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Avatar f tn I have just been told at 36 weeks that I have gestational diabetes. My midwife missed my family history in my notes so didn't test me for this at 28 weeks like she should have. I am really worried about what effect this may have had on my baby as it has been unmonitored for nearly 10 weeks!
231441 tn?1333896366 Hi, Has anyone come up with a birth plan for their baby? What was your experience with this if you did. I've just written one, and hope I can share this with my doctor soon. And hope that she's going to agree...
Avatar f tn Your veterinarian will help you with a game plan for regulating her diabetes. Some cats need insulin, others can do just as well on special diets. Many veterinarians are now recommending trying to keep the cat on a grain free canned diet, but not all cats are accepting of that type of food. Beyond the information you might get here, I would recommend asking questions in our Ask the Vet expert forums here on MedHelp. Another good resource is caninediabetes.org.
Avatar m tn You sound... hypopituitary? That means more than one pituitary hormone is low. When you start to get to most or all, then you are panhyopit - that is where I am. I hope you are under the care of a neuro-endo. Your case is more complex than most. I am not a doc. I cannot possibly know your history or your tests. I may say something wrong and it can be quite damaging to you! I had to go through some trial and error with myself.
Avatar n tn My daughter is a Junior and we felt as you do, that everyone has been super understanding all through her school years and didn't feel the need to look into what a 504 Plan was or have one put in place for her. While registering for her PSAT exam, I found out that she would not be allowed into the exam with anything other than a no. 2 pencil! No snacks, juice, blood glucose monitor or her pump!
Avatar n tn As far as family medical history goes, my husband’s mother had been diabetic most of her adult life, but she was very obese and did not take care of herself. His grandmother also had diabetes, but she did not develop diabetes until she was somewhere in her late 50s we think and we also do not think she was insulin dependant. No one else in his family had or has diabetes. My husband is in good health, but he was about 15 lbs.
Avatar n tn Truth is, most of our waking hours we are in contact with folks, perhaps even surrounded by folks, who know nothing about how to care for diabetes. Yet it is rare, indeed, that we are TRULY alone in that we cannot ask for help as we err on the side of caution. Bottom line, yes I've heard the caution and I consider it in the context of a diabetic person's ability to be responsible and aware of him/herself.
Avatar n tn You get 2 points if you've had a prior stroke, 1 point if you have congestive heart failure, 1 point for high blood pressure, 1 point for diabetes, and one point if you are age 75 or older. Those with scores of 0 don't require coumadin, an aspirin a day will do. Those with 2 or more points should definitely be on coumadin. One point is iffy. I have one point (high BP) but my cardiologist was concerned because I have also mitral valve regurgitation and an enlarged atria, so wants me to take it.
Avatar n tn As for the sleep, finding some acceptance and peace is the only way you are going to get to sleep. I rely on God for that. I know that He has a plan. I know that if I do my part and love and trust in Him, he will do his part. I don't know how I could have survived all of this without the peace he instills in me. It is only when I falter on that trust and allow myself to panic that I lose that peace and spiral out of control. I will be praying for you.
Avatar f tn C sections are major abdominal surgery and should be reserved for and emergency. I wouldn't want to be recovering and taking care of a new born unless I had to. Yes they are pretty routine but things can go wrong with them. Also if you feel you doc isn't doing her job it's not too late to find a new one you are more comfortable with.
Avatar f tn One has had it for 14 years, one for 31 years and they are still alive. The fact that they take care of themselves and don't drink, eat right and keep their weight down has led to their longevity. Ask your doctor about banding your verices, as I’ve had mine done. Also, see if you can be a candidate for the upcoming Protease Inhibitors due for release next year (hopefully)...
405614 tn?1329147714 I'm glad your cat is more healthy with this hyperthyroidism stuff; I'm told that Fluffy's at risk for diabetes if he gains more weight, or stays as big as he is. When Fluffy's hyperthyroidism wasn't being treated, his blood pressure was really high, so take good care of your little lady cat. Thanks for responding!
Avatar n tn I am under 30, and for almost 6 years I have been trying to get pregnant. I have had irregular periods ever since my very first one at 15. They last sometimes for 2 or 3 months, and other times they last for 6 - 7 days. Sometimes I won't have a period for 5 or 6 months. I have pushed doctors and I have even gone to the hospital..when I bleed to much. Alll of them have told me nothing. I have even lost my temper with them. No one seems to want to help me.
1530342 tn?1405020090 This is what happens to a medicaid pt if they are admitted for an acute care stay at a long term faciity... For one, there are coverage periods, predetermined covered days. Many patients may never come close to needing them all, many need to go way over. Physicians can only bill at Medicaid approved rates, for their time...they must get pre-approvals for every little thing. Ok, so far, doesn't sound unreasonable, right? Those coverage periods, called certifications. They're a joke.
365714 tn?1292202708 When my kitty was first diagnosed with diabetes, I was taking her weekly to the Vet for a glucose check, but it's not a true test because some of the kitties get so stressed at the Vet, and it reads a high blood glucose just from the stress. I may not be suitable for you, but thought I'd mention it to you. Some Vets discourage the home testing, as they feel it's too difficult for the Owner, and other Vets are pro home testing. How is Waldo doing today?
Avatar n tn com and an article about hypoglycemia. If you have diabetes or alcoholism in your family then you are a good case for hypoglycemia. Allergies both food and mold can cause symptoms that mimic mental illness.
Avatar n tn in his vision field, cloudy areas) but upon further examination the doctor told him that his optic nerver had been damaged due to swelling and blamed his diabetes (type 2). He has had his diabetes under control for an entire year. Unfortunately, though the majority of the vision in his left eye is gone. Suddenly yesterday the vision in his Right (good eye) started going the same way with the opaque areas and purple curtains; spots in his field of sight.
15607012 tn?1442453350 I went from being an active young man taking care of a farm to being bound to a bed for two years. There's more to the story, but this is a good start.
Avatar f tn } I think a point Susans thread brought out is who's going to do more good for health care, make changes, etc. Helping health care, making changes is my main concern, whatever the disease may be. X is correct tho, in that it is up to many of us to change, make awareness in hep c. Quick note on the 'war' our soldiers, etc. While HATING seeing our people go fight, get killed, leave home and so on..….
Avatar m tn Many people think they are eating healthy because they eat good per the status quo but in reality they are misinformed (by big corporations and medical associations that are bios and have a vested interest in keeping people sick) and simply uneducated. Do not think for a second that organizations in general care about you. People are greedy and selfish and knowing this is one of the biggest steps in healing yourself.
469720 tn?1388149949 Uninsured individuals are more likely to forego preventive health services like mammogram, colonoscopy etc, they are less likely to have early disease management for treatable problems like diabetes, hypertension high cholesterol and obesity and therefore more likely to prevent with severe costly conditions that otherwise could have been prevented and certainly treated.
Avatar m tn Now this is medical care USA wise, I don't look forward for any imporvement with the mess coming out of Washington DC. P.S. We've had medical insurance most of our adult lives, and now have Medicare plus private insurance. This means we'll see very small bills for all the work that was done, GO USA!
233488 tn?1310696703 Consider ALL the Options Before Your Cataract Surgery: Working Through What’s Best For You John C. Hagan, MD, Fellow American Academy of Ophthalmology, Fellow American College of Surgeons. Many decisions have to be made before having cataract surgery. The first is whether you need the surgery or not. Assuming you have made the decision to have surgery this is a discussion of the many options and choices you have.
Avatar n tn I am 28 perfectally healthy except for chronic migraines due to head injury from a car wreck I get migraines so bad I can't stand up(throwup split vision etc) I go tos doctor that adjusts my head and neck and I do physical thearpy there as well he prescribes me 8 10/325 norco per day I don't take more than that I tried oxyvontin ang it was too strong I have taken pain meds for 5 yrs I got off of them once because of conviction but 1 year later I stared taking them again because of migraines
522415 tn?1242941355 Narcotic pain killers were the only thing that allowed me to function daily, keep a job, take care of the house, be happy, and care for my children and husband. The ONLY thing. I didn't read everyone's post and I am sure you are aware but ... the risk for dependency/tolerance/abuse is very high for some people. I was one of them.
Avatar m tn About every 4 months, I would have an acute attack of swelling that would require an emergency visit to the doctor for a steroid shot followed by a dose pack to relive the swelling. My allergist got me into a Xolair injection study in May and within 2 hours of my first injection the hives disappeared. I had my 3rd injection today and continue to be hive/swelling free. I feel like I've been given a new lease on life.
605458 tn?1539232408 Family stuff. Briefly, my stepdad is psycho...depressed, filled with deep seated long standing anger, relapsing alcoholic, gun fanatic who has a family history of suicide by gun. His perception on what is important is completely skewed. My mom got pissed and just left me with the crazy dude! provided, he wasn't drinking and shooting the gun into the lagoon until after she left, but please. I knew she was angry but she didn't even tell me if she was angry with me.
Avatar m tn I fractured my R Talus neck 6/2010 at 6pm. Hospital emergency did xray, splinted and released me to find a orthopedic to do surgery on my own. 24 hours later I end up at the same hospital for surgery. 2 years later I am diagnosed with AVN after 3 surgeries to repair. I was told by a local Orthopedic that the time it too screw the bone together was the cause of developing AVN from lack of blood flow being non union. I was told by the initial surgeon I was 80% to recover cause of the clean break.
458072 tn?1291418786 Call your representative TODAY and urge him to vote "No" March 18, 2010 Despite the fact that over 60% of the American people want President Obama and congressional Democrats to tear up the monstrous health care bill and start all over, they seem determined to ram the government takeover of health care down our throats.
Avatar f tn You might call your vet today if they're open, and see if they'll do a payment plan or if they accept Care Credit. You can also go to the Care Credit web site and apply yourself. CC is a line of credit to be used only for medical bills for humans or animals. Make sure you read the fine print, as I recall that any missed payments result in an outrageous interest increase. It's nice to know it's there in case of emergency though.