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5371853 tn?1367028972 Yes , you need more time to see if the bupropion (wellbutrin ) will be effective for you , and NO , an ssri/snri is not a better remedy as a first line of treatment for depression. Give the bupropion another month before starting anything else. Best of luck.
679575 tn?1245119050 I am currently not working but that sort of came about on its own. I was working part time because I have 3 young kids (2 yr, 4 yr, 6yr). I felt continually like the energy was drained out of me but figured that was just the work (long hours) and 3 kids. Turns out it may be the lupus. I had elbow pain which I assumed was from leaning on the hard computer desk so much. Then I had sharp chest pain which brought me to my doctor. ECG was normal so she ran bloodwork.
Avatar m tn hello,i am working in a marketing company and my job contains too much stress and workload, because of this stress ,now i feel so depressed and negativity comes in my views ,to overcome this, i am currently following treatment tips from a website, but it does not show any positive response, please anybody tell me whether these tips are useable or not? reply with any read these tips just visit website http://fitnizz.
5864500 tn?1380893197 In magnesium deficiency, neuronal requirements for magnesium may not be met, causing neuronal damage which could manifest as depression. Magnesium treatment is hypothesized to be effective in treating major depression resulting from intraneuronal magnesium deficits. These magnesium ion neuronal deficits may be induced by stress hormones, excessive dietary calcium as well as dietary deficiencies of magnesium.
1664160 tn?1304533100 Like any other medical condition, you can go without treatment and hope for the best. Many times depression will 'recede' or get better on it's own but it's a not necessary to suffer with this condition when there is good treatment available. If it does recede it will frequently return again. An individual's family physician can frequently treat depression, but going to a psychiatrist is the best method. Suffering with this without help is needless and unnecessary.
Avatar n tn My mom was diagnosed with major depression 2 years ago & responded well to medications primarily Zoloft. A year into treatment all her medications were tapered & discontinued. She then had a relapse after 4 weeks, since then she has been started on different medications each time & her symptoms continue to persist. Currently she is on Zoloft 100 mg BID, Elavil 75 mg BID & Bupropion 150mg QD.
Avatar f tn Depression is a common side effect of interferon. Yes, it will go away after treatment is over. You can go on ADs or you can constantly remind yourself that it's just the meds. I don't take ADs but I do break down now and then. ( avoid the news) My best solution is watching comedies.
602261 tn?1252586758 Sorry for two posts today I should have included this in my original post but how much of a role does depression play in your individual treatment? I would like to hear some people's opinion on how severe it is. I know it's sometimes a case by case basis but I was just interested in hearing from those of you that have or haven't encountered this problem while in treatment. I want to hear from both sides.
Avatar m tn To the poster, for treating clinical depression, it is widely known that the best course of treatment involves a combination approach of medication and talk therapy. You sound to have a very complex medical history though. ADHD, mood disorders and depression requires a good psychiatrist to manage. Good communication with your doctor is essential as you try different medications to improve the situation. Add each one slowly monitoring if you improve in any way.
Avatar m tn What is interesting about your story is, you report that your eye and perhaps your voice are not working right. It is possible there is a physical reason that you are having these scary thoughts, which might be goofing up your mental thoughts. The medical people you go see will also find out how all that might figure in with your thought processes. In the meantime, if you want to, just avoid that person who causes you to be fearful. It is okay to ignore them and go about your normal day.
1442059 tn?1340244552 This guy has already shown you that you CANNOT AFFORD to count on him as you go through treatment. He will NOT be there for you. To think otherwise is wishful thinking. Treatment is a serious undertaking and you want it to be successful. Part of that success is sticking to your treatment drugs and dealing with side effects which may be mild to downright debilitating at times. You want to be in as good a mental shape as you can to go through this.
Avatar m tn I know most people have ten times worse lives and problem but i am stuck in a tornado of depression and can not get out of it. I dont want sympathy or anthing i just want advice on how to snap out of this...... it ***** and I dont like it at all. I have though about suicide but could never do that to my family. that would be way too selfish and im not like that.
Avatar n tn Often the medication takes a long time to kick in and that is what causes the time delay in having the depression. So not sure why you are asking. Do you have problems and now need to see a specialist? Or do you think you need to see one? What are your levels of TSH etc, do you know?
Avatar f tn I am so sorry that your depression is untreatable, and with all those ECTs it has not improved. I presume no anti-depression medication has been effective in your case either. I presume you have tried them all. You certainly don't sound pathetic, I admire you for being such a fighter. Seems the doctors and psychiatrists have given up on you. Well I do not know what to suggest you do next, seems to me you have tried so hard.
Avatar f tn Hi grannie I am a grannie also, sorry you are having these problems, but you seem to recognize that you do have depression, its when a person does not know it , then that is the problem. I can tell you are a fighter, so I feel you will rise above this and hang in there with the treatments. Have you read the posts about the Vitamin C therapy? There are so many new ways now to reach a remission and take care of those beasts.
Avatar f tn Twice as many women are diagnosed with depression as men, but this may be due in part because women are more likely to seek treatment for depression.
Avatar m tn To answer your question "will depression make me sick?" Yes depression will make you sick. Depression is an illness itself and it's symptoms are frequently physical sickness. The most common are the ones you are already experiencing. For me the bad physical sickness is what made me sad and filled with 'gloom and doom'. If I weren't physicallly sick because of it, I would be happy and positive.
Avatar f tn Then they find something new to work on togeather or simply vew it as a phase in their relationship and get involed in something new where they can work on bettering themselves their self esteem and or working on something new with their partner.
2105456 tn?1334368647 I know how difficult it is to go out and talk to other people, especially strangers. IU have had depression for 20 years, and have to force myself to do things. Not easy, I know. Everyone here has depression, we all know how you feel. Combined with anxiety and panic attacks, life is very difficult. Keep in touch with us here, and we will listen. I am overweight too, and the only exercise I do is walking.
Avatar f tn You are having classic symptoms of both depression and anxiety disorders. You are not unique as myself and others here can definitely relate to the stress, hopelessness, pain and frustration. You mentioned that you were seeking counseling. Is this with a psych specialist? Have you been given a formal diagnosis? There is help available through therapy and/or medication. You don't have to, nor were you meant to live this way.
Avatar n tn typically evenings is there anything i can do about it other than taking miratzepine and clonazepam to improve my symptoms am feeling kind of ok with my treatment but not THAT GOOD even with the pills on i sometimes feel low . my question is if u had an episode of depresion .. are you supposed to get that again and again??
Avatar n tn Erectile dysfunction is a very common disease amongst older men, and the commonest reasons for it are disroders of blood flow to the penis, disorders of nerve supply, or underlying psychological reasons such as depression etc. With the advent of Viagra and its competitors Levitra and Cialis, first-line treatment of ED nowadays takes the form of the abovementioned pills. Each individual is different, so what works for one patient may not have such a good effect for another.
Avatar f tn these meds i am taking is not working, i knew they wasnt going too. some members on here was saying it was because of the alcohol. which i knew was the case (but i am not drinking anymore) anyway has anyone been feeling strange after they took there medication. it put me in a relax mood so much i cant move. i have missed school and work because i have been able to get out of bed, i would be asleep for 12 hours. and also have any of you experience nightmares that you cant awaken from.
1348086 tn?1370786785 I know my Cymbalta is not working anymore. I am at 120 mg per day and my depression is so overwhelming I cannot think clearly. No appetite, crying, fatigued. My doctor, around three months ago, suggested I be put on Effexor along with slowly tapering off the Cymbalta, but I had a very bad reaction with taking both meds and we decided to just keep me on the Cymbalta. Something else has GOT to work. I can't live like this. Has this happened to anyone else? What did your MD's suggest?
8513688 tn?1398470758 People must demand their right to effective pain relief, and pain treatment must not be denied to people who live with intractable pain conditions for the sole reason of protecting the budgets of the DEA and other anti-drug police bureaucracies that perpetuate prohibition -- a highly ineffective effort to keep "illegal" drugs from our borders that's failed miserably since the 1930s. We don't need or want police setting policy on the practice of medicine.
Avatar f tn Some do very well on the new Armour at a different dose. I do not see any labs listed with your post or comparisons so it is not clear if after the new formulation your numbers may have dropped a bit. How you feel is your best guide to doseage so if you don't feel well it may be in need of tweaking. Many people say the TSH is useless on combined therapy and that they feel best with the free T3 in the high normal range and the free T4 in the upper third or half.