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Avatar n tn The Chinese believe depression causes a decrease in the flow of qi (chi), which is your life force, and the use of Chinese herbs re-energizes the flow of qi through the chest, Chinese herbs and Acupuncture work effectively together to relieve depression
Avatar f tn i know i should post this on the depression forum but u guys r my friends and i know i can count on u all for great most of u know i have been having some terrible depression problems and i was wondering,since i have a dr.s appt today,should i ask her for some depression meds or ?...after my accident i was put on lexapro ....after about 2yrs she weaned me off that because she felt i was better.....i was at that time i guess because i was on oc's and didnt give a **** lol....
Avatar f tn I've been in, around and through all of the symptoms of major depression, and at my age, I know I have this to look forward to for the rest of my life. Unless a discovery is made, and that might depend on all of us comparing notes. If this is just too weird, I do understand. And you may, like I do, get tired very easily. I'm tired now. If there is any serious research going on and any of you know about it, maybe we could form a group from medhelp to be involved in the study.
Avatar n tn If you have a good support from friends and relatives then they can help you through the initial tough days of stopping the drug. Once these days pass, the craving and the physical effects of stopping marijuana will go. In case this is not possible do enter a ************** program close to your home. Take up yoga, deep breathing exercise, walking and remain strong and determined in your effort to do away with this habit.
Avatar n tn I am concerned on reading your two questions. Both depression and the weight as i said are very classic symptoms of being in a hypo state. Where are your levels at? Can you go into a bit more thyroid history on yourself? What labs can you post - and When was the last testing done? To answer your question on a personal level. Yes I was referred to a therapist for my early anxiety and depression - but is was not sucessful.
Avatar m tn Welcome to the group george... You're right that ADHD and bi-polar do have a lot of the same symptoms, yet they both have some very different symptoms, as well. I don't believe in "across the board" treatments for either as treatment must tailored to fit the patient... I'm not sure if you're aware, but each original post must be accompanied by a link from a news source regarding the content of your post...
Avatar f tn Tx is hard enough without feeling the need to cry all the time. I know I felt a LOT better when we got me on the right dose. Good Luck!
Avatar n tn Please Google depression and depression symptoms so you can read the full facts. Can you get rid of it without meds? Essentially all cured depressions are cured by other than meds. Meds do not cure depression, they relieve the symptoms when we feel bad enough to need meds. Relieving those symptoms supposedly allos us to think more clearly, identify the problems causing depression and fix those problems which in turn fixes the depression. That's the theory.
Avatar f tn I still see my physician every four to six weeks. I know that my brain does not and can not use one of the chemicals that involve the feeling of happiness, it’s nor epinephrine. I know this for a fact through some physical chemical research done by a friend of mine that is a pre-med student. I explained everything done in the test, in detail, to my doctor and asked him if he thought the Mayo Clinic could help me.
Avatar n tn I went to my doctor today and she put me back on a lower dose of Lexapro, and she gave me a shot of estrogen. I am 47 and she believes that when I stopped taking the Lexapro all of the other perimenopausal symptoms surfaced. We'll see. I have been on many different antidepressants over the past 15 years. Lexapro made me feel great, but I gained about 20 pounds and it affects orgasms. In one month I have lost 10 pounds and can have orgasms, but I am a mess otherwise.
Avatar f tn Brain tumors, MS, untreated diabetes, etc - many, many causes. I highly recommend that you see your doctor and allow him to run tests. If the cause if mental, he can refer you to a psychiatrist. The key is to get help soon before things get worse. best of luck.
Avatar n tn These have the ring of withdrawal symptoms, especially the vice around your head, but wouldn't expect them this late. The every now and then frequency may just mean a natural rhythym...nothing to do with depression, just existence. The libido is another problem....could be that you have become so used to it being gone that you are not now doing anything novel or interesting to stimulate the needs some help.
2033435 tn?1329947108 Educate yourself (I know you are in the process of that), be your own advocate, and you'll find the treatment you need. A good place to start is by making sure FT3, FT4 and TSH are tested every time your blood is drawn. Get your results and ranges and keep your own history. If you jot down meds and symptoms just prior on lab reports, you'll start to compile some valuable information. Bruce has struggled more than about anyone else on this forum. He is atypical even among us atypicals!
Avatar m tn i feel so scared that my whole life style has changed and i can rarely leave my house... pain develops not exactly in the stomatch but in he lower part of my body in the excretory parts..
Avatar n tn He has physical symptoms that we have been ruling out with the doctor for physical causes (his lack of belief that anxiety/depression is the cause). He has been on med's again for 5 weeks, but they are not doing their job. The psychiatrist has boosted & changed his med's to help speed up treatment, but so far not good. Bipolar disorder runs in his family & so does alzheimers disease. Could anxiety/depression cause these disorders to rear their ugly heads?
Avatar m tn I am 47 and had been battling the health anxiety since 20 years. I have hypertension,hyperlipidemia & mitral valve prolapse with trivial regurgitation (which causes anxiety & palpitation). All these years my focus was mainly on heart, but since one month i has become very cancer phobic, as i remember one of aunt who died of cancer before 15 years..
Avatar n tn they are addictive.Have you had your thyroid checked? that could be the cause of your aches and brain fog. Have your doc check your thryoid and go from there.let me know the test results.
Avatar n tn Im going to send you the same thing I sent to another member. I think it may help: Im not a medical expert of any kind, so keeping that in mind I will tell you my experience. I have been on anti-depressants for 14 years. I remember when I first went on them, it was during post-partum depression and I thought it would just be for a while. After about 2-3 weeks, I told my mother, I thought that maybe I should have been on this medication my whole life.
12268405 tn?1427856961 You did not create the hallucination of fleas all over, you did not make your symptoms of feeling worthless, paranoid, or hearing voices. These things happened because of the schizophrenia disorder. The newer drug Minocyline, since it is used as an antibiotic, it also reduces inflammation. Lately, the drug treatment world is beginning to think one of the causes of many neuro-type disorders is inflammation! So, you take a drug for it, and there you go!
Avatar n tn every day I felt like I was improving a tiny bit, and now, I actually feel happy again. The thing is, or really the catch, is that I think I might have been depressed the past year; the problem with this is that it didn't really 'affect my life' to the point where I needed help. I don't even KNOW if I was depressed; it could have been hormonal for all I know. anyways I could have BEEN depressed because I changed schools and really didn't like it.
885961 tn?1249583403 The truth is those thoughts are direct products of negative thinking which is part of the illness, depression and anxiety. Panic is another form of it, a nasty, shock trooper type. I must say to you that religion does not and will not help with depression or anxiety. One major reason for me saying that is that the Bible itself is filled with predictions of horror and destruction and the most dreadful creatures whoever wrote it could imagine.
1130576 tn?1260154370 Complicating the picture, however, is the fact that a large number of children and adolescents suffering from depression have other associated psychiatric illnesses such as anxiety, disruptive behaviour and drug abuse. The symptoms of depression among this group remain largely the same as in an adult group; however, most of the manifestations due to the illness pertain to adjustment with peers and friends, problems in school, and indifferent or deteriorating scholastic performance.
993025 tn?1284889691 Ask your doc though and be honest about how you are. Any day you can cut out of the depths is worth the effort. Don't wait, act. Most AD's do stop working for many over time but many just keep taking what they were prescribed, sometimes for years not really knowing if it helps or not. I suspect placebo is the winner there. You know when it stops helping don't you? Another thing you may not be aware of is that AD's do not cure depression.
Avatar m tn yes it can.Esspecially if you stuff your emotions.With me being bi polar the depression side woudl be the worst because I would hide ho0w I felt then the IBS would flair up/I now dont stuff my depressoin any more.I take my meds faithfully (6 ro 7 years now)and I see a therapist.This combo has saved my life and my marriage and my family. POst back here if you want to talk.I will listen.
190673 tn?1259206866 I know my depression causes her pain and to tell you the truth if she told me today she wanted a divorce I would not be surprised. Depression is hedious, not just for the the person who suffers from it but all around them. I wonder if I'll ever be the same, all we can do is keep trying. I don't want sucicide to be my legacy for my kids (all grown) but there are days it looks very inviting. So try to get out and excercise on the days you're UP and maybe you will have fewer DOWN days.
Avatar m tn Notice your function went down after you went off your meds. My doctor says the goal of depression treatment is complete remission. e.g. I still take meds but no longer consider depression and significant influence in my day to day life. I don't "wait for the other shoe to drop." I'm almost there. Please don't give up. You are worth it.
5864500 tn?1380893197 This is definitely exacerbating your depression. Which came first, the chicken or the egg? I'm really proud of you for coming to Medhelp for help with your addictions and your depression. But until you are as open and honest with your doctors about what's really going on, you can't find the answers that will help you to master your condition. Please know, that your life has become unmanageable and there is help for you. Please pick up a Big Book at an AA meeting, and read it.
Avatar f tn I am not depressed and am happy being on this at the moment as I know it is for nerve pain/sleep rather than depression. So I am wondering how you are sleeping as this is often one of the first indicators that someone is depressed and if you can get this under control, it helps you cope better with the every day challenges. When I was depressed I did not want to socialise or see too many people, but just wanted to be on my own.
Avatar f tn ( , depression is such a horrible thing , im just extremly frightend about what might happen to me as the last bout of depression i had was almost the end of me .i just need to keep my mind free and stay focused.Is it normal to find yourself avoiding normal day to day things in life? like it feels to much effort to even answer the fone to my own friends, or leave the house and socialise. I am still doing these things tho i just find even the basic things hard to do .
774736 tn?1311334985 Goodness knows we've all had our moments when we could be writing in Latin for all we really know!! You got your message over loud and clear. The reason you give for your depression doesn't make a lot of sense to me I'm afraid. You see many graduates, particularly medical, are near 30 before they fully qualify and become a practising graduate. Not many really have any useful quals at age 21 as the basic 3 year Arts etc courses really don't qualify you for much at all these days.