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Avatar m tn When your blood sugar is on border line, then it is always good to control your blood sugar level at that stage itself with proper diet plan and with regular exercise. Have regular checkup to see your sugar level. You can even try for GlycaCare tablets containing herbal extracts and nutrients that would help you keep your sugar level in control.
Avatar f tn Was tested at 12 weeks. Right now it is controlled with blood sugars checks 4x a day and a new diet plan. My heart also feels like it is racing. Just ask the doctor.
Avatar m tn I was diagnosed as having Borderline Gestational Diabetes (others have refered to it as Impared Fasting and Glucose Intolerance.) I, essentially, failed the three hour Glucose Tolerance Test by only one point (my fasting was 96 instead of 95.) For percautionary measures, my OB had me monitor my blood sugar (with normal diet/excercise) for one week.
Avatar n tn The only confusion is when the sugar levels reach borderline values (depending on intake),should be taken care.But if you follow a controlled diet plan and label each days intake, it would be easy to measure and determine the dosage exactly within very low value uo and downs. So the levels of sugar is always dependent on the type of diet you follow to keep your sugar under control.I will send you a message giving you specific details about diet restriction and control blood sugar.
Avatar f tn I drink diet sodas. Artificial sweeteners are fine in moderation. Caffiene is also fine in moderation.
Avatar f tn I have gestational diabetes i was borderline w it w my first and it affected his blood sugar the first 3days after he was born but othsr then that no issues and hopefully since i for sure have it and im watching my diet my babys sugar will be fine this time ..has ur dr said anything will be affected by renal disease?.
Avatar n tn I was just told that I have gestational diabetes. I had elevated levels with my DS so I kinda of expected it but then when I did the 3 hr tolerance test everything came back fine. This time my levels were really high for the first test so they are just referring me to a dietician and self monitoring. Doc was even talking about insulin injections! ick!!! I am totally at a lost. I want to start eating correctly before seeing the dietician but have no idea what foods are ok.
Avatar n tn I am 19 years old and have recently had some bloodwork done by life extentions labs. Upon the returning results it says that I am a borderline Diabetic. Diabetes runs in my family, and I would like to know how to prolong the diagnosis of diabetes as long as posible. I know that your not actual physitian or anything but I would like to get some advice on how to do this task. Thanks!
390645 tn?1233372037 There's not enough information to answer you properly. 1. Are these levels in mmol/l? 2. Are they the results of an A1c (HbA1c) test? 3. And, what did your "breakfast only" consist of? a. Sugar and cream in coffee and/or tea? b. Toast with jam/jelly? "i dont have the simtomps of diabetes patient. i am normal." Please read up on Gestational Diabetes. Pregnancy can bring about GD which is treated like type 2 but more carefully watched and treated.
Avatar m tn Hello, I am a thin and highly active 20 year old male who was just recently diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. The diagnosis is weird because I've never had a poor diet, I played sports, and have little family history of the disease. I should mention though that my father has been "borderline" since the age of 12 and now he is 51 and his condition has not changed. I'm not in denial but recently I've been beginning to wonder if I truly have the disease.
Avatar f tn Even though I exercise I do not do it consistently and I currently do not follow any kind of diet. My current Primary Care Physician (they unfortunately change every few years) sent back my results via mail along with a prescription for Tricor 145 mg. I take two BP medicines, a Birth Control Pill to control an irregular menstrual period and Lexapro. I think he is giving to me because of my increased risk for heart disease due to my high blood pressure.
2066946 tn?1345527488 I'm going thru this now and let me tell u I still can't get use to the gestational diabetes diet they have me on so what ever u do eat healthy
Avatar f tn FWIW, there seems to be a lot of research about pre-diabetes/impaired glucose tolerance and peripheral neuropathy, which suggests that you don't have to have full-blown diabetes to have neuropathy problems. See for example http://tinyurl.
649848 tn?1534637300 I'm wondering what diet plans others have tried and what success you had, whether or not you kept the weight off, etc. If you didn't keep the weight off, would you try that same diet plan again, if so, why; if not, why? I don't believe in giving up entire food groups, such as carbs, protein, fats, etc. I believe the body needs a healthy mix of all the food groups. I'd really appreciate any ideas ya'll might have.
Avatar n tn her blood glucose numbers and other factors, it would be hard to determine whether or not the doctor made the best choice by putting her on medication. Type II diabetes can be treated with diet and excercise but that's not always the case. It may be that your daughter-in-law's physician put her on medication (pills, I assume) to help her bring down her sugar at these early stages. She might be able to control her diabetes with diet and excercise later on.
Avatar f tn 5 n half mnth is running ,my doc shockd me whn she told me i caught up by diabetes during pregnancy Please suggest me snacks shuld be spicy bt sugar free i lv mango shake , potato i m so depressed help me
231441 tn?1333896366 I don't think nutritionists here are well-trained at all. She came up with a diet plan for gestational diabetes. Her computation for me is 1900 calories a day. Now I know someone my weight and build should be eating about 2400 calories a day. So why should I be eating less during pregnancy? (I do understand about spreading foods throughout the day, 6 small meals, etc and this is very important).
Avatar f tn Hello. I go through sort of the same struggle you do. I lost a ton of weight following the "Low GI" diet. Its Low Glycemic Index. The diet itself shouldn't really be called a diet because its really just all of the foods you should be eating anyway...but who am I to say that? The Low GI diet is great for people trying to stay away from getting Diabetes, and for people who have Diabetes. Google the diet to pull up all the foods.
Avatar m tn For the last 4 years I have been lifting weights and trying to following a low carb diet plan. My day starts out at 0400 when I hit the gym for my workout. At this time in the morning my BGL is usually 103-113. After my workout my BGL is about 15-20 points higher. Is this normal??
Avatar f tn Hello ladies. I plan on flowing the diet. And I've been testing how they want me to. My normal diet is already similar to a diabetic diet seeing how it runs in my family and I've been taking prevention steps (losing weight, cutting sweets, exercising) My issue is I can't eat as often as they would like me to. If try it turns my stomach but I eat three meals daily. (They want six) the doctor said to wait for the class to start my records but I started early to have a comparison.
Avatar m tn aunty of age 58 suffering from diabetes and blood pressure from long back.
Avatar n tn That made a huge difference for me because I could see how food selection fit together to make a reasonable plan that I could follow. I also use recipes from the South Beach Diet, a few Atkins things, and find the magazine Light and Tasty very helpful. Good luck!
951477 tn?1293072287 I will make sure to ask the doctor for a diet plan at my next visit.
Avatar f tn It will also affect your ability to get and stay pregnant. Treatment for diabetes (your levels are borderline) during pregnancy is usually insulin. I think you need to see an endocrinologist, explain your plan and desire to get pregnant, and come up with a plan to get everything properly managed and treated.
Avatar n tn I attributed that to my poor diet and lack of not being a skin nazi. I have looked into numerous products over the year for hair removal systems and acne products(face and the rest of the body) with not much success. One of my other symptoms was sometimes a slight pain during intercourse. I attributed that to different guys equipment or sexual positions that just didn't work for me. I broke up with so many guys because I thought we just didn't fit together...it wasn't perfect.
Avatar f tn Hello!! Maybe some of you have gone through the same thing I have/am. So, after trying every diet from Weight Watchers, Zone, South Beach, various local diet clinics, Medifast, and then some.... I am still needing to loose 50 lbs. As a 58 yr. old woman, 5'4", 190 lbs., I am certainly feeling it in my knees and hips. Diagnosed as borderline "everything" -pre-diabetes, high-blood pressure, fybromyalgia,restless leg syndrome, metabolic disorder, etc. etc., and taking a ton of meds.
Avatar m tn Anyone who says they can cure diabetes like your's in a month with diet and exercise is lying. They can't. I walked out of my doctors office with regular insulin, which works for 24 hours. I had to take my blood sugar when I woke up and before every meal. I my BG was too high, I took fast acting insulin, which works immediately, with a pen, before my meal. I took Metformin before every meal. Then I also took Amaryl, a drug which jolts your pancreas into working again.
Avatar f tn Thank you all so much. It feels so good to be able to express my feelings without feeling so dumb. I am a very logical person, but this pregnancy has somehow taken that away, haha. I called the endo doc today and told him my numbers, and viola I am now on insulin in the evenings before bedtime. I knew it was coming, I can't do anything to control my fasting numbers. And like cpatow said, worrying about it isn't going to do much good.
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