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168348 tn?1379360675 It certainly makes you think about yourself and life in general and know how lucky I am that this is all that was found, it is out, and I have the opportunity to take care of the other side as my life continues. Do I feel depressed .. it comes in waves but nothing major. I am sad as I thought after this surgery this would be all over .. now it continues with that unwritten unknown. What kind of tests can they do with 1/2 the thyroid intact. I get confused?
Avatar n tn I might be working a there again this summer, still waiting to hear back. I highly recommend diabetes camp for kids and teenagers. It truly helped me understand and take better control of my diabetes. And I still have friends that I talk to that I met that first year I was there.
Avatar f tn I feel he would benefit from inpatient care for his multiple problems, i.e. Diabetes, alcoholism, and depression. Please let me know if there is a comprehensive treatment facility for him...I just don't know where to turn for all of these problems.
Avatar n tn Does anyone know where there might be a forum or chatroom for parents who have lost thier child to diabetes. My daughter dies last monday, she'd had biabetes since she was 5. I'm just looking for others like me. Any help would be appreciated. thanks.
Avatar m tn At first, I thought it was something to do with the fact I was born with a club foot, as it began on the tip of the big toe on that foot. However, it has begun on the big toe of my other foot, and my second toe along. My uncle has MS, and as I saw that this could be a symptom of MS, I am concerned. My age my play a role in this, I am a 16 year old male.
Avatar m tn I am 21 years old, had a had a baby a year ago and was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes almost 1 month and a half ago. And I have definitely noticed a significant amount of weight gain. I am still trying to get a handle on my diabetes. I am using FlexPen and take 2 shots of 24 units a day. I am starting to get depressed by all the weight gain and even just the daily fight with my Blood Glucose.
Avatar f tn It is now November and still no sign of any feeling. He says he feels like he has a club foot. What do you suggest.
Avatar f tn I have type 2 diabetes... and I've had 1 miscarriage about 2 years ago... I know I'm high risk... I have my first appointment on the 22nd... is there any one else who has been through something similar. I'm trying to stay calm and low stress...
Avatar f tn Anyways the Dr finally told me it was nothing he did and left me to worry about it. Since I have experienced my foot becoming a club foot, my toes seem not connected, foot and leg are numb. If I sit too much they swell causing me to not be able to even urinate. I become groggy and cannot think of my words to speak when this happens and it is getting worse all the time.
Avatar n tn Hi Meredith, I think it's great you want to help others by donating your used insulin pump so that someone else may have a chance to improve their diabetes care. I'm sure there are many charitable organizations who would take you up on your offer. One of them may be S.U.G.A.R (Support Unlimited Guaranteed for Appliances Required, Assistance for diabetic devices).
Avatar m tn Not all Vets are familiar with the issues the Bulldog breeds can have which means you may be even more limited as to Vet care. I hope you have gotten this pup some aVet care and it has it's shots. Call the person you got the dog from. One woukd hope, if they are breeding these dogs, they may have an answer and be aware of any possible genetic cause. If you can talk to the breeder,mind out what Vet they use. Search the Internet for French Bulldog health issues and read up on the breed.
921323 tn?1268679412 Obesity has skyrocketed despite our efforts at communication. So, it looks like the health care system has failed as well. Could our failure as health care providers actually position obesity drug research and development as the most important pharmaceutical goal of the decade? Where do you think we should put our resources? Do you accept the recent obesity drug hurdles in stride and want the pharmaceutical companies to take on the challenge to develop more anti-obesity medications?
Avatar n tn Since you've been diagnosed with a thyroid disorder, an endocrinologist who specializes in thryroid disorder is your best bet on treatment. Some endo's specializes in diabetes, so be sure to ask their specialty area. Most GP's don't know enough about thyroid disorders to give truly good health care.
Avatar n tn My 13yo son Sean was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes nine months ago. We are self-employed and have only basic major medical coverage, so we have to buy all insulin and supplies such as syringes and test strips. Our income is too high to qualify us for any of the discount programs we have seen; but we are not rich by any stretch, and the expenses of diabetes treatment have significantly affected us.
Avatar f tn I'm not leaking fluid. The dumb associate doesn't think I'm dialated. (I think he got his MD from walmart) One of my stretch marks ruptured and they think it's a staph infection now and took a culture to make sure it isn't MRSI, or w/e that bad kinda staph infection is. I have protein and sugar in my urine. My Diabetes is outta control.
Avatar n tn I see from another of your posts that you mention Reynauds, red hands and type 2 diabetes along with hep C. How was the Reynauds diganosed?. Because there is a link amond hepatitis C, diabetes 2 and red hands. Just because you've had hcv mre than 30 years does not exclude the use of interferon. Many of us had hcv that long and some even longer.
Avatar n tn I went out for my b'day to a male lap dancing club. I had a private dance as a laugh. I was very drunk at this point and the guy was trying his best to turn me on. He danced in between my legs and then it was all a blur and left and told my friend i want to go home now. i think i may of had sex. lasting about 10 seconds. after this i contacted the guy on the internet he said he has not got aids and called me rotten for suggessted that.
Avatar f tn So welcome to the over 40 club!! If you developed gestational diabetes the first time around, then your risk is higher then average to develop it a second time. Also, we moms of "advanced maternal age" have an increased risk. It's easily managed though, and of course they will test for it. The same is true of preeclampsia. Pregnant women over 40 and under 20 are at higher risk, and you are considered higher risk if you had it in a previous pregnancy.
936133 tn?1244832491 No matter how much we would like to say we don’t care what other people think, we really do care much more so than we might think. And it hurts when we feel left out or feel unwanted. According to the first article, it can even make us physically sick. It matters that we feel needed and accepted by those who play a large part in our lives.
Avatar f tn Hi kavi, Join the club! it's very frustrating isn't it, wondering whats going on. I'mplaying the waiting game, same as you, wondering if I've got some vascular thingo or MS or what.....
Avatar m tn I also find when i go to a club or a house with a slight temperature change i sweat straight away and the process begins again. Basically any chance it gets i sweat why is this please help.
Avatar f tn Stroke is caused by insufficient blood supply to a region due to your increased blood pressure for decades and also due to Diabetes or increased cholesterol intake. As you have a stroke you damaged some nervous tissue and it is causing loss of strength and feeling of weakness in the region it supplies. Sometimes people have complete paralysis. You have to go for reduction of your blood pressure/blood sugar/cholesterol whatever is the cause of stroke and then do physiotherapy.
209384 tn?1231171906 Faxed my TSH's to the endo and she looked at them, then had her nurse-who btw is an idiot- call and tell me that it is still in normal range and I don't need any more thyroid. The nurse also told me that the 125mg I am taking is a large dose already and it shouldn't need to ever be increased?! HUH? Tell you what, I'm about ready to go to my PCP and beg him to just keep me below a 1.0.
Avatar n tn I had a shaving cut on my upper cheek( size of finger nail) that happened 30 minutes before entering the club . If saliva with blood went in that cut, does this put me at risk for hepatitis B and HIV? 4. If the infected sweat, saliva, vaginal fluids or body fluids of someone who is hepatitis B or HIV positive goes in the some of the acne that I have all over my checks and forehead, does this put me at risk ? Does it matter if the acne is fresh or old? or if it is open and bleeding? 5.
242516 tn?1368227505 MDs, RNs and support counselors flew down 3 days ago to spend the last 2 days providing medical care in a local church, Mountain View Church. Even though we've returned, we've come back to tell folks that these survivors still need our help. Christ in Action will be there another 2 weeks, feeding folks and helping survivors rebuild.
Avatar f tn She advanced through the next few years to get her black belt and she was enrolled in the leadership club from almost the beginning because she was so good. Towards the end she started to complain of being dizzy. We took her to the doctor and he thought maybe she just needed to drink more water throughout the day. She seemed just fine physically and was very muscular and fit. She also started to develop tremors in her arms and legs.
Avatar n tn Thanks SS for your lengthy comment. I really appreciate the detail you included;it gives a better picture of your experience and the human touch; so please, no need to apologise. Re: Insulin pump, does the infusion cannula cause pain when it is inserted, and is it fairly easy to do? Has your son experienced any problems with redness/soreness at the cannula site, and does one use fast acting insulin only with the pump? We have an inject-ease too for JJ.
458072 tn?1291418786 March 18, 2010 Despite the fact that over 60% of the American people want President Obama and congressional Democrats to tear up the monstrous health care bill and start all over, they seem determined to ram the government takeover of health care down our throats. They are attempting to force a vote this weekend on a sham "reconciliation" bill and using a plan to pass the Senate version of the health care bill without even voting on it.
Avatar m tn Thats how I found out she had it, she texted me saying it was confirmed her splein was swollan because of her EBV so I went online and read as much as I could about this and boy that is the last thing I need to add with my diabetes! I have had Diabetes for 27 years and I take very good care of myself.. I don't need some selfesh person who hates the world to try and give me something like this. I guess my main question is what are the first symptoms of EBV, can a cold sore be a symptom?
Avatar f tn I wouldn't even consider anything more than diet and exercise if it wasn't for my family's history of heart disease and diabetes, along with my history of liver problems. Can anyone help ease my mind about this? Or give me some more information on gastric banding? I've done my research, but I'm still concerned. Thanks so much!