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Avatar n tn Some are better than others ofcourse, so ask around for recommendations from diabetes support groups. The American Diabetes Association has some good information on their website www.diabetes.org, including some downloadable information on diet and meal planning. This is a good starting point also. There are so many books out there that I cannot think of one off the top of my head.
Business man2 You can begin your diabetes education by reading, understanding and practicing what is put forth at these sites: http://www.diabetes.org/ http://diabetes.webmd.com/ Since you didn't provide us any information to work with, you can start by making lifestyle changes. Too many people rely solely on medication to make themselves normal when basic lifestyle changes are ignored. Medication alone will not do the work for you, they are there to 'help' you.
1281603 tn?1283802299 I would like to add to that advice that diabetic complications are very real and to encourage everyone diagnosed with either form of diabetes or even pre-diabetes to take responsibility to monitor and control your blood sugars on a daily basis. We tend to trust doctors to keep us well and especially here in the U.S. we rely on medication for EVERYTHING. No doctor can follow us around 24/7 and make sure we eat right, exercise, maintain healthy weight and take the meds they actually prescribe.
Avatar f tn I don't have personal experience with this one, but I work in health care. Is there a diabetes education clinic or group in your area? They can be very helpful in helping you control your sugar levels. Some women can control it with food but not all. That all depends on your results. Your Dr will give you guidance as far as if you need insulin or another medication. But it will be alright, you have a diagnoses and this is something that is treatable. Take care.
Avatar n tn We do all of her testing and injections. We have tried to get her to take responsibility for her diabetes care, but she refuses. She also refuses to talk about her diabetes with anyone. I wonder if she has this psychological condition too. We forced her to go to a therapist for several years, but she hated it and refuses to go now. The therapist was kind but was unable to help turn her around. I would like to force the issue but my husband says time will straighten out her problem.
Avatar n tn There is no correlation that I have read or heard about between you having gestational diabetes, and your child later in life developing diabetes. Gestational diabetes usually goes away soon after giving birth, every person is different. However having gestational diabetes can put you at higher risk for developing diabetes later in life. I would also ask your doctor if you should see an endocrinologist, this is a doctor that specializes in diabetes care.
146866 tn?1199599344 Diabetes runs in my family (father, uncle, grandmother all have diabetes). What can I do to avoid getting it. Also, my wife's family also has a history of diabetes and what should I be doing for my children so that they can lower their risk of getting it?
Avatar n tn Until we have a medical community focused more on education and preventative care, rather than acute care, I am afraid we wil have to manage with what we can find on our own.
Avatar n tn Does she an endocronologist? Does she have a dietician? Has she had any good diabetes education. Being 14 is hard enough without dealing with diabetes, but she must get her health in order to prevent further complications, which are a real threat to those not keeping their glucose readings at a good level. Maybe she needs to see a therapist in order to help her deal with the feelings she is having and why she is not taking care of herself.
Avatar n tn Despite having a disease for several years, he may benefit from some professional diabetes education at this point. Finally, pls recognize taht there is almost nothing YOU can do to change his attitude & behaviors toward managing his disease. In the end, each of us is responsible for what we choose.
Avatar n tn Hey, So I have type I diabetes, and I like to drink. I do it fairly often, and in moderation. Sometimes, I like to get wasted like everybody else. and I keep water bottles with me to stay hydrated and my glucometer and Insulin to use as needed and im fine. try having a drink instead of taking mind-altering drugs.
1140218 tn?1316144876 It sounds like your mother in law needs a lot more education and guidance in treating her diabetes. By "time release insulin" I'm guessing you mean long-acting, such as Lantus or Levemir? This is what is called basal insulin which provides the background insulin 24 hours that people without diabetes have produced by their pancreas.
131817 tn?1209532911 In the end, though, what we really need is a national health system like Canada's and hopefully, when we get rid of Bush, maybe our next government will do something about this country's scandalous health care system. Hope you're feeling well and receiving the care you need.
Avatar n tn When I was working in the hospital in diabetes education in my town we did have a boy who was over-weight and was diagnosed with childhood onset type 2 diabetes and he had gained some weight because his body was producing so much insulin to compensate for his bigger body size that it caused him to gain weight. I would talk to my doctor as soon as possible. It is better to be safe than sorry in your situation.
Avatar f tn Hi Everyone, Well my hubby has been dx'ed with diabetes. He had been having excessive thirt, URGENT urination, and had lost 12 lbs without even trying. I kinda knew what it was before we even went to the doc, so I prepared him for it. Basically, nobody likes to be dx'ed with anything, but this is not too bad.
317787 tn?1473362051 The association between diabetes and liver disease is not coincidental; in fact, the two health conditions may just be different sides of the same metabolic coin. Type II Diabetes Also referred to as adult onset diabetes and non-insulin dependent diabetes, Type II diabetes is a chronic condition that affects the way the body metabolizes sugar (glucose).
5274485 tn?1385863767 are there any Diabetes Education programs in Little Rock or Fayetteville? And number 2: Her career dress code does not allow her to wear sneakers or tennis shoes at all. You're right - the shoes should not be tight (she's size seven for her feet). Should she go one half size wider than size 7?
Avatar n tn It is best to see an endocrinologist and also sign up for diabetes education classes at your local hospital. Im sure your doctor can refer you. THIS IS A MUST! My endo has recommended that I go on the South Beach Diet but finally my blood sugars are under control. I am taking this very serious now and hope to be taken off at least two of my meds in the future. All the same complications associated with Type 1 are the same for Type 2.
Avatar n tn I think it is unusual for a Type I Diabetic to be taken off insulin and to be able to remain in control with diet and exercise alone. But, then again, diabetes does affect each person differently. I would encourage you to always discuss any changes in your insulin with an endocrinologist who specializes in diabetes. An endocrinologist will also be able to help you manage the impact of birth control on your blood sugars. There are so many new insulins out there.
Avatar n tn My 25-yr old daughter was diagnosed with Type I diabetes when she was 11 mos old. Because her blood sugars have been out of control since she was a teenager, she now has developed retinopathy and has begun a series of surgeries. And, she was hospitalized for 5 days last week for pancreatitis. She keeps saying she just wants to give up. I along with close family and friends are trying to be very supportive, but she is not willing to make any changes to her lifestyle. We do not know what to do.
Avatar n tn Does anyone know where I can get information about diabetes onset with Hep C treatment? My husband has been on PEG-Intron for 13 weeks with excellent results. Two weeks ago I rushed him to the hospital violently ill. His blood sugar was 500 and he had diabetic ketoacidocis. Last week the same thing happened only he went into diabetic shock. He was just released yesterday. There is absolutely NO diabetes in his family ANYWHERE. He is 53 and now on 4 shots a day of insulin.
Avatar m tn 65 trillion per year on health care. The Affordable Care Act had earmarked less than 1/10th of 1 percent of this for prevention. The only thing both parties seemed to agree on was to eliminate that small amount of prevention dollars. The Republicans labeled it a slush fund, and the Obama administration, in the absence of other dollars for implementing the ACA, was all too ready to raid it.
233488 tn?1310696703 Based on my personal experience (and I've had four eye surgeries), who you see is so much more important than where s/he practices. All practioners at any institution (even the best ones) are not equally skilled. I think that local ophthalmologists are the best source of information about which area doctors are the best. I live in a city where Castle-Connolly does extensive ratings, and their data base (www castleconnolly com) has never let me down.
639406 tn?1308880711 Diabetes has many different etiologies. While some forms can be avoided by simply watching diet, there is evidence that there is genetic predisposition and also a viral or chemical cause, in some cases. Mammo provided excellent advice. Do not be afraid of taking the metformin. If taken according to doctor's orders it has an excellent safety record and will be very helpful. You may find, after a period of exercise and weight loss, you may be able to stop taking it.
Avatar n tn Some students feel trapped because they've chosen friends who aren't in college, don't care about education, might be jealous of the time they're spending on their studies -- and might be worried the friendship will fail because of the different paths they are pursuing. Some students are the first in their families to go to college, so they have the added burden of blazing a new path for themselves while staying respectful of the family nest that has given them the chance.
Avatar f tn I feel he would benefit from inpatient care for his multiple problems, i.e. Diabetes, alcoholism, and depression. Please let me know if there is a comprehensive treatment facility for him...I just don't know where to turn for all of these problems.
Avatar n tn My father was diagnosed with Diabetes over 20 years ago. He is in total denial that he has it, and has never done anything to treat his diabetes. He also is an alcoholic, also in denial about that. His drinking is consistantly an every day thing. He normally drinks anywhere from 1 to 3 half pints of whiskey every day. He does use the tester strips that you dip in urine to check his blood sugar.
Avatar f tn JDRF is hosting a live UStream broadcast on World Diabetes Day on November 14th at 3pm EDT as part of their new Type 1 Talk program. They are covering the following topics: artificial pancreas/FDA approval process, lessening/preventing autoimmunity attack of beta cells, increasing public awareness & improving education about type 1 diabetes, treatments: existing & "in the works,” and health care coverage for type 1 adults.
568322 tn?1370169040 Incident type 2 diabetes was defined as fasting glucose levels of more than 126 mg/dL, self-reported type 2 diabetes, or use of diabetes medication. National Cholesterol Education Program Adult Treatment Panel 3 criteria were used to define MetSyn and its components. After adjustment for demographic, lifestyle, and dietary confounders, hazard ratios (HRs) were estimated for type 2 diabetes, MetSyn, and MetSyn components.
Avatar f tn You also need to be proactive in eating healthy and in active lifestyle. Please join American Diabetes Association for more education. Since it is outside of my scope as a pharmacist to diagnose, you need to consult your physician for further accurate assessment. Take care! For more information, please go to: 1. Metformin - Medline Plus http://www.nlm.nih.gov/medlineplus/druginfo/meds/a696005.html 2. American Diabetes Association http://www.diabetes.org 3.