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Avatar f tn org It will give you the ICA diet details. Foods that are acidic, have caffein, alcohol, most fruits, processed foods in cans are on the list. I've found that many patients are dramatically better by just eliminating the things in their diet that make their symptoms worse. Diet control is the first step in symptom control.
Avatar f tn It sounds like something is putting pressure on your bladder. Have you been to a urologist? With IC, one typically goes to the bathroom multiple times/day, not just at night. You can try changing your diet to see if there are foods that cause the pain, as often happens with IC. There's a special IC diet you can try... you can find it here? http://www.ichelp.org/wp-content/uploads/2015/07/food-list.
Avatar n tn HI, There are many treatments for the symptoms of IC. In terms of the non-prescription options, I agree with the comments below that many patients find that baking soda helps alkalinize the urine, blocking the acidic affect that many foods and drinks have on the bladder. I also recommend that everyone look at the website "ichelp.org" and adhere to the ICA diet that eliminated caffeine, acidic foods, spicy foods, tomatoes etc.
Avatar f tn She then gets a real bad infection, now has symptoms when the urine is not infected. The classic symptoms of IC are pain, frequency and urgency. The pain component could be felt as pain, pressure or discomfort. You describe a pressure sensation in the pelvis which is classic. Your cramping sensation and low back pain are also common complaints. IC symptoms are often intermittent in the early stages and hard to disgnose.
Avatar f tn Many of us can control a lot of the symptoms with diet. There are a lot of foods that seem to irritate the bladder and avoiding those seems to help many people. Basically, the foods to avoid are those with a lot of acid, such as citrus and spicy foods, but we all have our own triggers. For me, salt and sugar are the biggest triggers and a flare can last from a couple of days to a couple of weeks. A "flare" feels just like a UTI, but there's no infection present.
Avatar m tn Hi, it sounds like you have the classic symptoms of IC with pain, freqquency and urgency. Voiding 20 times a day is classic during flare ups. The symptoms are usually made worse with certain foods and intercourse is always painful. About 20% of patients who have the classic symptoms of IC with a negative urine for infection have a normal cystoscopy and hydrodistention, ie they don't show the classic findings.
Avatar f tn com. Diet is a huge role in managing IC, such as cutting out coffee, citrus, caffeine, chocolate and other drinks/foods that can irritate an already irritated bladder like yours. Alot of people find Elmiron helpful but it takes a while to work. There is also Elavil a low dose tricyclic antidepressant that takes away pain if you have alot of pain and drugs like ditropan xl which relax the bladder and cut down on frequency/urgency/some discomfort and pain.
Avatar f tn You will also get a list of things to avoid, keep in mind that everyone with IC has different triggers, however this list of no-no foods are common ones that affect most IC people. VITAMIN C, caffeine, citric acid, acidic foods, aspartame are all things that I have had to give up because they cause increased pain. Due to Vitamin C being a trigger for most people with IC, it is not recommended to take a daily multivitamin.
Avatar f tn I am 56 years old and have been diagnosed with IC, IBS with steatorrhea, severe osteoporosis, have had L4 laminectomy, L4,L5, S1 discectomies, I now have Spinal Stenosis and live in constant pain. I have had Hep C, type1 for over 30 years. I've had a total hysterectomy which was botched and they had to remove a portion of my colon that they had stapled through. I have had multiple traumatic surgeries.
Avatar m tn I have or at least think i have had chronic prostritus it comes and goes along with bouts of balantatus when given regimen of antibotics of Dox they seem to fade but still linger on.. My wife has what her doc thinks is IC she if fixing to go to a urologist to find out for sure, She has problems with needing to urinate a lot coupled with pelvic pain.
Avatar f tn I was just diagnosed with interstitial cystitis this month, after years of bladder infection symptoms without any actual infection. My doctor just put me on an IC diet until my bladder in healed. In a few months she said I can start testing other foods out to see how I react to them. In the meantime, I am only 18 and I don't know what to snack on. I'm not used to such a bland diet. Does anyone know of some bladder friendly snacks I could munch on?
Avatar f tn so- bottom line there are a million different ways IC can affect someone, but for sure the first things they tell you is to stop the caffeine, citrus and acidic foods, look into the IC diet, and carbonated drinks as well. I got kidney stones that they attribute to the IC, but mine have never come out, so they leave them in there and they Do cause me a lot of pain.
Avatar n tn Still no change in my symptoms after a week of this medication. I am playing around with foods in my diet trying to figure out if certain foods are triggers. Any suggestions about what the problem could be? I still think that more of my symptoms indicate IC rather than IBS but the gyno said no. Should I get a second opinion? This discussion is related to <a href='http://www.medhelp.org/posts/show/302630'>abdominal bloating/frequent urination</a>.
Avatar f tn I have been diagnosed with I.C for 7 years now. If you take Elmiron & cut out all the foods that cause inflammation. You will be pain free and you will also be able to work. Yes I do still get flair-ups but I am still able to work. When I first started taking Elmiron I was taking 1 100mg caplet 3 times a day and now I am taking 1 100mg caplet 2 times a day. I know if I don't take them regularly that I do get flair-ups.
Avatar n tn I would look research the IC diet and see if diet changes help your symptoms - removing caffeine, sodas, high-acid foods, etc., can make a difference. It is common to have symptoms flare around your cycle with IC. With luck, you've caught it fairly early, and some simple treatments can reduce and even eliminate your symptoms.
1029507 tn?1287714315 ), and acidic foods are not good for IC. This includes soda, coffee, caffeine, tomato based products, etc. To diagnose IC for sure, the only method is to have a cystoscopy. Basically, the put you under anesthesia, manually fill your bladder with fluid, and put a camera up there and look around. They have to extend your bladder in order to see the sores. My mom always had good relief after she had one done because the fluid they extend your bladder with is medicated.
Avatar n tn AZO is an over the counter medicine that helps. Eating foods that are OK in the IC diet helps as well! The IC Network has lots and lots of research on IC that you would find very interesting! I have several coping tools that help me daily! I take aloe from dessert Harvest, I do bladder instills with pain relieving medications as well as use vaginal supppositories at night that help my pain! If your doctor can not offer you any other treatment options look around for on that will!
Avatar f tn Elmiron is the only medicine on the market at this time to treat IC as far as I know. Google IC diets, it will give you foods to avoid to help start you on the way to feeling better. If you smoke and drink coffee, they both will cause you more pain and suffering.
Avatar f tn s to try is the IC diet... many acidic food make things worse for us. The big triggers are Caffeine (Chocolate, coffee, soda), Cranberry, spicy foods, Alcohol, and smoking. I would highly encourage you to go to the IC website I have set up to network patient here in Missouri and Arkansas. Even though you may not be near here there are many helpful treatments listed.
Avatar f tn t think IC itself caused it... there are contributing factors. First exercises and diet are huge IC flared triggers for me so less activity and since soda, tea, citurs and tomatoes are off the list- we are left eating more fatty foods like white sauses vs. tomatoe etc.
Avatar f tn t been infection for a long time. My urologist tells me I have an overactive bladder. I think I have IC . . or perhaps the foods that aggravate an overactive bladder can do the same for one who has IC. I recently visited the IC website, and pulled up the foods that could be irritating to the bladder. I am slowly learning to eliminate all the foods that can cause a problem, and I'm eating only what's on the "OK" list. I am also on 60mg of Sanctura every day.
Avatar f tn He told me that I infact had IC. He could tell by my elevated white cells and pus in my urine all the time and the symptoms that it was IC.
Avatar n tn I assume you are aware that certain foods can exacerbate IC.
Avatar f tn I gave birth to my son last April 2008. A couple of months ago i started to notice that I had the frequency and urgency to urinate around the time when i menstruate and after i urinate I have this intense sensation of relief that is very uncomfortbale (no pain or bleeding). I asked my OBGYN what is going on and she said to alter my diet (no dairy, no alcohol) and if that didn't work then to skip the placebo pills of my contraceptive pills and go straight into a new pack.
Avatar f tn There is no cure for IC however there are many treatments that help control the IC symptoms. I have IC and am an IC support group leader Our support group is set up mainly to network patients and medical practitioners throughout Missouri and Arkansas, but I have tried to put a lot of articles on the board to help any patient as well. Our group is MOARK IC. Either way your having bladder pain right now, and need help!