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Avatar f tn It was tested evening time.whats the risk and what diet he need to follow? is it type 1 or type 2.what fruits can he able to eat?can he eat brown rice or wild rice?
Avatar m tn Every 7 grams equals one heaping Tablespoon of refined sugar. Changing lifestyle habits can go a long way in controlling type 2 diabetes. Restrict & avoid refined sugars, practice and adhere to weight control, do some sort of exercise daily, practice stress management, and get adequate sleep. These are all important in managing this illness, the most important, along with proper nutrition, is physical activity. Foods made with white flour like breads, pasta, crackers, etc.
Avatar f tn Just like anyone with diabetes, you can control or prevent it by eating a healthy diet and exercising regularly. Many people just assume sweets are what causes surges in blood sugar, but most of it is actually from carbs. Watch the amount of carbs you consume and have the same amount daily. Eating multiple small meals a day can keep your blood sugar levels even. Also eat less carbs in the morning at breakfast than any other time of day because insulin resistance is greatest in the am.
Avatar n tn Can anyone direct me or share a sample diet plan to acheive weight loss? I have had Diabetes for 20 years and I eat healthy and work out 4 - 5 times a week, but a like others on this forum, I want to achieve a 10-15 lb. weight loss.I want to have a good idea of what I need to do. I am stumped and dont see any results at this point, Thanks.
Avatar n tn old boy who was diagnosed with Type I diabetes at the age of 3. Also, my sister was diagnosed (2 yrs. prior to my son) at the age of 24. She is now 32. My sis takes lantus and humalog, just like your daughter does. I do not have diabetes, however, I do understand that the weight issue is frustrating and sometimes even depressing. My sister has had a very similar situation to your daughter's. It wasn't until recently that she lost some weight.
Avatar n tn As far as hunger went, I was only slightly hungryfor the first 2-3 days, but after that I wasn't hungry again. I did use the 2 apples a day between meals as my snack. I drank alot of water, I live in Texas and it is really hot here so I am use to drinking lots of water. I worked out hard. It took my mind off the diet. What really impressed me about his protocol is the way my body was being reshaped. My waist got very small, mu stomach very flat. I have nicely defined arms and legs.
Avatar f tn I would like to find a diabetes diet/eating plan. Does anyone know where I can find one on the internet. I'm so addicted to sugar and I'm now eating fresh fruits to help with the sugar cravings. Any help is much appreciated. THANKS!!!
Avatar f tn I did a quick search online and found a couple articles linking hep c infection to diabetes type 2, which is what my hubby has. My questions are, has anyone else been dx'ed with diabetes 2, and do you have any advice for us? And, had anyone tx'ed for hep c with diabetes? Are there any special complications? Thanks!
Avatar n tn Just off the top of my head, I would suggest an avocado ( if, of course, you love avocados. like I do) . It has very healthy fat and many great nutrients. During tx we need to eat healthy whole foods and this fits the bill. Nutritional info below. According to this, we would need to eat almost a whole med size avocado, but one could tweek that. (it also gives us some good calories for those that don't want to lose weight) @somuchmore2....
Avatar f tn I read recently that not only weight loss but weight gain can be a potential symptom for diabetes type II. I have some hairs from a scar I have to pluck since a dermatologist left the root of a mole behind, just shaving the surface of it. He left the wound with hairs sticking out of it, I suppose so I wouldn't have as big of scar. I know that hurts!
649848 tn?1534637300 a DIET is simply what you eat…….. monkeys eat a diet of bananas, panda bears eat a diet of eucalyptus leaves, etc. I am often reluctant to post there also, because *I* first advocate that anyone having a horribly hard time losing weight needs to be checked out by their doctor to make sure they don’t have underlying medical issues.
Avatar f tn since these things not only contribute to our weight issues, they can make us more susceptible to type II diabetes, heart and/or liver problems, etc. Dairy is an excellent part of a good weight loss plan, so if you aren't allergic or intolerant, I'd suggest going to the low/no fat varieties of milk, cheese, yogurt, etc. And let's not forget that exercise is a major part of our weight loss journey, so speaking of that -- I'd best go get started with my exercise.
1328782 tn?1275081537 So I have had my gall bladder removed and Totally did not follow the meal plan givin to me..now I have type 2 diabetes and still eat horrible!! What can I do to follow a meal plan that suits my life??
Avatar n tn I am a mother of a 9 1/2 yr. old boy who was diagnosed with Type I diabetes at the age of 3. Also, my sister was diagnosed (2 yrs. prior to my son) at the age of 24. She is now 32. My sis takes lantus and humalog and my son recently atarted on the pump. I do not have diabetes, however, I do understand that the weight issue is frustrating and sometimes even depressing.
Avatar n tn THe first week I was only taking the one pill but wasn't doing the exercise and eating plan. Then I started taking two pills and dove into the exercise and eating plan...4 days later 2 pounds were gone. I'm completely excited! This is truly the only thing that has helped me in over 5 years. I have 13 left to go to reach my target weight but if more comes off I'm not saying a word. I"m 5'2" and 138 now! It took a week and a half to see any results.
973741 tn?1342346373 However, it is now known that type 2 diabetes can be reversible for many people if they change their diet to strictly limit carbs. Limiting carbs also makes type 1 diabetes much easier and safer to manage (smaller doses of insulin mean less risks of low blood sugars). How limited? It depends on personal tolerance. But definitely carbs will be limited to less than 25% of total daily energy.
Avatar n tn I was recently diagnosed with type 1 diabetes one and a half months ago. I started taking insulin novomix since last one month. My highest sugar reading was 469.
Avatar n tn How long would it take to see the benefits of my new fish diet? 2. Are vegetarians relly very sick people? 3. Can poor diet (like mine) and loads of stress make the body feel weak? The problem with me now, is that I cannot simply walk - my pulse goes around 100 - 120 beats per minute. Thank you very much for your answer. I am a Russian lady living in New Zealand. This is where all my problems have begun........
Avatar n tn While I have no idea (and you gave me no reason to believe this is the case)if this is an issue for you, you might want to consider, this could be an option. Support from others going through any issues with type 1 diabetes is very important. I would suggest checking the home page at JDRF to post and receive more information. The link I would recommend, depending how old your are is www.jdrf.org/kids. I know there are many teens involved.
Avatar f tn I suspect that you may be type 1 diabetes instead of type 2 and your pancrease has stopped working. IN this case oral meds and diet can't work and you need to be on INSULIN. You cannot affort to wait for 1 months to do something. Good on you for monitoring closely. Please go to the emergency room next time you test high. This really should not be ignored.
Avatar f tn i live in CT and i flew out to see her. i have been suffering for 2 years with no one to help and she has got me on a treatment plan. i am doing manual lymphatic drainage with a licensed therapist along with wear compression garments, have you heard of this helping?
15298662 tn?1439720697 And also there has been at least 5 generations in a row of women that we know of on my mom's side who have had type 2 diabetes. We know for sure my mom, my mom's mom, my mom's grandma, my mom's great grandma and my mom's great great grandma all have it or did have it. I would be the first one it has skipped. Also my dad's dad and his grandpa had it as well. So I am worried that I may be pre diabetic but I am not exactly sure. So of course given my family's history it worries me.
Avatar f tn Nuts and seeds are good sources of fat (and we need fat) plus protein and some fiber. I follow this type of diet and my weight is low and my blood work is great. Soy was the first thing to get out of my diet because it is mildly estrogenic and makes me feel just swful. plus its one of the most genetically modified plants and is heavily pesticided and has to be intensely processed to make the soy beans edible. As a horticulturist, what I learned about soy scared the beejezus out of me.
Avatar f tn ) too that I am speaking for the perspective of a Type 1, and do not know how type 2 works differently. I try to understand why they say anyone cannot be a diabetic when they have above the safe range readings and its ok when activity brings it down. Do non diabetics have a drop in blood sugar when they are active? They cannot go below the safe range, or they have some type of condition, correct?
Avatar f tn On my limited income, that is proving to be an expensive trial and error plan. It doesn't seem to matter what brand I buy, it's the juice alone that interests her. Any suggestions? Make my own? Is it OK to just stick with dry food alone? She is very healthy (other than that little abscess incident!) and maintains a good weight of about 9lbs, Her fur is shiny and soft and she seems content....so, am I worrying about nothing?
Avatar f tn Thirty percent of cases of this type of liver cancer are associated with obesity, type 2 diabetes, and related metabolic diseases, although a direct link between these and liver cell cancer has not been completely established. "The connection between obesity and cancer is not well understood at this point," says senior co-author John Lambris, PhD, the Dr. Ralph and Sallie Weaver Professor of Research Medicine at Penn.
Avatar f tn Now who wouldn't feel better eating better? There might be something to it, and there might not, but it can't hurt to follow a healthy diet plan. It will only help. After all of this reading and researching, recognizing and minimizing my triggers, exercising gradually and regularly, and improving my diet and overall health have definitely helped. I may not have MS. Nobody knows what it is. It acts a lot like MS, and it might be, but I'm not on any DMDs and these changes have helped.
479244 tn?1271567259 Incident type 2 diabetes was defined as fasting glucose levels of more than 126 mg/dL, self-reported type 2 diabetes, or use of diabetes medication. National Cholesterol Education Program Adult Treatment Panel 3 criteria were used to define MetSyn and its components. After adjustment for demographic, lifestyle, and dietary confounders, hazard ratios (HRs) were estimated for type 2 diabetes, MetSyn, and MetSyn components.
Avatar f tn No history of type 1,endo wants follow up every 2 months for T1.Can someone explain her risk?I know its high,but how high?Can not find stats on antibody pos people NOT getting T1 at some point!Why the sporadic out of whack BG's?Opinions?I am scared but I need honesty.