Diabetes during pregnancy

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Avatar f tn Having type-1 diabetes creates some challenges to having a healthy baby, but it certainly does not mean that your baby is destined to develop birth defects. During the first 8-12 weeks of gestation, most of the baby's vital organs develop -- brain/nervous system, heart/lungs, and so on. It is during this phase that uncontrolled blood sugar levels can have a particularly harmful affect.
Avatar f tn Has anybody dealt with diabetes during pregnancy or in the same boat as me? It has me stressed would like to hear some stories!
Avatar n tn So my sugar levels were high during early pregnancy. Since knowing i have diabetes i have my levels under control. I would love to hear stories of people with diabetes and how there experience was while they were pregnan. Im 20 weeks btw.
Avatar n tn Gestational diabetes is high blood glucose that develops at any time during pregnancy in a woman who does not have diabetes. Women who have gestational diabetes are at high risk of type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease later in life.
Avatar n tn My sister inlaw had it and what the main cause of it is eating to much salt watch your Sodeum level anything you eat make sure you don't salt it and make sure the drinks you drink dont have sodeaum in it its nothing to be worry about alot of pregnant women get it cus during pregnancy most women crave salt my sister inlaw swolled up but she lost it after her baby was born how bad is your case do you know?
215816 tn?1212494007 I took the one hour test, and they were able to tell I had whats called gestsational diabetes ( happens to pregnant women during pregnancy) usually it goes away after you give birth, in my case it turned into type 1 diabetes . If you are a type 2 you can control it with keeping your weight down, and eating a healthy diet, some people need med. but those tend to be people who are over weight or not eating right. hope this helps..
11970398 tn?1443138202 Does anyone on here have the diabetes u get just during pregnancy? If u do when did they start? And what were some of the symptoms?
Avatar f tn Is,there different methods that detect diabetes during pregnancy?what are they?
Avatar m tn Screening for diabetes usually takes place at 12 weeks for women who are at higher risk of having gestational diabetes (diabetes that occurs during pregnancy). That includes women who: have previously had a baby that weighs more than 9 pounds (4.1 kilograms) have a family history of diabetes are obese All other pregnant women are tested for diabetes at 24 to 28 weeks.
360318 tn?1340396963 Some do and some don't...
Avatar n tn Many women who are not usually diabetic become diabetic or glucose intolerant during pregnancy because of the pregnancy hormones. Most cases of gestational diabetes will go away after the baby is born. But it is important to know that about 50% of gestational diabetics will end up with "the real thing" later in life, so they should keep an eye on their blood sugars. Hope this helps!
9151406 tn?1401990253 You must have amedication for diabetes during pregnancy , but not orally ..Insulin is safe during pregnancy . Type of delivery will be decided by your doctor . The born child will not get diabetes from you , it is not a contageous disease , but people with family history of diabetes are more likely to have this disease at any age of their life according to lifestyle and amount of insulin in their bodies. No, Insulin is the drug of choice here ,.
Avatar n tn I am sorry, but I don't know anything about diabetes and pregnancy. I am sure that your doctors will monitor you and the baby very closly to make sure everything progresses smoothly. Easy for me to say, don't freak out... but try not to yet. Has your doctor told you how this has effected your pregnancy?
Avatar f tn Discuss ways to manage your diabetes during your pregnancy to prevent any complications. Discuss any other risk factors that may be of concern (weight, age, any other health issues). Ask your doctor what additional testing you should expect throughout your pregnancy. Ask if there are any activity restrictions you should observe. Congratulations on your pregnancy.
Avatar n tn Diabetes doesn't change your chances of becoming pregnany, but it does put you in a high risk category after you do become pregnant. Tight control is essential during a pregnancy, both for your health and the health of your baby. Many people recommend going on a pump prior to and during pregnancy. That would allow for the constant and tight control needed. It's not required, but it certainly helps. Good luck!
7450032 tn?1396635575 My aunt and my sister both had diabetes during their pregnancy. My sister had it before she was pregnant she did really well it was hard for her to keep up cause she has always been like but if u check ur sugar and eat right always keep snacks you'll do great. My aunt son was 9 ib 6ounces she had to check her sugar to but when she found out she followed the rules did great. I failed my one hour so I go back friday for my three hour test to see if I have gestational diabetes.
Avatar n tn It is hard work, but well worth the effort. I took multiple injections during my first pregnancy and was on a pump during my second pregnancy (my choice). I am now back on multiple injections for a while only because I need a pump break. (I tired of having things hanging off of me, but I do like the pump.) Pregnancy is very possible. When you do become pregnant be very aware of your Bgs...particualry in the first trimester.
4530757 tn?1358356986 Ok so i know that gestational diabetes is a form of diabetes some women develope during pregnancy. Soo my doctor gave me a lab requisition to have this test done last month but i cannot fast. I try but in the middle of the night i get so hungry. What is the importance of getting my blood drawn for this?!!
Avatar n tn As for pregnancy, if all other health is good, and glucose control is very tight during the pregnancy, most type 1 women have normal pregnancies. I had two pregnancies, both with healthy deliveries. But do get as many recommendations about this eye problem as your insurance company will allow. At least another opinion is called for, methinks. You want to be well educated about this. One more thought... is your doctor suggesting that you would be healthier to go with a C-section?
Avatar f tn My thing is this you only need to take metformin if you have uncontrollable diabetes. With my daughter my gestational diabetes was so out of control they had me on 90 units of insulin a day to keep us well I was passing out every where but from my experience with this being my third pregnancy if you are going to have a miscarriage you are going to have it. I know it may sound harsh but its the truth usually when the sperm and egg come together the chromosomes will add up or they wont.
Avatar f tn I have been on it before and all thru my pregnancy for my diabetes. It wasn't enough alone for my sugar during pregnancy so I also needed insulin.