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Avatar f tn My doctor confirmed that I have gestational diabetes. I am 29 weeks and very upset. I didn't have to go through this with my first pregnancy. Not sure what to expect. I have additional testing and office visits. Does anyone have any experience that they can share in what to expect for the remainder if the pregnancy?
Avatar f tn I had a very hard time adjusting to a new diet. I got the hang of it and have really low numbers now. This is my third pregnancy and first time having GD.
Avatar f tn If you keep gaining 2 pounds per week you will have gained 80 pounds by the end of you're pregnancy.. that's not healthy.. you can get gestational diabetes and that isn't fun..
Avatar f tn You also need to be very careful with your diet. This means both portion control (not too much food) and also carefully selecting the types of foods. You need to strictly limit carbohydrates and sweets. Well, by this point, no sweets. You should also avoid most fruits as they are also sweet. Berries and melon and apple in small portions should be ok though. Most of your food should be unsweetened diary (such as cheese is ok), meats, nuts, avocado, non-starchy veges.
Avatar f tn This is my second pregnancy & I recently tested for diabetes & test came back positive. Im really worried. How did I get diabetes? What will happen to my baby? What do I need to do so this wont affect my baby?
Avatar f tn I am 36 weeks pregnant and I have Juvenile Diabetes. I am very lucky because i see my doctors and speak with my diabetic educators and nurses every week. And although I am in close contact with them, I still worry a lot and I have good days with glucose control and bad days with glucose control.
6832940 tn?1389245954 At first i was really upset about it, i loved my pepsi and my chocolate and all kinds of stuff. Although hard to make seperate food for your kids n such, ive found that im much healthier, i have actually not gained any weight, im 33 weeks btw. Its hard but its really important to try your best. Dont beat yourseld up tho.good luck!
Avatar f tn I am at 31 weeks and I was just told that I have gestational diabetes and I'm anemic. A few questions. Is it too late to change things? I feel like I will be fighting an uphill battle, I'll still fight it, I just want to know if I have a chance of having a healthy baby. I worry about him. I'm just nervous, I really don't want to mess this up. Any advice concerning gestational diabetes and how to get my blood sugar under control soon will be super helpful.
Avatar f tn Thanx a lot it really helped m not a big junk food eater already but I m planning on sticking with oatmeal for rest of weeks.
Avatar f tn With My last pregnancy I did so good didn't gain any weight, and with this pregnancy I've already gained almost 20lbs.
1399124 tn?1401023604 There are websites devoted to this topic, and your doctor should be able to give you materials about diabetes and avoiding it during pregnancy. It is definitely true that women with diabetes who are super, super careful with their diet and all during pregnancy reduce the chance that their child will later get diabetes, so it is an effort worth making.
Avatar n tn Basically you just have to watch your carbs (don't worry so much about sugars) and limit your self to 45g of carbs at meal time (breakfast lunch dinner) hopefully they have you meeting with a nutritionist to give you meal ideas and tell you what food is considered free food (food you can have unlimited) which will make it easier to cook and you won't feel like you are starving! Hope this helps some!
Avatar n tn This is the third pregnancy with ges. Diabetes. I take regular insulin 3x a day and long lasting insulin in the morning and at night. Now I use levamir flex pin for long lasting. U can't skip meals either, that doesn't help at all.
Avatar f tn Fruit makes it go up kind of high, and fried foods (like fast food) but that's it and it's only been a few times. I told my OB it had got up to 150 before and she didn't seem concerned.. So I'm confused... Does anyone know What normal glucose levels should be when your pregnant?
Avatar f tn ( I'm just so bummed as I was classed as over weight pre pregnancy and have been cautious not to gain too much and have only put on 3kg so far so thought it would all be fine :( looks like my guilty pleasure of a sweet treat at night is now gone!
Avatar f tn With my first pregnancy, I failed my first and passed my second, so don't give up hope yet! Try to stay calm, and just breath. There is a lot of help out there for women with gd. But definitely plan to go get food when you're done because you will be starving! Lol. You got this.
Avatar f tn I had a baby 17 weeks ago and during my pregnancy i did have gestational diabetes, but it was never much of a problem and i managed to keep it under control with a diet. Since having my son i have not stuck to that diet and have indulged in a lot of junk food.
Avatar f tn I was underweight with my first pregnancy and also didn't eat a lot of sweets, and I ate healthy and still failed the one hour and 3 hour glucose tests. Not horribly, but enough to send me to the nutritionist. i also was exercising and active. Up until pregnancy I'd had bouts of hypoglycemia, where my sugar would plummet if I hadn't eaten in a while, and honestly, having higher blood sugar was a welcome relief.
Avatar f tn I do with this pregnancy. Mine is diet controlled. Most likely it will go away after delivery.
Avatar f tn I try not to eat too many sweets right now but this week I found that I get really weak and sick and i try eating bananas and other food but then i just get worst. but if i eat something sugary it goes away.. I call my baby my sugar baby because of it... Sometimes berries help as an alternative and i have been trying to have say a granola bar instead of chocolate... but why do i feel so sick and weak if I avoid sugar?
Avatar n tn Being I was older, weighed more, (also have history of it) and of course if you had it before But each pregnancy differs and it wasnt that bad actually, I could control mine with diet alone, It seemed terrible at the start but you adjust.
Avatar n tn My siblings and I were all between 10 and 12 lbs bc my mom has been on insulin since she was only 3 days old and had to up her doses during pregnancy. Having gestational diabetes does not mean your child will have it and even if you have a large baby you should still do just fine. My mom had all of us naturally with no problems.
Avatar f tn It ***** bc I wanna eat pancakes and junk food all day but ill do anything for a healthy pregnancy and baby .. and ill be eating whatever I want once this baby pops!
Avatar f tn I am not certain but usually food takes 2 hrs to digest and maybe mom had plenty carbs or sugary food within the first hour and possibility wore off by the 3rd hour. But not certain.
Avatar n tn My daughter does have Type 1. Although it is unusual for adults to develop the illness, it happens occasionally. Also, my daughter ALWAYS ate a low carb, low sugar diet, with only occasional "fattening" foods. As a result, she is quite thin. In addition, she exercises regularly and is extremely athletic. She may well have had the illness for some time before it was diagnosed, following gestational diabetes.
Avatar n tn The guy called to set up an appointment yesterday and they said it was going to be a 2 hour class, and between work and school right now it's hard to get in there with the times they have open. He said he would call back to see if he can get me in for a much shorter meeting. Until this time does anyone know what I should/shouldn't be eating? I try to eat healthy and it's hard right now with the sugar because I crave chocolate so bad! I just don't know what I'm supposed to eat and how much.
Avatar f tn Doctor said that I am having gestational diabetes and referred me to a specialist next month. I am little worried when doctor discussed me about the complications.. What food habits has to be changed or incorporated to reduce this diabetes level? Any exercises that you people do?
Avatar f tn ) I had gestational diabetes with my first at 32 weeks, and this pregnancy I found put at 14 weeks. It's a struggle. Especially I'm doing everything right, and I still have to take insulin. My frost I was induced and had to have a c-section. And this one I'm just opting for the c section. As long as the babe and I are healthy.
1399124 tn?1401023604 I too was diabetic with my last pregnancy. I was on 3 meals and 3 snack like yourself. I had to see a diabetic specialist and nutritionist, they designed each meal so it was balanced with the right amounts of carbs, proteins etc. However my problem wasn't hunger, I was never hungry and had to force my self to eat every scheduled meal/snack.