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458072 tn?1291418786 March 18, 2010 Despite the fact that over 60% of the American people want President Obama and congressional Democrats to tear up the monstrous health care bill and start all over, they seem determined to ram the government takeover of health care down our throats. They are attempting to force a vote this weekend on a sham "reconciliation" bill and using a plan to pass the Senate version of the health care bill without even voting on it.
485259 tn?1519050626 Can I be your American in America cyster? And Sandy too? lol Welcome to the ovarian cyst forum-- My recap--I am 46 year old obese woman (350#) with a large dermoid cyst. This pain in my ovary, was about the size of a fist, and because I am so fat, pre-menopausal and have diabetes & HBP, the surgery was concidered risky. So they (and I) opted for a complete hysterectomy, due to my other factors (and the chance that they might have to go in there again, which would be very risky).
Avatar n tn Thats apples/oranges vs North America. The fact is, it takes alot, I mean alot...of follow ups and interviews with males who claim to get HIV from vaginal sex only without any other risk factors. When those follow ups occur with these bogus claims, drugs, sex with men,incarceration always show up somewhere in the picture.
Avatar f tn I am angry and alone in a foreign country (Costa Rica, Central America), without my old support system. It's only you guys. And you've been the reason I have been able to get so far this time. I can't believe how easy it would be to use again. I feel the feeling and long for the relief. I am sick of being "strong" here . I am bored, tired, cold, and restless with chores to do and miles to go before I sleep.
Avatar m tn Welcome to the forum! I'm a little confused because you first say the Xanax was perscribed for insomnia but later you say it was initially perscribed for panic attacks. So which was it..........because I need that answer to make sense of your perscription, which in either case, doesn't make sense at all. (To me) If he wrote it for help with insomnia, it should have read something like this: ".5mg X30 to be taken at h.s." (h.s. meaning "hours of sleep" or more simply.....
Avatar m tn He had been in South America and just got back late Sunday. I said I had the biopsy Friday and he found the report and confirmed the HCV. The full report had not been transcribed yet but I have the abbreviated report. He is scheduled to go over it in depth with the liver pathologist but he doesn't think anything will change with a closer inspection. He characterized it as a tricky balancing act with the anti rejection drugs and the HCV.
Avatar f tn Senator McCain made a choice to serve his country, he suffered the tragedy of war that we that don't serve can NEVER imagine, but that doesn't make him the best candidate to be the President of the United States of America. I would never even dream of belittling his suffering, etc., - he just, in my opinion, needs other qualifications than that of his service and capture. His apparent health issues caused by whatever reasons, his choice for VP....enough said....
Avatar f tn I am sorry that I know little about pancreatitis as I have Crohn's. However, I did meet through the Crohn's and Colitis Foundation of America website, a young woman in San Francisco 4 years ago and we corresponded privately, at least weekly. She had been recently diagnosed then with Crohn's but unfortunately went on to get a malignant pancreatic tumour and sadly died this past Feb at 39 yrs old.
230948 tn?1235847929 I have thought about the lymes but im in the uk so i think its unlikey though i have been to america several times. Im not sure how i would get these blood treatment/test you talk about im NHS and i dont seem to have any say in what goes on i didnt even see my MRI or bllod work but neither did i ask the consultant scares me.
Avatar n tn I guess had somewhat blindly assumed that an angiogram and stent would take care of it. Unfortunately, I am worse off than before - the angina is more frequent, more intense and now after I had that night off the Isosorbide accidentally - I know I can't live without the nitro at the moment, period. Perhaps it's temporary, perhaps it's just spasms of some sort, but how will I know? Another cath? Arrgggh! I think I'm just venting now.
Avatar n tn Wow, I'm amazed that I found a group of people having the same issue. It started last Friday and I kept thinking it was my cell phone and today I realized it wasn't the phone, because it wasn't in my pocket. So yes, I have lower back pain too. This is my left leg and you can't feel the vibration from the outside, only from the inside. Any idea how it worsens? When I should see a doctor?
Avatar f tn You just have to suck up this part. That's about the best I can tell you right now. Take care of yourself when you can, but treasure every second of this difficult time. It passes quickly. Too quickly.
Avatar f tn Hi I thinks chills would be only cause if your body is lacking vitamins. A lot of people with diabetes get chills as their body doesn't use full energy or vitamins they consume. I would suggest do a test on liver or pancreatic check then doctor will be able to tell you if your body uses the food you consume with 100% outcome and don't forget to exercise.
Avatar f tn I'm also wondering if there's some website that might tell me where the various candidates stand in their past support of HIV, since I figure that if they have a good history with supporting HIV/AIDS research that they might care about HCV. Anyway, any info would be appreciated. I hope that this will not end up being a debate because that's not what I'm looking for. Happy Holidays everyone.
267243 tn?1189759435 Again, I'm fully aware that my support for my dealer may still be a psychological complex, but I truly care and worry for her and her family.
Avatar n tn Going to orthopedic doctor on November 3 for MRI and XRays. Hopefully we'll figure out how to take care of this situation. No more flu shots for me ever again.
86075 tn?1238118691 And I do't know if i'm the trial type...I might eat my words though, at some future date...also, the kid I take care of is in her senior year at high school, and might move out after graduation, and I wouldn't have a gofer here to help me out, steppin and fetchin, ha ha! Although it works out that I'm picking up her underwear from the floor half the time, you know how that is, why can't she make it that extra 20 inches to the hamper? no one knows...
1013194 tn?1296463081 Although I haven't gone out and danced since married 30 years ago, I still yearn to. My 8 y/o wants me to teach him. Problem is I want to lead, but he doesn't care. At present I am listening to SoapNetwork in back. The person below me has lost a child to cancer and just can't get over it. He passed 11 years ago this past January. Just want to talk to someone about it, bu everyone says I just have to forget and go on with my life. Hope this is worded as it should be as a question.
363682 tn?1299492962 Thanks for your interest Vanessa. No ... apart from 'mild' hypertension (for which I am prescribed Perindopril 2mg.), I can't say there are any other noticeable accompanying symptoms. What I have noticed in recent months though is that I am starting to get hot flushes - usually in early evening - and exacerbated by having eaten a hot meal and/or a preceding alcoholic drink.
Avatar n tn I recently had bloodwork done and thought Diabetes was the case, but all results came back clear except my liver count (elavated AST and ALT). I'm still going through some tests for the liver, but already had an ultrasound and Hep A,B,C test which were all clear. The blurry vision/foggy feeling has me concerned since I have recently been to the eye doctor and all was good. He simply gave me computer glasses and sent me on my way.
Avatar n tn Dear Bert: I too have a 16 year old son (who is now in the hospital) and I have been diagnosed with Crohn's disease years ago so yes it can happen. The doctors think it may be related by ethnics rather than heredity but no one really knows. My son has been seriously ill since last May - he was diagnosed 5 years ago with ulcerative colitis and was treated with prednisone and asacol which always worked in the past.
1942586 tn?1361027646 I will think about it again when I'm clear minded and can stop crying and get her out of my mind. Take care for now everyone.
Avatar n tn Not sure, but I've seen a show on parasites a long time ago, and I just thought of it when I read your post. They showed different people w/different cases of parasites and other things (like a leach in ones man's sinus'). One had insisted he felt something crawling under his skin, he finally saw it in his eye and they were able to help him after that. Sounds awful, I know, but stranger things have happened. Do you remember any insect bites, traveled at all?
Avatar n tn Up to this point, the sensation has only been on the inner right thigh...occasionally, slightly lower around the inside of the knee and slightly below it. What really scares me is the fact that I cannot financially afford to go get it checked out. As I told a friend, I'll probably have to wait until it becomes an emergency and head for the emergency room. He said if it's a clot and it becomes an "emergency", it might be too late to head to the hospital.
Avatar n tn Second, are you seeing a physician who is well equipped to treat hypothyroidism? Occasionally a primary care physician knows enough about thyroid disorders to be able to treat one, but for many of us, an endocrinologist who sees a lot of patients with thyroid problems (rather than dealing mostly with diabetes) is the best choice. Whatever sort of physician is treating your thyroid problem, I hope it is someone you can see or talk to soon if your being very tired continues.
Avatar n tn And the first time I consumed any in eight years, it was an accident, had half of a mint Brussells cookie, and a stomach ache for a good twenty minutes. Anyone else here that *look* when you tell others you and mint don't get along? Care to share your symptoms? Your coping/mint alternatives?
Avatar f tn You don't know how much it means to me that you write back so quickly. I feel like no one believes the pain I am in. I am seeing a psychiatrist and therapist. One thing I wanted to mention was that my scalp pain goes in cycles. For about 4 days it will hurt to the point of tears and then overnight it will turn to severe itching. I was also diagnosed with Chronic Telogen Effluvium and have lost about 30% of my hair over the past 8 months.
Avatar n tn I just stumbled on this site. I thought I was the only one with this problem. I've been having this itching for about 4 months now. Just on one side of the labia. But the itching is sometimes so unbearable. I've tried the anti-itch cream, creams for athlete's food (I was desperate because I don't know what it is). I now use Vick's Vaporub and that seems to help the symptoms but doesn't cure it. I'm going through menopause, haven't had a period in a year. My doctor doesn't know what it is.