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Avatar m tn My Mom's husband is, and I always had lower blood sugar, so I do my best to follow a diabetic diet as I find I feel much better. Now in the foodregardss. You want your grains to be as close to nature as possible. Brown rice, not white rice. UncleBen'ss might be a lower score due to fat added in the rice mix? You can cook red potatoes in a little oil ( I like olive oil) and then you just reduced the g-load.
1720613 tn?1309436204 Proper nutrition means to accentuate the positive when it comes to food. I dislike the word diet. “Diet” implies a rigorous, self-sacrificial discipline that’s doomed to fail. Instead, focus on achieving food goals of what you should eat each day rather than what you shouldn’t eat.
Avatar f tn There are a few of the MS or supporting meds that elevate blood sugar - I'm not remembering which one right now - but they don't bump your sugar that much. The diabetic diet requires you to understand the good and bad foods groups and shell's advice to see a dietician or nutrition specialist is a good idea. Insurance usually won't pay for this type of visit, though. There are doctors who specialize in treating diabetes and you might see is one of them in your area often counseling.
Avatar f tn Ask your doctor to refer you to a diabetic dietician to help you understand about diet. The types of foods to avoid are those that are highly processed and have high quantities of sugar. Be aware that low fat foods do not necessarily mean low sugar. It is still very important to have a healthy and well balanced diet and to choose the types of foods that slowly release energy in your body. For example, sugar foods will spike your blood sugars very quickly and then drop very quickly.
Avatar m tn I have been pre-diabetic for almost 1.5-2 years now. I have had tingling sensation all over the body, Numbness in feet and slight neurotic pain in the legs below knees. And I have been having these bumps on my penis and pubic region for the same amount of time. I have been negative for STDs. And recenly the tingling, itching is mostly in the groin area. My vision seems to be blurred since yesterday. My fasting sugars right now range between 104 -118.
Avatar n tn Male, 40, non drinker, cholesteral levels normal, have some heart palpitations-benign, about 10 lbs overweight, mother is type 2 insulin dependent at 59, dad is diabetic but not insulin dependent-managed through diet. I have noticed that my fasting glucose levels have gone up over the last three years from 86.4 in 1999 to 100 in 2005. I also bought a blood glucose monitor and notice my readings in the mornings after 8 hrs of not eating are consistently around 99 to 115.
Avatar f tn Is there any specific diet for diabetic patients? There are many articles online but confusing for which to follow. Some say fruits are bad, others say they are healthy, for example, bananas. Are there certain vitamins or supplements to take or any natural change of eating habits? It may vary from person to person but generally what should one eat to control levels of blood sugar.
Avatar f tn The best diet for a diabetic dog a no-grain, very low to no carbohydrate diet. The hills prescription diet you have listed is also good and it would probably be OK for your other dogs as long as they don't require their own prescription diets for other issues. Please take him to the vet ASAP to get him on appropriate treatment and to try to prevent comorbidities such as cataracts.
Avatar n tn com/care/complications/gastroparesis a few simple changes in diet may help resolve symptoms. For example, you may be able to reduce feelings of fullness by eating many small meals, rather than a few large ones, each day. It may also help to cut down on foods that are high in fat (which slows emptying of the stomach) and foods high in fiber (which is difficult to digest).
Avatar n tn Hello, I was diagnosed while in the hospital for surgery recently. While I am not in denial or anything, I am really confused if I am really diabetic or not. At the time, I was experiencing considerable pain and stress and taking narcotic pain medications and muscle relaxers, plus had a very serious infection. I have since learned that all of these things can raise blood sugar levels.
Avatar m tn "My sugar level(empty stomach) was at 136" Above 126 mg/dl is considered diabetes. It will not go away by itself and requires you do something about it. Exercise, proper weight, and proper nutrition will reverse your condition.
Avatar n tn Even if she doesn't eat candies, cakes, etc, she will still have spikes with foods loaded in carbs like white breads, white pasta, some fruits that are naturally loaded in sugar like grapes, for example. Her family should watch for her diet and include whole grains instead of white flour, fruits that are low in natural sugar, check her blood sugar often and the most important thing: have a talk to a diabetes educator.
Avatar n tn I followed the protocol in KT's book and began my diet on the third day but Dr. Simmeon's protocol says to gorge for 3 days and then begin the diet. I don't know why there is a day difference in the protocols. Also I noticed that DR. Simmeon says to eat white fish but in KT's book he is specific about the white fish being halibut, Chilean sea bass, flounder or sole. Is anyone following just Dr. Simmeon's protocol and if so are you eating other white fish like orange roughy or tilapia?
Avatar f tn Hi my mother is patient of diabetic 2 she is 55 year old .
Avatar n tn I have an 8 yr old daughter who has type I diabetes and is a "brittle diabetic". We are very strict with her diet, but still struggle to keep her bs down as it is common for it to be in the 450 range. We have tried different kinds of both long and short acting insulins and there is no difference. I was wondering if anyone knows of a service that you can use to make out weekly menu plans.
Avatar f tn My Primary did send me to see an Endocrinologist, and she was going to put me on medication to try and control the diabetes, first though she had sent me for quite an extensive blood test the results came back and i told her i could not get to her office, as i had to depend on a ride, as I am losing my sight too so can no longer drive (this is also due to prednisone and diabetes) So she told me she would write to my Primary and recommend a med to control the blood sugar, well this has never
878888 tn?1319637644 So nurse calls me back and tells me to keep taking synthroid and doctor strongly recommend I do the low blood sugar diet and lose weight as levels were slightly high. Only problem is they didnt say which low blood sugar diet or give me any info. Argh. And I have been trying to lose weight but thyroid does not help. oh well, just venting I guess, will figure it out.Anyone else have problems with sugar level and thyroid?
Avatar f tn html --- Aspartame Symptoms Submitted to the FDA I'm not sure now which diet drinks are still using aspartame, but if you drink diet soda... I would seriously start checking.
Avatar n tn not saying at all that you shouldnt do that. my doc said with some fat and if nothing else make sure you eat Something. I have had a very hard time eating 20 g of fat 3 times a day. Lots of days I just dont feel Like I could eat anything when It is time to take the meds. I just do the best I can in a yucky situation. I do find my self justifying eating at Micky D's a little more. I have found that I am getting weird cravings. Big Macs, steaks, italian dressing, club soda, avacados.
Avatar n tn Hi! Is anyone starting the HCG diet on Black Friday? I will be doing it 4 weeks thanksgiving to christmas? Do you want to start a support group?
Avatar f tn Hi, Sorry you are frustrated. The lab you have reported is the CBC or complete blood count. For example, WBC is white blood cell count- yours is normal but if it was up it could indicate an infection. Basically your hemoglobin and hematocrit are normal so you are not anemic. The tests you should be asking your doctor about, for example, is what is your glucose (blood sugar). If the glucose is elevated you can be diabetic.
Avatar n tn My husband is a newly diagnosed Type 1 diabetic. He just got out of the hospital with ketoacidosis and had an HA1C of 12.1. His sugars ranged from 160 - 380. We had this checked 6 months ago and everything came out "normal." Anyway, he is now on insulin, but we are having a hard time figuring out the whole diet thing. He has been put on a 75 carb/meal diet. He is 6'3" and weighed 150 lbs at the hospital, so he actually needs to put on weight.
Avatar n tn Hi, My Mom (46yrs) was diagnosed a Brittle Diabetic. She has been taking Lantus at night and she dreads taking it because it causes her to scream from the burning in her arm. She uses the smallest needles available for the pen. Her diet is very limited and on a daily basis she usually eats about 2 bowls of cucumbers with vinegar and a bit of olive oil and some type of protein, such as chicken or salmon. Her sugar is never consistant.
Avatar f tn For example, I can have new York style pizza and my blood sugar stays good thanks to insulin, when i had a piece of cake last week it went a bit higher than it should. But not super duper hyper ;) i feel like I am able to have a treat now and then and still feel well afterwards.
Avatar n tn I am not a physician, but a mom of a diabetic. When my daughter has fluctuating numbers we check her blood sugars more often, I then fax her numbers to her endocrinologist to have him adjust her numbers. She has been diagnosed for over 6 years and we still have to adjust her numbers. I can tell you that it is an on going thing that will happen; the foods you eat can also affect your numbers.
Avatar n tn Hi I am new here and i hope i am not breaking any rules but my question ia about what effects smoking pot (marijuana) will have on my son (20yrs old) who is diabetic. I am not 100% sure that he is doing this but am sure he has tried it at least once and i want to be able to give him all the correct information about the dangers he is putting himself in before i speak with him about this.
Avatar f tn It discussed the danger in putting a boy with autism on the diet because of the removal of casin (dairy) in the diet. I have been working with children with autism for over 10 years and have NEVER seen any difference in the child before and after they have been on the GF-CF diet. If you do decide to put your child on the diet, I would take some sort of data on behavior under the supervision of a Behavior Analyst.