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1363757 tn?1277823146 some melons on the other hand are low in fructose. Eat fruits with other foods to slow the absorption of fructose into the blood stream. Avoid fruit juice. Avoid man-made products, white foods [potatoes, white rice, white flour, white bread], and dairy [milk, yogurt]. These are high in sugar.
1720613 tn?1309436204 does diabetic sugar level up to 30 can be reduced my exercise only without taking medicine??
Avatar n tn The recent studies linking tight control to lack of complications seem to prove that this is a wise thing to do. While diabetic care has changed so much in recent years that we don't really have records yet on people who have been well-controlled for long periods of time, such as a lifetime.
Avatar n tn "I tested my blood sugar this morning and it was 105." Was this fasting, nothing to eat or drinking of colored liquids for 8-10 hours? Makes a huge difference. Random/anytime testing is useless as it only provides a false/positive.
Avatar n tn Fibre rich diets help reduce caloric intake. Keep checking your blood sugar levels regularly for good glycemic control to avoid diabetic complications.Excercise daily for minimum of 30min. Avoid crash diets as they can be bad for your health. Avoid too low glucose levels in blood (<70mg/dl) Consult your physician regularly for check up to see if your sugar levels are under control.
Avatar f tn Anything with carbs is going to spike your blood sugar. If your trying to stabilize blood sugar, I would recommend eating lots of protein and vegetables. As for carbs, choose the healthy carbs or brown rice and more slow digesting carbs. That way your blood sugar won't rise as high or fast. I'm type 1 diabetic and pregnant, so u have been testing blood sugar like crazy for a good amount of my life.
2114467 tn?1358213856 I think, if you ate sugar, before Tx, and you weren't diabetic, or experiencing your blood-sugar rising back then, it should be okay. My Doctor never warned me to stay away from sugar, just alcohol. Besides, I like to pamper myself on Tx. Yeah, sure, I try to avoid sugar most of the time, because I read my labs, and noticed this treatment seemed to be making my non-fasting glucose higher than usual, but then again, what do I even know about that test?
Avatar f tn Your morning glucose levels indicate type 2 diabetes. Try not to eat starchy foods or foods loaded with carbohydrates at night. They turn into sugar after digestion. And no late snacking. The "throughout the day" has no meaning unless they were 2-3 hours after a meal. The sometimes of "192, 263" are high and entering the dangerously high zone. The times to test are mornings before breakfast, before each lunch and dinner meals and 2-3 hours after each meal.
Avatar m tn HI 48 year old male, 5 feet 8 inches. 164 lbs. Recently had blood test , Blood sugar came back 128m/dl. Doctor has not recommended any medicines . He suggested to exercise and control the diet. Day before the test had a pasta lunch with cola and small pasta fried fish dinner with 2 drinks(alcoholic). dinner complete at 9.00pm. Also had a antidepressant for sleep. Went the next morning for test around 8.am. Is it possible for my test to be wrong given the previous days gluttony.
Avatar n tn Is it possible for a fasting blood sugar to elevate from anxiety in the doctors office. My blood pressure can. It has gone from 140/70 to 110/58 in just five minutes at the clinic. I hate the doctors office. Even though my best friend is my internist, I get torqued out big time.
Avatar f tn If at the next monitoring your numbers are still the same or higher, then I would recommend you get a blood sugar meter and do some testing at home to see what foods work for your and don't raise your blood sugar. Hope this helps.
Avatar m tn Start a written log of what you eat/drink and portion size, next to it your blood sugar levels. Test before you eat [preprandial] for a baseline measurement and then 2-3 hours after you finish your meal [postprandial]. You do have a home glucose test meter, right? By comparing preprandial with postprandial, postprandial will inform you which foods elevate your levels and which ones do not. You need to make a concentrated lifestyle change starting with foods.
Avatar m tn Use Google to search for diabetic foods to avoid. Your moniker assumes Asian Indian ancestry. If so, search for diabetic Indian foods and diabetic foods in India. Both return lots of hits.
Avatar n tn Today about 20 minutes after my lunch I started sweating, feeling weak, heart racing, etc. I checked my blood sugar and it was 71 after eating a chicken salad, salad. I checked it before eating and it was 77 so why would it go down after eating a salad and a few wheat crackers? 71 is normal but again I felt horrible, weak, shaky, anxiety, etc. Could this be something other than Hypoglycemia? Before I had lunch I ran 2.5 miles on the treatmill and felt fine so this is beginning to puzzle me.
Avatar m tn With fruit it’s important to eat them with other foods to slow the absorption of fructose (fruit sugar). I'm NOT saying that these foods aren't allowed. What I AM saying is that you need to use care and follow the guidelines for diabetic nutrition. If you have an Endocrinologist, a diabetes doctor, or a diabetes nurse, or a nutritionist they can help you a lot with nutritional guidelines. (Serving sizes, and how many servings of each type food that's safe for you.
1773108 tn?1314161667 Good Morning, I have a question about high blood sugar levels that don't seem to stabilize. My boyfriend has been struggling for years with high blood sugar. He told me this morning that his level was at 480+!!!! He says he doesn't feel any different whether it's high or low. The lowest it's been (to my knowledge) is still in the high range of 200+. He's one of those who just try to do things "naturally" so therefore is not currently taking RX meds, just natural supplements.
Avatar m tn Check if it can raise your blood sugar levels. Some high blood pressure medicine can raise the sugar levels. Know your body. It is the inly one you will have.
Avatar f tn Here is what I have noticed and I cannot find anything in my own research to help me interpret. For a few weeks my fasting blood sugar will be between 100-127. My spikes after meals will go over 200. It takes about four hours after a meal for me to return to my pre-meal state of 100-127. Then, suddenly, my fasting levels will be 56-72 each morning. No matter what I eat my blood sugar will remain under a hundred and then quickly drop back down to the 56-72 range.
Avatar n tn Hi Pael. Your average number of 115 is reasonable, though it is slightly higher than would be considered non-diabetic. If you can keep your numbers around this level or slightly better is great. Keep working with your dr as well. For reference non-diabetic numbers are in the following ranges:- 1. Fasting and before eating: 70 - 95 (in the 80s is considered perfect). 2. Post eating (2 hours or when blood sugar peaks): 90 - 140, but ideally < 120).
Avatar m tn Postprandial rises are usually contributed to the foods you eat. Avoid foods made with white flour - breads, crackers - overcooked pasta, white rice, and potatoes as these quickly get digested. The quicker a food is digested the quicker their sugars enter your bloodstream. Doesn't mean you cannot eat these foods just pay careful attention to portion sizes. Also, lowering your carbohydrate intake helps a lot too.
798555 tn?1292791151 Exercise regularly Lose the fat around your waist area Use your diet and supplements to reduce free radicals and inflammation Consume at least 3 grams omega-3 fats a day Use aged garlic extract to lower bad cholesterol levels Take advantage of natural antioxidants in fruits and vegetables Lower your homocysteine levels Use vitamin supplements to prevent cholesterol oxidation and nerve damage Add plenty of fiber to your diet to lower blood sugar Avoid eating foods that are high in absorbable iro
Avatar n tn 1 with regular sugar) with some form of actual sugar, so for this diabetic there's not much benefit. Fructose doesn't seem to raise blood sugar, but results were mixed in terms of taste and consistency. [plus the medical literature suggests some negative long-term effects for diabetics consuming derived fructose] Sugar alcohols: overall, no for high-temp or over 30-minute baking...
Avatar n tn happens when your body doesn't make enough insulin on it's own, (insulin is a substance that lowers blood sugar in the blood because youre blood sugar is too high when youre diabetic) and you have to take oral or injectible insulin to make up for this, and you perhaps inject too much insulin (which lowers your blood sugar too much.) This is the diabetic kind of hypoglycemia. The kind I have, reactive hypoglycemia, is less common and only in these last few years has been widely recognized.
Avatar m tn From the levels you posted your much higher than normal levels is attributed to the foods you are eating. Types of foods to eat and types of foods to avoid has been discussed numerous times on this forum. Read other threads for tips and also use Google search for ideas on diabetics foods and recipes.
Avatar n tn Don't take 1 event as evidence you can't lower your sugar. You can and must if you want to avoid a horrible host of diabetic complications. Slow and steady. Please study the book.
Avatar f tn Ask your doctor to refer you to a diabetic dietician to help you understand about diet. The types of foods to avoid are those that are highly processed and have high quantities of sugar. Be aware that low fat foods do not necessarily mean low sugar. It is still very important to have a healthy and well balanced diet and to choose the types of foods that slowly release energy in your body. For example, sugar foods will spike your blood sugars very quickly and then drop very quickly.
Avatar m tn YOu would have to discuss this with your husbands doctor. It is important to maintain tight blood sugar control which can also lessen the symptoms of gastroparesis. This may involve changing your husbands medication and timing of his medication. Again, this needs to be discussed with his doctor. IV hydration and blood sugar control are the correct steps when gastroparisis causes vomiting. But as you said, it would be best to try and avoid it getting to that point.
Avatar m tn and starches like potatoes and white rice can cause a drastic rise in your blood sugar if you aren't careful. [They are converted to sugar after you eat them.] Other foods/drinks need care too [example; milk, fruit, fruit juice] can also cause blood sugar to rise [so serving sizes and moderation are important]. With fruit it’s important to eat them with other foods to slow the absorption of fructose [fruit sugar]. I'm NOT saying that these foods aren't allowed.
Avatar n tn You might find it itneresting to read over some books on glycemic index (in essence, how quickly/slowly specific foods are converted to blood sugar) and you can develop a robust understanding of how to choose foods.
370181 tn?1428180348 If you do this fairly regularly for awhile you will begin to see what you can eat, and what portions work to not raise your blood sugar. If you want the names of a couple websites where you can learn from thousands of other diabetics: pre-diabetics, type 2 and type 1-send me a private message.