breast tenderness... Could I be pregnant? I know they say you shouldn't feel any symptoms this early on, maybe its all in my head and I'm not expecting?
1468158 tn?1363029895 Symptoms are not reliable, as they are the same for PMS as they are for pregnancy. The only way to know if you are pregnant or not is by a pregnancy test, taken either at home or at your doctor's office. Though if you have already had your period, then you are not pregnant. Pregnant women do not have periods. They can have bleeding, which some women can mistake for a period, but it is not a period. If your period was normal as always, then you are not pregnant.
1841315 tn?1318805411 Hello! New to MedHelp and not quite sure how all of this works...yet! :o) My hubby and I decided to start TTC this summer. I went off the pill back in June, but my regular cycle had yet to return until last night...I think. Prior to going on the pill, my only PMS symptoms would be the feeling of being fat (oh joy!) and simultaneous food cravings (chocolate, salt, fatty foods). My periods were irregular and sometimes moderate to heavy.
1454858 tn?1306787978 When it happen to me, I was really afraid but read a whole bunch of stories of people being 9,10, 11 weeks and their symptoms going away especially breast tenderness and it turned out fine. I found out I had a blighted ovum two weeks later =(. I hope thats not the case with your pregnancy, Hopefulllady..
367100 tn?1330918325 Amenorrhea Nausea with or without vomiting Breast tenderness Increased frequency of urination Fatigue Other symptoms women report in early pregnancy include food cravings and aversions, mood changes, lightheadness, abdominal bloating, constipation, heartburn, low back pain, nasal congestion, and uterine cramps similar to those felt before or during menses. Most of these symptoms can be attributed to the changing hormonal milieu of pregnancy. I hope you find this helpful.