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256349 tn?1189759437 I don't know if you have used anything else to compare it to or not, but I have never used anything and need to. I don't really know what phase 2 and 3 are because I don't know much about the HCG diet. I am trying to get my body in shape to loose weight and I feel after years of constipation, this should be my first step. I have just gotten in the state of mind to really make a change. Thanks for your help.
Avatar f tn In phase 2 of hcg diet, I am confused. Do you start day 3 with the VLCD and go until day 40 or day 45 on the 500 calories. Also, are you allowed to eat as much vegetable (the 1 vegetable at each meal)? or do you have to measure out your vegetable and then find out what that calorie count is so that you do not go over your 500 calories? Are you allowed to cook with extra virgin coconut oil with your vegetables, and if so, can you saute onion and garlic with the 1 vegetable.
2215568 tn?1339768575 The first phase of this hCG Diet protocol is the preparatory time span and includes instructions such as, bigger daily water intake, strolling for at least one hour a day, going through a body cleanse by utilising recommended hcg diet supplements and consuming apple fruit and breadfruit everyday. A more comprehensive summarize of stage 1 of the hCG Diet can be discovered here.
1491674 tn?1556285573 OMG I am not motivated. I am going to stick it out, but I swear Im not feeling this.
Avatar n tn pigged out Sat and Sun and started a 750 cal diet on Monday when I received a 2nd shot. I have been hungry and ate foods off my diet. I am a little discouraged and not sure what to do. I am supposed to get three 250 iu shots a week and it will cost $50.00 per week. They also had a doctor do blood work and gave me an ekg, which I paid 60.00 for. I need to lose 60 lbs, ugh....
Avatar n tn My wife is doing the HCG diet, along with 500 calories and 2-3 protein shakes per day. I'm doing a blog with all of her daily comments, feel free to comment or ask any questions, and I'll fwd to her. http://kimsdietblog.blogspot.
Avatar n tn For Phase 2 and Phase 3 of the protocol, you are to follow the diet EXACTLY as instructed as far as types of foods. It has to do with the chemical makeup in the particular foods as to why it works. It was studied for YEARS before it was accurate. According to the doctor who founded this protocol, if you change the diet, even just slightly, it will not work. As far as organic...K.T.
Avatar n tn I accidentally found out about HCG and figured, why not? I've been through the loading phase and am on Day 2 of the VLCD. As of today, down 4.6 lbs. AFTER 24 HOURS ON THE DIET. w00t! Frankly, I don't care how it works. I don't care if it's a placebo effect. IT'S WORKING. I can't help but wonder if the loading phase doesn't serve a 2fold purpose. Both to store reserves (as if I didn't have enough already, lol) and to desensitize one to the carbs, sugars, etc.
Avatar n tn Hi! Is anyone starting the HCG diet on Black Friday? I will be doing it 4 weeks thanksgiving to christmas? Do you want to start a support group?
Avatar f tn A loss of 1-2 pounds/week is considered safe, however, there are some people who can manage to lose more, which is fine if it's being done via sensible diet and exercise. The worst thing about a drastic plan such as the hcg diet, is that you will most likely gain back all of the lost weight as soon as you go off the diet; possibly even gaining more yet.
Avatar f tn This is my fifth day on the HCG diet and I have lost 5 1/2 lbs, that I am very proud of. I have not truly hungary at all, but I NEED something sweet. I am afraidn that I am going to cheat, if I do not have something. I have been drinking all the water that I am supose to and have followed everything else to the t. Any options out their for me? Angel food cake has very few calories and almost no sugar, that has to be better than a candy bar that sounds so appealing.
Avatar n tn I started my HCG diet 7 days ago (first 2 days were loading days) I did 500 calories the first 3 days and then went to 800 calories when I discovered thats ok. So far I have gained 2 pounds. I have been weighing everythingt and now am not sure this diets for me. I am going to give it one more week. Anyone else have this prob?
921323 tn?1268679412 I think the HCG Diet is a bad idea for at least three reasons. 1) Supplementation with HCG has not been proven to be effective as compared to placebo. Multiple double-blind placebo controlled studies have not demonstrated a beneficial effect. Not much else to say about this. It just doesn’t work. Please note - I am not talking about the prolonged and severe calorie restriction that accompanies it. That works just fine. It just isn’t healthy. See #2.
Avatar f tn Northcarolina1 How did the HCG diet work out for you Im a type 2 diabetic and i'm thinking about trying it out.
Avatar f tn 500 Cal diet with HCG/Simeon Plan. This is my 7th day on the HCG/Simeon diet so I figured it would be a good time to compare them (since I made it 1 week on the non-HCG plan). I have felt very well the entire 7 days, no hunger pangs until the end of the day when I took no shot (yesterday). I am not miserable like I was on the diet w/out HCG. I have lost 5 lbs (net), even with the 2 loading days, and I'm pretty excited about how this is going.
Avatar f tn for the first 2 days you will take the drops as well as eat as much as you can. that is phase 1. after taht you begin phase 2, where you drop to the 500 calorie diet. you should do this for 21-40 days depending on your weight loss needs. then you will enter phase 3. this is the maintenance phase and it is very important. you will consume 1500 caloris a day but still avoid sugars and starches. after 21 days you will slowly start to introduce starch and sugars into your daily routine.
Avatar m tn concerning hcg diet: i am on round 1,phase 2,day 15 and i ran out of supplies, ... more is en route but i will not receive them for probably 1 week or more. should i do; 1) stay on very low calorie diet for 3 days without hcg, then go into phase 3 maintenance till the immunity 2) wait for the hcg and supplies to arrive and and then pick up where i left off 3)do load days again, and start completely over 4)other options?
Avatar n tn I am currently in phase 2 of the hcg diet. I am losing and loving it. My concern is maintenance...what type of foods, the only directions I have is no starch, no sugar....so when I am off of the hcg, I go on an atkins diet??
Avatar n tn It is the morning after day 3(after first day of 500 cal diet) of the HCG diet and my scale says I lost 2.5 pounds!!! I dont know if it is water weight loss or what but losing any weight for me has been impossible. I am 37 and I have a thyroid disorder. I have tried everything just to lose a pound and this is the first time it has happened in so long. So, I just wanted to share this so I may encourage anyone who is considering this to go for it.
Avatar f tn Can anyone tell me the veggies they eat on the HCG diet and still lose weight?? Thank you so much!!
287016 tn?1194138575 I'm on phase 3 now, but I still eat phase 2 foods, I just eat more protein and extra fruit. Good luck I would love to start a Phase 3 Recipe thread. ANy good recipes out there? I tried the organic eggplant parm tonight. It's the first time I've eaten organic cheese since starting this diet. I hope the scale is nice to me. It's made with organic tomato sauce and organic cheese. No bread crumbs, eggs, or oil. It was out of this world.!
Avatar n tn hCG injections are PART of a comprehensive weight reduction program. hCG administration is just ONE aspect of the complete hCG +diet program. Unfortunately many Healthcare Professionals modified the original method based on their own assumptions on how the method operates. In some cases modifications were performed to the extent that they do not include any of the basic and fundamental postulates of the hCG protocol, resulting in UNWANTED or side-effects.
Avatar n tn I have been on the HCG Protocal for almost four weeks and have not achieved the expected results. I have been following the prescibed diet and HCG injection instructions to the letter. I live in Houston, Texas and have been working with a clinic in Colorado Springs. Is there a clinic in Houston that provides the HCG protocal. Perhaps support in my local area would achieve the desired results.
635669 tn?1222742867 So, what is the best option here in terms of breaking the diet for 2 days? The 100-mile bike race will be about 12 days into Phase 2, and the marathon will be one of the first few days of Phase 3, when you're supposed to be resetting your metabolism. Any ideas? I am hoping to lose about 40 pounds total... Thanks!
Avatar n tn Could you tell me how to get the necessary hCG and supplies for phase 2. If I know it will work, I will definitely follow the protocol. Thanks.
Avatar n tn I followed Phase 1 for 30days and then began the argus task of finding a Dr. to prescribe HCG or admin the Phase 2 of the protocol. No luck, spoke with 8 different doctors and non of them had heard of the use of HCG for weight loss (nor would prescribe it). So, I did online research and found a reputable pharmacy ordered the HCG and began the program on my own. My brother is a med student, he helped me mix the injections (175 I.U. is my dosage) and showed me the proper technique for injection.
Avatar n tn of course ! unless you the 2 male things we have down there..stop it..HCG does not in anyway help with weight loss..need proof...just ask...