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Avatar n tn I had to have a physical from my own doctor who had to sign some paper work from GHI and I had to have a blood test as specified from GHI Medical. I followed the 500 calorie diet religiously. I had plenty of energy to exercise which I did 5 - 6 aerobic work outs and 3 weight training work outs. I am a personal trainer and I was having an extremely frustrating time loosing weight after the birth of my 3rd child. Yes, I washed my hair and conditioned it.
Avatar n tn Hi! Is anyone starting the HCG diet on Black Friday? I will be doing it 4 weeks thanksgiving to christmas? Do you want to start a support group?
Avatar f tn 500 Cal diet with HCG/Simeon Plan. This is my 7th day on the HCG/Simeon diet so I figured it would be a good time to compare them (since I made it 1 week on the non-HCG plan). I have felt very well the entire 7 days, no hunger pangs until the end of the day when I took no shot (yesterday). I am not miserable like I was on the diet w/out HCG. I have lost 5 lbs (net), even with the 2 loading days, and I'm pretty excited about how this is going.
Avatar n tn A question to those of you who took it and it didn't work, did you stick to the diet and exercise program 100%, that is what I plan to do, if so, then I cannot understand why it wouldn't work. I already know that I will have success as I am so comitted to this system 100%, nutritional diet and excersice I know will play a crucial role in my success or others, if you don't do it to the T, then I don't believe the results will show.
921323 tn?1268679412 But as a result of this visual similarity, I’ve found that a good number of the posted comments were written in defense of this “miracle” diet, which combines supplementation with a hormone first detected in the urine of pregnant women (yep) and...a daily 500 calorie restriction. So I thought it was a good idea to readdress the issue, with a renewed focus on HCG this time. Drum roll please... I think the HCG Diet is a bad idea for at least three reasons.
Avatar n tn The WISER Diet Plan at gramslam (dot) com is new. You might want to take a look at it.
649848 tn?1534637300 a DIET is simply what you eat…….. monkeys eat a diet of bananas, panda bears eat a diet of eucalyptus leaves, etc. I am often reluctant to post there also, because *I* first advocate that anyone having a horribly hard time losing weight needs to be checked out by their doctor to make sure they don’t have underlying medical issues.
231441 tn?1333896366 It's only six pm and and I've already exceeded my 1900 calories allowed for the day by 300. They've told me I should stick with this diet plan very strictly. Maybe this is a result of sticking to the cals yesterday and doing a 3-hr bike ride (est at 1200-1500 cals).
Avatar f tn Hello. I go through sort of the same struggle you do. I lost a ton of weight following the "Low GI" diet. Its Low Glycemic Index. The diet itself shouldn't really be called a diet because its really just all of the foods you should be eating anyway...but who am I to say that? The Low GI diet is great for people trying to stay away from getting Diabetes, and for people who have Diabetes. Google the diet to pull up all the foods.
662972 tn?1270169901 I am just got lvl 2 tax prep and have been busy doing taxes. Picked back up taking pictures a past time that I use to love but when I was using forgot all about it. Here is question I know that you all are not doctors just wondering if maybe anyone is going through it or has been there. I am diabetes i take methformin 500mg day and just found out that I have a thyroid problem and they put me on meds for that.
Avatar f tn ***@**** Currently, my Diet Plan Book in Adobe PDF format is FREE I have been on my diet for 5 months and I have lost 72 pounds so far. I won't be publishing my diet plan book until I have lost another 80 pounds, so for now my diet plan book is FREE. I will try to keep everyone here posted on my brown spots and if they continue to coming off.
Avatar n tn I am changing my diet and I am looking for a doctor who has vaginal ultrasound equipment. Once I see a pictures of what is going on down there I can see how my diet is effecting my PCOS. According to some, some foods effect your hormones and that is really what leads to PCOS.....a hormonal imbalance. It might not be enough though for me because I have a crooked back which I read leads to a hormonal imbalance as well. We shall see!
Avatar f tn Its a good thing you are so observant and caught this early! Many pet owners never realize how dangerous diabetes can be. Your veterinarian will help you with a game plan for regulating her diabetes. Some cats need insulin, others can do just as well on special diets. Many veterinarians are now recommending trying to keep the cat on a grain free canned diet, but not all cats are accepting of that type of food.
Avatar n tn My daily routine for years was go to work, buy two donuts and a diet coke, eat fast at my desk lol, and then at lunch I ate food from the hospital cafeteria-high carb food! Midafternoon? Vending machines were everywhere and we all bought candy or chips. At one point in time I stopped and took count and I was taking in 300 carbs a day!
Avatar n tn It was awful as I had to eat a very restrictive diet to survive. Something like 1800 ADA diet. One think I know is that being on a restrictive diet lead me to be very rebellious as a teenager. I know they say the tighter control the better but sometimes this causes problems later on like it did for me.
92903 tn?1309908311 I would guess that you're insulin challenged, at least, and that with the diet and exercise plan he suggested he hopes you can achieve and maintain adequate glucose control. I would also think that he would be able to tell you what he wants your PP to be, given that carb intake. Yes, strips are expensive and especially so when one tests as frequently as I do. Since I am diabetic my goal is tight control.
Avatar n tn If you are looking for someone in North Carolina, I go to Totally Fit For Life in Shelby, NC. There is a NP and a dietician there. They give you the diet plan, HCG injections (2 per week) and appetite suppresants. It is expensive. $150 first visit, $75 each month after that, pills $30, Injections $10 each. Hope this helps.
7721203 tn?1468446829 lol and then of course, and luckily, I am NOT a diabetic.. so I pray I pass the gestational diabetes test!! my daddy is a diabetic, and as much as I don't mind having my blood drawn.. doing it from the finger is a pain!!!!
Avatar n tn My mother (my roommate) is a diabetic so; we’ve been eating our meals based on her diet. LOW CARBS, NO SUGAR, lots of salmon and chicken. When I do fall off the wagon, the sugar does upset my stomach. So, no more refined sugar for me. I use replacements like Agave Nectar (light), honey crisp apples or Vita waters for my sweet tooth. Had to cut out Blended Espressos with Caramel too. I read somewhere that bakery goods and foods made with flour are no very good for us either.
Avatar n tn My endo and I agreed, that I was well on the road to becoming diabetic. Two month ago I went on a ultra low carbohydrate diet, and in conjunction with exercise brought the triglycerides down to 112, and the fasting glucose to 97. The diet excluded all breads, cereals, rice, pasta and potatoes. Now I am on a 60gram carbohydrate a day diet, and we see if I can maintain those numbers. I was always afraid that tx would leave me with diabetes, since I have a predisposition to it.
6246858 tn?1382272876 Life and death is not always the way we hope to plan it. God had his plan, I just didn't know it. So many of us loose a loved one suddenly, with no illness evident, but hopefully they can get those answers to give them the closure that they need. I will never find out why Sugar died and I am frustrated that I never had a chance to cure her. I will try to make thing better for my little guy, as you suggested, however, he will not let me leave the house without pure panic!
86075 tn?1238118691 Standard upper endoscopy is just looking around, taking biopsies, sucking Hydrochloric acid out of the stomach, and taking pictures. Btw, I am now 5 month on a 60 gram a day carbohydrate diet. My triglycerides came in at 44 (remember they didn't want to come down from 220), cholesterol 169, and HDL and LDL ok, but used to be better before tx. My fasting glucose is not budging though, steadfast at 96. That tells me I need to remain on the ultra low carb diet.
12773 tn?1328916786 At least I am smiling these days, the first few months of treatment.. I didn't think I could ever smile again.. LOL I am going to swap pictures for a few mins, so geterdone can see me before treatment.
Avatar n tn I am still borderline diabetic and I do my best with diet and excersize but it still seemed I didn't have the skip in my step that I use to. My husband took me shopping to get new clothes and I picked the most girly closes thinking that might make my body start behaving as a girl lol. I have been up and way down for the past ten years searching for any answers I can that I feel will help me.
Avatar n tn Also, you are on a 1200 calorie per day diet that is similar to a diabetic diet. But you aren't hungry at all, so it is no problem to stick to it! Hope this helps someone. So far so good over here!
Avatar n tn It is still a diet and you cannot eat whatever you want. When you talk about any diet, it is always a lifestyle change. Always. So if you still have the product, do yourself a favor and try it for 2 weeks, fight all the cravings, all the temptations, and just do it. Give yourself an honest chance.
225237 tn?1333142599 A banana for breakfast, along with my daily supplements (fish oil, garlic). Greek-style yogurt after the gym (protein to help rebuild muscle). Plain oatmeal with flaxseed for lunch (lots of fiber, a nice amount of protein). And for dinner? Well, I eat whatever I'm into, because my daily diet has so few calories (roughly 400 calories). I need to get myself into a safe zone. Though, it would probably do me better if I would insert more healthy snacks into the day. But. Whatever.
Avatar n tn I was also looking for any web sites that would say how difficult OR NOT travelling with a cronic illness may be... Well, I have given it much thought and I will cancel my trip, BUT -- I plan on getting stronger every day and hope to do same in 6 to 12 months... i have just come off a year treatment of pegIntron and riba...Didnt pass...but, now i am on maintanence dose- weekly injection.. I must take this as I am gyno type 1 and thru biopsy stage 4 cirrhosis.