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Avatar f tn The question to ask is (a) is there no absorbtion of iron of (b) is there simply diminished absorbtion. If there is diminished absorbtion adding a bit of high iron foods to the diet might do the trick. I would not take iron supplements without consulting my physician because there can be side effects from such a protocol. As Drnee stated, there a number of diagnostic tests available to pinpoint the cause. Often the condition can be treated.
Avatar n tn Iron is very difficult for the liver to process, so most docs recommend steering clear of iron, including in vitamins. For now, I would probably get a multi vit that doesn't have iron in it. From what I have read, dietary iron is easier to metabolize, but still not easy so you may want to look at how much you really are taxing your liver with the foods you eat. Everyone is different though, and you should definitely bring it up to your doc!
Avatar n tn Unless you're at Chirrosis levels I wouldn't sweat it. You still need Iron. The iron you get in your diet is different and is ok. Unless you're sure, just avoid the iron in suppliments. You can get multivitamins without iron. As for the other stuff....the antioxidents are always a good idea. Vitamins E,C, and foods with them(like Green Tea) are good for us. Take the other stuff as you choose. I was always partial to Folic Acid.
Avatar f tn Women have a higher demand for iron then men due to monthly menstrual flow. There are 2 types of iron in our food sources, Heme iron and Non-Heme iron. Heme iron is from animal sources and Non-Heme is plant sources. Non-Heme iron has more iron then Heme iron , however, it does not absorbed well into our bodies so it is important to eat foods with Vitamin C and Heme iron foods to enhance absorption.
166496 tn?1236185912 Hi chevy, welcome to the board. Do you have hepatitis? If you posted your info. I must have missed it, I'm sorry. Can you post it again? Here is an article on liver and diet. There is some info about fats in there. I was told to take a multi vitamin without Iron in it but to eat "iron rich" foods and that that is the best way to ingest necessary iron. Decrease red meats and processed foods, sugars, and fat. Increase antioxidants.
Avatar n tn Fiber and water should be in plenty in the diet if she is constipated. fermentable foods should be avoided. small frequent meals about 6 -8 times a day, avoid foods high in fat or lactose and avoid residue and gas producing foods. Pureed foods may be tolerated by some. Supplementations with liquid formulations, vitamins, minerals e.g. vitamin B12, iron, calcium, folate, Vitamins A, D, E, K and trace elements. Consult a dietician to help you out. Take care.
Avatar n tn At the present time I eat anything...Since I can not do the treatments right now I thought there are certain foods I should avoid. Any help would be appreciated..
233616 tn?1312790796 Does anyone have a good file on a low iron diet, there's a lot of confusing facts out there when I went looking, and I already thought I had solved this only to read more conflicting info I though maybe one of you has found a master list already : ))))))). Also, what is that procedured called that filters the blood,(not just bleeding us)? but the filtering thingy??
20801560 tn?1512721736 We can see why it is important to have a diet that includes iron and eat iron-rich foods.
Avatar n tn You can increase Iron food sources in your diet and his. There are 2 types of iron in our food sources, Heme iron and Non-Heme iron. Heme iron is from animal sources and Non-Heme is plant sources. Non-Heme iron has more iron then Heme iron , however, it does not absorbed well into our bodies so it is important to eat foods with Vitamin C and Heme iron foods to enhance absorption.
Avatar n tn also heard one should avoid all processd foods..another thing is that foods with iron are bad for absorption of thyroid meds, that one should wait 4 hours after meds to consume them..thing is i take my meds at 9am n 1pm this means i cant eat any foods with iron till like 5.. So what should i eat trhoughout the day?..btw i have all this jus nonsense or?..
Avatar n tn If you go to google you can look up foods high in iron. Also some kids will go 2 to 3 day without eatiing and then pig out....but its normal the best thing to do is let them eat when they wanna eat and remember their still building their metabolism and its not the same as ours!
Avatar f tn Only a small amount of the iron in foods is absorbed, or taken in, by your body. Your body best absorbs the iron in meats. Eating a small amount of meat along with other sources of iron, such as some vegetables, can help you get even more iron out of these foods. Taking high doses of vitamin C pills or eating foods high in vitamin C, such as citrus fruits or juice, at the same time you eat iron-rich foods or take your iron pill may can help your body absorb the iron better.
Avatar n tn Depending on the severity (stage) of your cirrhosis certain foods may need to be avoided or portioned such as “protein” commonly induces symptoms of hepatic encephalopathy (HE) or a low sodium diet may need to be exercised to avoid water retention for those with ascites.
Avatar m tn Have you tried iron rich foods first? Iron deficiency can cause the symptoms you list, because the body uses Iron to make Haemoglobin, the red blood cells which carry Oxygen around the body and remove Carbon Dioxide. Lower Oxygen will affect you in those ways.
Avatar f tn I took them with my last, they are not pleasant but they helped especially since eating iron rich foods were having no effect. I was still anemic at delivery but got lucky and didnt need a transplant since I was clotting on my own.
Avatar f tn I don't like taking anything while I'm pregnant though, so I changed my diet and added some extra iron rich foods instead.
Avatar n tn The general reasons for low iron is 1) not eating foods high in iron, 2) low B12/folic acid and 3) lack of absorption.
Avatar n tn I was told I was borderline anemic, so before I started taking Iron supplements, I decided to see if I could add more to my diet- Now I eat Total cereal in the mornings and try to get as much iron in during the day as possible. I find out in a couple of weeks whether or not it's working, or whether I need to start taking a supplement...
Avatar n tn Could my eating a lot of foods with iron that week have spiked the iron level...or could it be something else...I also was taking Tylenol PM one table per nite a few times a week for past many months...Inactive ingredients say "iron oxides"...Could that affect iron level? Thank you for your help.
299155 tn?1235492869 It takes months to get ferritin which is a protein that binds to iron. It is a good measure of iron storage but it is different from just measuring serum iron. It takes time to deplete your ferritin therefore it takes time to build it back up. My dermatologist recommends that ferritin be up near 80-100 for help with hair loss. I started back in October 07 with a ferritin of 16.5 (range 11-305). I was on the very low end and it is a huge range. In January it was up to 37.5.
Avatar m tn are you taking any other supps that could help you absorb the iron or tried to eat more foods with iron in them. Has the Dr. said why it could be low. Usually there is a reason why your body wouln't absorb it naturally. My father-in-law had the same symptoms and they still can't find what is wrong. He has even had to undergo blood transfussions. You probably should see a hematologist.
773755 tn?1328123377 For the long term you should try adding good iron foods to your diet -- parsley, beets, dandelion greens, watercress -- there are lots of them. A good supplement is herbal iron by Floradix. It seems very well absorbed and tolerated.
80575 tn?1207135964 Has an hemotologist studied your blood cells under a microscope where s/he can see iron abnormalities? What was your diet leading up to the test? Its possible you ingested high iron rich foods which caused a spike in your test. Just my opinion.