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Avatar n tn I know there is always risk of c section with ANY pregnancy but am curious to any moms with Gestational Diabetes...h9w big was ur baby at 33 weeks+ and delivery?
Avatar m tn If your wife was my patient, and if she had any significant risk factors for diabetes, I would check a blood sugar early in pregnancy and then at about 24-28 weeks as you have read. Most of the research done on patients with gestational diabetes show no difference in outcomes for mothers and babies with gdm as compared to mothers with gdm. So IF your wife had GDM it is unlikely that testing a few weeks late is going to effect the outcome of her pregnancy in any significant way.
Avatar n tn I wanted to know if the next pregnancy, which she wants to conceive in the next 6 months, will lead to any further complications. Also, I was very eager to validate the above diagnosis and any and all hidden information that you could derieve out of it. Please let me know about all precations to be taken, here onwards. A little more background: My wife is 5' 3" and about 20% overweight. Her medical record had been eventless so far.
Avatar f tn I realize that having a GDM pregnancy increases my risk for developing type 2 diabetes in the future by up to 50%. I have already accepted this risk as fact. However, I would like a third child, but am concerned that the risk for developing type 2 diabetes increases with each pregnancy. I found this statement on another site: "The more pregnancies you have with GDM, the greater the risk for type 2 diabetes. The risk approaches 100% if you have three such pregnancies." Is this true?
1750799 tn?1314967114 153 mg% Such a Diabetes which appears for the first time during pregnancy is called Gestational Diabetes Mellitus (GDM). General precautions after diagnosis are as follows:- First try to control sugar with diet planning, keeping fasting <90 mg% and post meal <120 mg%. Do not attempt to lose weight during pregnancy, even if you are overweight/ obese. Instead take 500 calories over and above your usual requirement.
Avatar f tn I am wondering if the US and NSTs may indicate that my doctor is thinking of doing an induction at 38 weeks but I haven't asked. Both of my other children went over (in fact with my son I was in the hospital for a scheduled induction because I was too overdue and went into labor on my own). But, my youngest is 19 and things are VERY different this time around.
Avatar f tn I do have a family history of relatives (grandparents, one aunt) who developed Type II diabetes later in life (the earliest was around age 60) so I am at higher risk of developing it myself. As to staying on the diet I am on now...are you crazy? LOL I am limited to a maximum of 3 carb choices (that is 45g of carbohydrate) per meal (some people are allowed to go up to 4 but my meal plan is limited to 3) and 1 carb choice for snacks. Do you have any idea how limiting that is?
Avatar f tn [5] Women with PCOS who are insulin resistant are at high risk for the development of diabetes in pregnancy, and a possible role for metformin therapy may be the prevention of GDM. In a cohort of 33 women with PCOS taking metformin until delivery, GDM occurred in 3% compared with 23% in 39 women taking no medication.[4,6] However, given the lack of data from well-designed, prospective clinical trials, metformin is currently not indicated for the prevention of GDM.
Avatar n tn I too have gestational diabetes but was unfortunate in the fact that diet and exercise alone would not reduce my blood glucose levels enough for me to be safe; I have to take tablets, a limited Sugar and carb diet, inject insulin 4 times a day and also maintain a healthy level of exercise. Its really hard going. The one thing that is keeping me motivated is the fact that my little one has no say in his weight gain, so he could get too big for a natural and safe vaginal delivery.
1640871 tn?1321677346 Your baby is a bit big, but I don't think he or she is anything unusual. They just come in all different shapes and sizes. Wow, 28 weeks. Crazy how fast time flies. Hope your doing well.
1850893 tn?1320152530 He just wants to make sure everything is in order, developed, and ready for the big day!!! Unless you have had any problems recently? Is he the type of doctor to induce or let nature take its course?
Avatar n tn Glad it's ok for now--I asked at work, and a lot of doctors seem to tell there patient to shoot for 90-100 fasting, knowing that most of (at least OUR clientele) won't comply with the diet and the docs are happy with low 100's for fasting. I thought of you last night. I had a patient come in for a non-stress test and she is also "diet controlled" GDM.