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Avatar f tn so- bottom line there are a million different ways IC can affect someone, but for sure the first things they tell you is to stop the caffeine, citrus and acidic foods, look into the IC diet, and carbonated drinks as well. I got kidney stones that they attribute to the IC, but mine have never come out, so they leave them in there and they Do cause me a lot of pain.
Avatar n tn It may help control the frequency, urgency, and pain associated with IC, although the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has not approved it for IC therapy. Diet Modification Many people find that eliminating acidic, spicy, and sugary foods, as well as dairy products from their diet helps to control symptoms.
Avatar f tn The diet was-and-is THE single most effective treatment for IC, if I follow my diet perfectly, I have almost zero symptoms, the diet is daunting to say the least, but once you decide to live by it, it is 'acceptable'. The best book I ever read is called 'You Don't Have To Live With Cystitis' by Larrian Gillespie, M.D. I highly recommend this book.
Avatar n tn in my bladder- so my bladder has trying to heal areas that were damaged. Why don't you go on some of the good IC sites? ICA- IC Association, and the ICN- IC Network are both really good. You could start with looking at the foods/beverages that are painful. You could stop: anything acidy: tomatoes, lemon, oranges, caffeine- soda, coffee, chocolate. Those are the worst. I was prescribed Elmiron, Detrol and Attarax . That with the diet elimation had - and life has been so much better!
Avatar f tn Most of the foods that you have listed I have cut out of my diet due Migraine Headache. They are my triger foods. I have called my regular doctor and asked for a referral to another urologist to get a second opinon. After having sugery 2 weeks ago, I am just not ready to head down that road again. I am willing to try other things, but I thought it was juming the gun a little on his part. He told that the Elmron was the only medication that I could take for CI.
Avatar f tn Symptoms returned in August but still no bacteria in my urine went to my gyno and she said it might be IC she lets wait to see if symptoms return. Well Sep they did and put me on Elmiron. My question is does IC develop after recurent UTIs? If it is IC will I have it for the rest of my life?
Avatar m tn •Frequent stomach pains and digestion problems •Skin problems (skin infections, eczema, psoriasis, acne) •Foggy brain / Trouble concentrating •Constant tiredness and exhaustion •Anxiety •Mood swings •Obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) •Anger outbursts •Irritability •Headaches •Intense cravings for sugars, sweets, and breads •Itchy skin Because you have taken so many antibiotics you will benefit from drinking live culture yogurts or live culture capsules.
Avatar f tn The truth is when it comes to IC you need to try all of the options your Uro gives you because IC is soo different for everyone and you never know when something is going to work. Have you been following the IC diet making sure you have elimainated everything that could possibly bother or inflame your bladder? With IC even the smallest thing can cause a flare. If you arent ready to take a step like surgery you may want to ask your Uro about bladder instalments of Heperin even of Elmiron.
Avatar m tn ) these are some of my tricks...also, make sure your diet is very alkaline...stay away from acidic foods...and it never hurts to get a second opinion...so get copies of all your medical records and seek a second opinion!
Avatar m tn Hi, it sounds like you have the classic symptoms of IC with pain, freqquency and urgency. Voiding 20 times a day is classic during flare ups. The symptoms are usually made worse with certain foods and intercourse is always painful. About 20% of patients who have the classic symptoms of IC with a negative urine for infection have a normal cystoscopy and hydrodistention, ie they don't show the classic findings.
Avatar f tn Though I don't think IC itself caused it... there are contributing factors. First exercises and diet are huge IC flared triggers for me so less activity and since soda, tea, citurs and tomatoes are off the list- we are left eating more fatty foods like white sauses vs. tomatoe etc.
Avatar m tn but here is my Question.. after reading that on internet about Ic do's and dont's and symptoms that actually IC could in men pose as a chronic prostritus.. or give the symptoms of that leading you to belive that you have prostritus instead it could be the IC... is this right? Could i actually have IC instead of prostritus? are the syptoms closely related? My next question is how does IC start or conrtacted by us? Is it spread sexually or bacterial? Can it be irradicated?
Avatar f tn The first year I had 6 bouts of infection, however my urine samples tested negative. I received antibiotics each time and the symptoms did go away only to come back again. I was referred to a urologist and after a year of waiting had a scan and cystoscopy all which came back as being fine and was discharged and told there was nothing more to be done.
Avatar f tn I am not doing well with certain diet aspects with my various conditions though I do try to avoid the nitrate/nitrite foods and more due to migraine triggers. Do get your ferritin checked & let us know how you fair? Have you ever had your free T4 checked along with the TSH?
Avatar f tn I was just diagnosed with interstitial cystitis this month, after years of bladder infection symptoms without any actual infection. My doctor just put me on an IC diet until my bladder in healed. In a few months she said I can start testing other foods out to see how I react to them. In the meantime, I am only 18 and I don't know what to snack on. I'm not used to such a bland diet. Does anyone know of some bladder friendly snacks I could munch on?
Avatar n tn It sounds like your Urologist knows what to do. Unfortunately your symptoms are not responding. Prednisone is ineffective in treating IC symptoms. It is common to see IC and fibromyalgia together. We don't understand what the underlying problem is. Option one is pelvic floor physical therapy. A trained pelvic floor physical therapist (PT) can do massage therapy to the painful muscle trigger points generating the pain.
Avatar f tn I was just diagnosed with interstitial cystitis this month, after years of bladder infection symptoms without any actual infection. My doctor just put me on an IC diet until my bladder in healed. In a few months she said I can start testing other foods out to see how I react to them. In the meantime, I am only 18 and I don't know what to snack on. I'm not used to such a bland diet. Does anyone know of some bladder friendly snacks I could munch on?
Avatar f tn I feel hungry a lot even when I should not be hungry. I think diabetes does this to us. I am thinking about going on the HCG diet, without the injections. Would that benefit me, or should I use the injections too. I would like to her from other diabetics who have used HCG diet, with and without the injections.
1344197 tn?1392822771 Most patients with IC report worsening of symptoms with certain foods or drinks, and diet modifications are necessary. Food know to cause irritation to the urinary tract include such items as, acidic foods, alcoholic beverages, and caffeine. For a more extensive list of foods, Click here. Prelief, (calcium glycerophosphate), a dietary supplement used to decrease the affect of acidic foods and beverages, has been shown to be beneficial in 70% of patients with IC.
Avatar f tn Definitely follow the others advice and watch what you eat and drink. If you have ic, you are basically allergic to most foods. Artificial sweeteners, dry creamers, sugars (which turn into yeast-which cause inflamation), caffiene, chocolate, mgs (just don't eat a lot of prepackaged foods), oranges, tomatoes- anything with acid, cinamon, nutmeg, most spices. You'll find that most of your life you already new these foods made you ill. Also if you smoke, don't.
Avatar n tn He also gave me info on how controlling your diet can help reduce the syptoms. Google interstitial cystitis and see if the symptoms match yours.
Avatar f tn I would also try to find and IC MD. You can also take an IC symptoms survey. Most of the people that have IC go to a urologist. I have found that a urogynecologist is more familiar with the entire pelvic region. IC is usually associated with other pelvic concerns. There is a website that has just about everything you could possibly want to know about IC. IC is the only topic for the entire site. I don't think I can post the link on this site since it is a .com site.
Avatar f tn I've found that many patients are dramatically better by just eliminating the things in their diet that make their symptoms worse. Diet control is the first step in symptom control.
1839773 tn?1330047553 Just wondering the different symptoms we're experiencing. I havn't been diagnosed with endo...or anything for that matter! Lets compare notes, here are my symptoms.... left pelvic pain for about 14 mos right pelvic pain intermittenly for the past 2 mos (sometimes with left pelvic pain) CONSTANT pelvic pain back pain that sometimes wraps along my left side nausea...everyday...all day for the past 2 mos irregular periods for the past 3 mos (maybe before?
Avatar f tn You can try changing your diet to see if there are foods that cause the pain, as often happens with IC. There's a special IC diet you can try... you can find it here? http://www.ichelp.org/wp-content/uploads/2015/07/food-list.pdf The first column are bladder friendly foods, the second column are foods you can try, that may or may not trigger a flare and the third column are foods to stay away from...
Avatar f tn She then gets a real bad infection, now has symptoms when the urine is not infected. The classic symptoms of IC are pain, frequency and urgency. The pain component could be felt as pain, pressure or discomfort. You describe a pressure sensation in the pelvis which is classic. Your cramping sensation and low back pain are also common complaints. IC symptoms are often intermittent in the early stages and hard to disgnose.
Avatar f tn There is no cure for IC however there are many treatments that help control the IC symptoms. I have IC and am an IC support group leader Our support group is set up mainly to network patients and medical practitioners throughout Missouri and Arkansas, but I have tried to put a lot of articles on the board to help any patient as well. Our group is MOARK IC. Either way your having bladder pain right now, and need help!
Avatar n tn What they are looking for are sores or scarring in the lining of her bladder, which implies IC as the cause of her symptoms rather than an infection. She will likely be catheterized for 24 hours following the procedure. My mom went through this about 6 years ago when she was diagnosed with intermediate to severe IC. The images from her cystoscopy showed several very large sores and a lot of inflammation in her bladder.
Avatar f tn I did go to the orthopedic doctor today who did IMS on it, Intra muscular something, involves electrical impulses. How can I find out about a diet to relieve symptoms. I don't want anyone around me to know what is happening to me. I want to keep it a secret. I live in a country that is extremely hot and humid in summer up to 40 degrees C with high humidity and very cold in winter which is what we have just experienced. down to -13 degrees C. I have no one to advise me what to do.
Avatar f tn You will also get a list of things to avoid, keep in mind that everyone with IC has different triggers, however this list of no-no foods are common ones that affect most IC people. VITAMIN C, caffeine, citric acid, acidic foods, aspartame are all things that I have had to give up because they cause increased pain. Due to Vitamin C being a trigger for most people with IC, it is not recommended to take a daily multivitamin.