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Avatar f tn I am working weekend doubles at a long term care/skilled nursing facility. I work 7am-11pm Sat and Sunday (32 hours) and am paid for 40 hours. So far, I have been doing okay...it is nice to get a whole week's worth of work done in two days and have all week to do other things. We also don't have to worry about child care for our 10 year old...one of us is always home this way.
Avatar n tn I have taken dexedrine since I was in the 7th grade. We were not planning a pregnancy. In fact, we were working really hard to not get pregnant, because I was going to start chiropractic school, which is a four program. It would have cost lost of $$$ and a pregnancy midway through would have not been good. I was on a birth control that made my period go away and my husband and I were using condoms bc.
Avatar n tn I was blessed to have this child and would have loved to give him a little brother BUT after seeing what he went through I wouldn't intentionally fall pregnant. During our 3 months in the NICU (neo-natal intensive care) I saw a great deal of heartache in families not as fortunate. PLEASE get as much testing and advice before making this decision. Is there a study, or statistics, on pregnancy following ablation?
Avatar n tn For starters i had my tubes tied or so they say, i cant get the dr to tell me anything, in jan 2002 ive NEVER missed or been late for a cycle in 6 years. now im 2 weeks late, have all the pregnancy symptoms and in my heart i "FEEL" that i am, but i dont want to really think i am for fear that im not. it will break my heart. i spent 10 years in a marriage, have 3 beautiful daughters from that marriage. when almost a year ago he left me for another woman and had a child with her.
Avatar n tn The one thing I noticed when I finally tested postive was that there was a noticable difference in the way my urine smelled. My mom (who's a nurse) told me it was the pregnancy hormone's finally in my urine. The doctor also advised to test early in the morning because that can be your strongest time of day. If you drink a lot during the day your urine will get diluted. But for some of you it seems unbelievable to be testing 2 weeks after you have missed a period.
Avatar n tn The ultrasound technician asked me my smoking history, which includes smoking during the summer in high school since I played sports three seasons per year in school. I smoked some in college but was never a heavy smoker and haven't had a cigarette since before I got married three years ago. I was seen for dizziness last summer as it had happened that my vision became blurry twice while driving.
Avatar n tn It's getting old, but I just pray that everything is OK. I went through my first round of INVITRO fertilization in June and this is my first pregnancy. My husband and I have been trying to conceive for years. We were so happy to have a positive pregnancy test and now I'm experiecing bleeding.
Avatar n tn Hi, Just putting my two cents in on this issue, because I'm having this problem right now. I'm 34 and have an 11 year old from a previous marraige. My periods have been every 28 days, literally to the minute. Now here I sit, nearly a full week late, and I break down to buy one of those HPT's and the thing comes out negative. I keep feeling like I'm going to get my period and nothing...day after day. I'll post again with the blood test results, because I'm going in for one tomorrow.
Avatar n tn I also experience these weird pains in my head that come for about a second and then go and come back again every 10minutes or so. These pains are in 1 area in the back of my head in about a 1 square inch area.. Any ideas???
Avatar n tn Im in the same situation! I feel pregnant, i already have a son so i know what pregnancy is like. Ive gained 7 pounds in one month and that isent normal for me at all. Last month (november) i had 2 positive home pregnancy tests and i was really excited. Went to the doctor a week later and had a blood test done, it said negitive! And then a urine test which was also negitive! I still have alot of the symptoms and even weird cravings. If i am i would be around 16 weeks.
Avatar n tn I'm only 29, and a little worried; reading through posts, I have no diagnosis....
Avatar n tn Generally, if you have enough HCG in your system to make you feel pregnancy symptoms, the level is high enough to be picked up, especially with today's sensitive tests--and especially a blood test. It is the hcg that makes you feel those symptoms. Lots and lots of things can mimic pregnancy symptoms, and topping the list is thinking you may be pregnant! But as with anything dealing with medicine, nothing is 100% and the smart thing to do is to go in for an actual exam.
Avatar n tn Recently though, I had one break in my palm under the thumb joint and it turned to a bruise. I work in a nursing home and most of the nurses there have never heard of it. I don't take any meds and have low blood pressure. I do crochet though....???? I always thought it happened to everyone.
Avatar n tn He said that the scans don't show any cause for this to be happening and it looks like it is curving in rather than the bone thinning in that area. At this point it isn't affecting my brain, so he wants me to repeat the scans in October and come back so he can see if there are any changes. Keep in touch if you find anything out about yours. and feel free to send me a message in my inbox - I have a watch on this post and my inbox and I recieve an email whenever anyone posts to it.
Avatar n tn The best way to describe the sound is like a stomach growling, only in the throat. It's incredibly embarrassing and I can't prevent it from happening. It tends to happen a lot after I drink juice or soda, but also sometimes after meals where I only drank water. Along with the gurgle I feel some light pressure in my lower throat, near my collarbone, like there's air trying to get out (no pain).
1542088 tn?1314652780 The doc said to take Chlor-Trimetron allergy which is safe in early pregnancy, and of course tylenol. I needed something to dry me up. I am taking the tablets when it is absolutely necessary, I usually never take anything, I use only natural herbs and remedies but one must be careful using herbs during pregnancy because some can cause contractions and lead to miscarriage. I followed what my doc suggested and it is taking a while to go away probably because I am really taking very few pills.
Avatar n tn To bad society has not learned from it's mistakes....you are very right in that we take care of our own here...I say peace to you also my brother.
Avatar f tn The hospital that I was admitted in all my doctors, urologist, endocrinologist, primary care physician, obgyn, general surgeon, all work out of. My pain management doctor does not work out of this hospital; so the problem is I'll continually be hospitalized for my kidney stones, etc... that I tend to have. I'm at the point where now I don't want to go to that hospital because I can't wait 7 hours for a pain shot because I'm afraid of what the nurses will say.
Avatar n tn This is a normal bacteria for the anogenital area. It becomes an issue in pregnancy, mainly for the infants sake. I don't know if it's ever something that needs to be treated in a non pregnant woman. Maybe if it sort of took over? Just like yeast is also a normal inhabitant of the female genital tract, if there is an imbalance and it overtakes the normal flora, you get symptomatic. Maybe group B strep is the same.
Avatar m tn is that the Affordable Care Act is already beginning to close the gaps in access to care. When fully implemented, it will cover nearly all Americans, with the potential to put our country on track to improve to levels seen in the best-performing countries," she said.
Avatar n tn Up to this point, the sensation has only been on the inner right thigh...occasionally, slightly lower around the inside of the knee and slightly below it. What really scares me is the fact that I cannot financially afford to go get it checked out. As I told a friend, I'll probably have to wait until it becomes an emergency and head for the emergency room. He said if it's a clot and it becomes an "emergency", it might be too late to head to the hospital.
Avatar n tn I don't have allergies of any kind and I'm in excellent health and I can learn to live with the smell of fresh baked bread in my nostrils.. I mean it could be owrse.. still I think I should get someone to check this out especially as I read about Phantom smells being a possible side efect of brain tumors...
Avatar n tn I began my first round of IUI with injectables in March with postive pregancy test in April. The pregnancy turned out to be a blighted ovum. With that pregnancy my numbers were: 14 dpo Hcg 68, 21 dpo hcg 585, 28 dpo hcg 3000. At 28 dpo small empty sack was found on ultrasound. At 35 dpo, empty sac seen again. Dr. performed D and E. Had another postive pregnancy test on 09/03/07. At 17 dpo, hcg 59 (even lower than last time). 20 dpo hcg 149 and 22 dpo hcg 278.
Avatar n tn I really didn't cramp right after the iui but I did start cramping that evening I have been cramping on and off since sometimes it more like ovulation pains in my right ovaryIi go back this Thursday 14th for pregnancy test.But at other times it's like menstral cramp.Then at other times there is no cramping at all.I do pray that this one is it.I believe that maybe I'm where I'm at because God needed me to be there.
Avatar n tn i had a blood test done and my hcg was 81 then the next day 89 and then three days later it is 117. I am really early in my pregnancy which may be why it is so low but shouldnt it increase more in a couple of days. could i still be pregnant or have i had a miscarriage. can anybody help?? i will take a hpt tonight and see what happens i am so stressed and want to know whats going on.
Avatar m tn I am healthy, 42, female, no meds, some stiff muscle/neck pain from a pinched nerve back in Oct '11 that still hasn't fully resolved after lots of massage therapy and chiropractic care. I do not carry my cell phone in my pants pockets, nor do I wear tight clothing... at all. After the initial describing the feeling as a vibrating cell phone deep in my groin, I was trying to think what would cause that kind of feeling.... It isn't the sames as a twitching eyelid or other muscle spasm...
Avatar n tn As a young woman I was exposed to large quantities of formaldehyde and became severely ill with environmental illness and chronic fatigue and I had a two year old to take care of. In the process and since I've learned a lot about healing naturally. It took me four long years to get over it but I did it. Don't give up!!! By the way stress can cause hair loss. Also consider hormonal imbalance.
Avatar n tn for the past 6 months I have been experiencing a sore tightness in both of my calf muscles sporadically. It does not seem to be related to exercise since I can go for a run and feel nothing... but then I can be sitting and all of a sudden my calves (always both at the same time) start to ache and feel tight. Sometimes they feel so sore that I can almost not walk. Water seems to help on occasions. I can't understand why all of a sudden I may be becoming dehydrated so that doesn't seem logical...
1666434 tn?1325265950 I guess the main key is to find a doctor or a midwife if you have them in your area that supports your birth rights and goals. In the meantime, it is a woman's responsibility to take extra special care of her and her unborn child's needs.
Avatar f tn Healthy young women can have blood sugars in the 50's and be absolutely fine and healthy. 80-90's during the day are picture-perfect. In terms of the diabetes diagnosis, your 2 hour glucose test would have been useful for that, and it sounds like your doctor and nurse are trying to have it controlled with diet only--is that right? If your blood sugars are not going high after meals(above 140) then you may not need medication at this point.