Doxycycline for abcessed tooth

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Avatar m tn Hi all, I hope someone can offer some advice. About 6 months ago, I had tooth #3 (upper right molar second from back) extracted because it had caused me problems with various infections for over 5 years - I'd had root canal, apecioectomy, etc on it and nothing helped. It was severely abcessed beforehand. But the infection seemed to settle down after the extraction, although it never seemed to go completely away - it was still sore and the gums just felt infected still. But no abcess, so ...
Avatar f tn The doctor looked at scalp and said it looked very red and irritated and appeared like it was a scalp infection (dermatologist never even looked - she was USELESS). She prescribed doxycycline (antib) for the scalp, gave me a steroid creme for the arm rash, and said to take probiotics for a week or two to see if that helps the diarreah. She also did take a slew of blood tests. All came back normal except elevated calcium of 10.5.
Avatar n tn I found this site tonight while searching for information on what you all are talking about. I actually found this particular site by reading posts from last summer about this very topic. I too have these "lumps" on my inner thighs. The only thing that concerns me is that I have more than what it seems others have. At some points in time both my thighs look black and bruised. The first time my fiance saw them he freaked out.
Avatar m tn it will explain the left side of my face being bigger than the right .someone asked me if i had an abcessed tooth .the inflammation would explain my ears popping as using selenium i couldnt find lavender.i have a a bump on the side of my genitals now it would appear i might have hsv2.early blood tests came up negative.coconut oil and st johns wort took away alot of the pain for me .