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Avatar f tn With my first pregnancy, I already had symptoms. I knew I was pregnant before my missed period and before I tested. I had cramping and breast tenderness. Right now i'm 4 days past my missed period. I tested BFP but I have no symptoms.
Avatar f tn I'm worried because my breast and nipple tenderness seem to have disappeared. I also don't feel as neausus as the past few days.
1532937 tn?1357200393 Got my first bout of morning sickness today. Never thought i would be so happy to be getting sick.
Avatar m tn I im 4 weeks &' 5 days pregnant , i was reading some articles about early symptoms of pregnancy ; &' it says that i will have tenderness in my breast &' around my nipple it will get dark , but i havent had tenderness or my nipple assent got dark ; is their something wrong ? or is it a good thing ? i would like to know if anyone had the same thing like me ?
676143 tn?1312941771 I'm feeling a lack of symptoms today. I'm not nearly as nauseated, but I do gag a lot and I have the ache in my pelvic area again. I might be imagining it, but it seems my pants are tighter. I almost want to take another pregnancy test, just to be sure...lol Even though I obviously haven't started my period and I have had symptoms the whole time, I still get nervous at the beginning of the pregnancy.
1274271 tn?1453262165 ( has anyone else experienced no breast tenderness during early pregnancy?
327405 tn?1223239755 Is it my so called up and coming period or pregnancy? Cause they hurt like nobody's business!
Avatar f tn It;s not due to pregnancy if they start a week after your period ended. You can't be pregnant and still have normal periods, and you can't be pregnant a week after finishing your period or get symptoms right away either. A week after your period is usually when our bodies are gearing up to ovulate. This happens mid cycle for most women, and then after ovulation we get our periods 10-16 after. You need to be having sex leading up to ovulation to be able to conceive.
Avatar n tn My period isn't due for at least another week, but I've been feeling anxious the last couple days. I have a few symptoms. (Can't remember, really, if I had them back in 2000.) - breast tenderness/slight soreness - feeling voraciously hungry - feeling exhausted BUT: the breast tenderness could be because it's the week prior to my period, and the hunger/tiredness is what I usually feel when I'm stressed.
Avatar n tn t usually start until weeks 6 to 7 on average as it takes some time for the hormones of pregnancy that cause those symptoms to build up enough to do so. Breast tenderness and feeing fatigued or extra tired are usually the first symptoms. However, you haven't missed a period yet. If you miss a period, take a test. If your period is strange and more like spotting, take a test. Symptoms early on are not a good way to tell if we are pregnant.
Avatar f tn continud PMS symptoms today achy feeling, bloating, breast tenderness
Avatar f tn I am almost 10 weeks pregnant and I have had a very easy early pregnancy so far...haven't been sick nausea here n there not tired....just breast tenderness and acne...I heard that the stronger ur symptoms the more healthy ur baby is this true...
Avatar f tn Lost almost all symptoms today..except slight breast tenderness.
Avatar n tn Breast tenderness and urinary frequency are both symptoms that begin early in pregnancy: for some women the breast tenderness begins even before the missed menstrual period and the urinary frequency (often noted as having to awaken during the night) begins 2 weeks after the missed period. The symptoms often improved after about 3 months. The urinary frequency returns in the last 1-2 months of pregnancy and the breast tenderness resumes after delivery as the "molk comes in".
1296549 tn?1272528518 Hello Everyone. This is the first time I've been on a site like this. Little nervous. For about a month now I've had what the books say early pregnancy symptoms. Nausea, Breast tenderness,Fatigue, Hightened sense of smell, and for two weeks I've had some pink spotting (not much) and light to dark brown spotting. About two to three weeks ago I took two home pregnancy test and they were negative. Planning on taking another one in two weeks.
645220 tn?1233764146 With these 2 pregnancies I had prominent nausea and acid reflux very early on. With my other pregnancies/early losses no real symptoms.
Avatar f tn As far as the cramping goes.. Yes. That was one of my first signs of pregnancy plus breast tenderness. I started cramping around 3-4 weeks (I found out I was pregnant at 3 weeks) and I still have cramping. I'm now 8 weeks. But cramping is normal so try not to worry too much.
7708597 tn?1395400152 If you're concerned call your doctor. I didn't have symptoms at all with my 1st pregnancy then I miscarried at about 7w. 2nd pregnancy also didn't have symptoms til 8w and now my son is 17m old. 3rd pregnancy I had symptoms early but still miscarried at 5w4d now with this one I've had symptoms and I'm 8w3d today. Each pregnancy is different so I can't really say. Just call your doctor and get checked, hope all is well!
778012 tn?1304901886 Starting to feel the early twinges of sore boobs only 4 dpo.
Avatar f tn my breast tenderness is fading and it is freaking me out.
Avatar n tn My concern is, however, that i get very little breast tenderness, that only last 1 day before my period but i have had it for the past 7 days continously; burning and weird sensations on the nipples. Additionally, i feel a pressure in my lower abdomen and i feel very gaseous and i have problems sleeping on my back; now i can only sleep awkwardly on one side. Are these common in such early pregnancy? This discussion is related to <a href='http://www.medhelp.
1089510 tn?1285103935 My breast never start hurting this early. Earliest was 21 days and they started at 16.
Avatar f tn the only symptoms i ever had was fatigue and breast tenderness and my daughter is now nine weeks old. your just one of the lucky ones. or it could just start later for you. good luck.
Avatar f tn could early pregnancy signs be breast tenderness,yawning,shortness of breath,restless sleep,tiredness?
514428 tn?1287598456 Still nothing, just tons of breast tenderness, back pain, bloating....hips sore, tired.....the list could go on and on...
Avatar f tn I am 18 weeks and still do not feel pregnant at all.. No sickness... No breast tenderness.. Just feel fat...