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Avatar f tn You're doing that to yourself, You're still early in pregnancy. Your body is still trying to adjust. Just wait until you get further in your pregnancy,Your hormones will really lighten up.
Avatar n tn It was very dark brown blood (sorry if tmi)but I was scared stiff, this is my first pregnancy. I went for an early scan which my husband almost demanded and everything was fine with the baby. They did find an ovarian cyst which could have caused the bleeding but nothing to worry about. I haven't had any more spotting since this time but do get cramps, which I have been told by the MW are growing pains. If I was you I would push to get an early scan especially with your previous MC.
Avatar n tn Is it normal to have pregnancy symptoms a week and a half to two weeks after having intercourse?
Avatar n tn If it come out positive go to the dr. If u get a neg it could be too early. Are u having pregnancy symptoms??
5713105 tn?1373056761 Well I guess it's closer to 6 since my boys are 5. I've completely forgotten what my early pregnancy symptoms were. I haven't tested yet. I'm waiting till I'm late. (It's due to come on in 2 days) But I've been feeling off. What were your earliest pregnancy symptoms? When did they start?
254689 tn?1251183640 Too early for pregnancy symptoms. As I am returning your question on August 28, the question is, what was your beta-HCG?
Avatar n tn Every month i have symptoms like breast tenderness,tiredness,digestive problems,bloating and twinges in lower abdomen for about a week prior to my period.All of these symptoms resemble early pregnancy symptoms.Since i have been ttc,it becomes very difficult for me to understand during the two week wait.Kindly share your opinions.
Avatar n tn my period finally became normal andfor aybe the past four months i've been feeling sick i've taken pregnancy tests all came up negative.
Avatar m tn My RE tells people to get the beta even if you think you start your period because it's pretty common for people to bleed in early pregnancy and also that PMS symptoms are quite similar to early pregnancy symptoms. So don't give up hope just yet!
Avatar n tn Especially since you said that your pregnancy ended really early too. That early on, you wouldn't have extremely high levels anyway. Urine test strips typically test for hcg levels above 20-25 hcg. Sounds like your levels have increased enough to get a positive reading. Good luck!
Avatar m tn (Some women have a loss of pregnancy without symptoms, so symptoms really don't tell you what is going on.) All you can do this early is take the two blood tests 48 hours apart to see if your hCG is doubling or near-doubling. Nothing else is definitive, this early.
Avatar f tn I completely agree with Clysta. I honestly think youre getting symptoms too early. A lot the symptoms you described "frequent urination, nausea, back pain and cramps" are symptoms of a yeast infection, which you have. Also, ovulation in a normal 28 day cycles is usually between days 12-16 and then you get your next period roughly 2 weeks later. Only hing to do is wait and test when your period is due.
Avatar n tn This is a bit embarrasing, but I'm really worried and I don't have anyone to ask help from, so here it goes.. I've been experiencing pretty much all early pregnancy symptoms lately - weight gain, enlarged breasts, heartburn, nausea, tender breasts, darkened aerolas, fatigue, changes in period, and on top of that my stomach seems to get bigger and bigger and it generally feels strange and kind of off.
1186413 tn?1326734149 So I was sitting here thinking that it may be really helpful if we could post some of our pregnancy symptoms that we have been having so far and if there is anything that helps your symptoms. I am sure we could help each other with some helpful tips and maybe calm some of our fears. So here goes. I am 6 weeks today (approx). I have been having some nausea for about the past week or so. I found that it really helps if I keep something in my stomach.
354219 tn?1259985442 It's always nice to have a friend to go through pregnancy with because not only can you call and compare symptoms, but you KNOW they'll understand your emotions (all the ups/downs, excitement, nervousness). Nothing compares to the bond you make...and nothing compares to the bond your children will make as they grow up together. Congrats!
1509498 tn?1332876536 No, its not too early to notice some of the pregnancy symptoms. However, its so hard to tell the difference between PMS signs and signs of pregnancy because they're so much alike. In another week, you'll be able to take an HPT. Good luck to both of you! Baby dust!
Avatar n tn I was wondering just how long should I wait before I take a pregnancy test I have mixed emotions only because I don't wanna get my hopes high for no reason any help?
1017158 tn?1257734240 Well, sometimes pregnancy takes time. Don't let that bad self-talk feed your emotions if you can fight it. Fight it as best you can, I know that's hard. Being a mom is hard, too. It is hard with the mood swings. I hate it when I snap at my kids. I'm lucky my anger usually doesn't get the better of me. I'm more of the hurt myself than others type. I would say to work with your OB. There are reasons pregnancy doesn't happy right away.
Avatar f tn To be honest, I don't know what iui is (sorry) but in my last pregnancy I had a lot of pregnancy symptoms at least a week before a missed period. Unfortunately I ended up miscarrying... but now I suspect I am pregnant again but am trying to distinguish between a faint line and evaporation line. We both must be impatient lol. But-- I'm about 5 days before a missed period and am having symptoms. Extreme fatigue, sore boobs, vivid dreams, crazy emotions etc..
Avatar f tn With my first pregnancy I wanted nothing more than to become a mother and I was soo excited when I found out I was pregnant. Last December I was at the 21 week mark when I went into preterm labor and lost my son. After the loss of our son, my husband and I have been trying hard to get pregnant. And now I am, but I am finding that where I once felt love and excitement, instead I feel anxiety and fear that it will happen again.
Avatar n tn Ok, so I have read all of the comments by everyone and only a few have actually confirmed anything. I am on the mirena & having pregnancy symptoms too, and my breasts are leaking. If these really are symptoms of having the mirena, they should really do more research and warn women before they decide to have it inserted because this is ridiculous. I have twin 21 month olds and a 4 month old..trust me I have not forgotten what it feels like to be pregnant, and this is it!
Avatar f tn Hi there, You're going to drive your emotions crazy if you test too early and see a negative. I know the 14 day wait is torture but, give it a chance to "take". Put those hpt's away, I'll bet you have a stash ( I do ). I did my first hpt at 14 dpo and when I didn't see the double "pg" line right away I left it right away feeling depressed. Dh stayed staring at it and it showed up a few mins later. I took another one about 5 days later and bfp showed up instantly.
Avatar n tn I have no other obvious pregnancy symptoms. My period is due mid next week. How many of you experienced symptoms so early or none at all and still be pregnant. Is what I'm feeling, which is not much than breast soreness (which could be PMS) enough to keep my hope that I may be pregnant?
Avatar f tn I'm in the Netherlands, it varies per location how early we get a scan. I just went for the o e that offered an early scan. mother of nations: they van tell the gender at 13 weeks? Over here they always claim they cant see it till 16 weeks. Hmmmzz might have to ensure that i get an us around 13 or 14 then.. standard here you get one at 10 and next at 20 weeks. Though I would love a boy just the same, kind of hoping for a girl. I'm the only girl in our family.
Avatar f tn I finally started to enjoy it literally at 30 weeks (I'm now 32w + 2days). So strange how my emotions were so different with each pregnancy?? Anyways, I empathize with you and want to offer you support that you can get through this and as some point, maybe 30 weeks or maybe not until your baby arrives, you will be happy again!
Avatar f tn We had waited a couple of months before starting to try again and were glad to be successful in our first month of trying. I was pretty sure I was having early symptoms so was able to test for a bfp before missing a period. There are no guarantees but so far looks like everything is going well biologically.
Avatar f tn I am a 43 year old woman with symptoms of menopause. I had my first child at 40 years old and at my doctor's advice, had the Mirena inserted. It was horrible, I did not have regular periods at all and I gained a lot of weight. She kept insisting that I needed to give it time to adjust in my body, finally after 1 year, I had it removed. After the removal my periods continued to be irregular and now I have not had a period since November 2013 and I am definitely not pregnant.
166219 tn?1267490838 Won't somone please post something telling how they had an amazing pregnancy with very few symptoms and no morning sickness. So far, just boob tenderness, tired all the time, and some increase in peeing. Worries me that there isn't more.
Avatar n tn Besides feeling like I am a complete terror to my children still I feel slightly dizzy and extremely nauseated. I actually have taken 3 pregnancy tests thinking/hoping that was the problem but to no avail. Besides concentrating on all the things that could be wromg with me as I am convinced I am slowly dying. I have narrowed it to ssri withdrawal. Could the effects of withdrawl still be going stong after 2 weeks? My joints still hurt a bit too.