Depression medication that does not cause weight gain

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Avatar f tn Wellbutrin is the most speedy for the most people and the least likely to cause weight gain. The SNRI class of drugs targets serotonin, which can make you sedated and gain weight, but also affects norepinephrine receptors, and that's basically adrenaline. There are a lot of antidepressants out there and you'll get different effects from them and different side effects as well. Also know that drugs won't fix it -- they at best make it easier to live with. Therapy might fix it.
Avatar n tn Ask the doctor why you are on Lurasidone, if you don't know. I doubt it requires you to eat an extra 400 calories, maybe it just requires you to eat with the medication, which of course you could remove elsewhere from your diet. Sertraline (like a lot of other antidepressants) can be supplanted if you get on a good exercise regime. (Exercise tests better in clinical studies than antidepressants.) On he other hand, when I was on Zoloft, I didn't gain weight.
Avatar f tn Hello, I've been on paxil for about 4 yrs,for my anxiety and depression, it has worked wonders for my anxiety, but lately my depression has got worse and just feeling uneasy,unmotivated. I go to my doctors in a couple of days and want to try a new depression med,but am afraid my anxiety will come back. What meds should I try. Ive been on Lexapro twice first time it worked quit it and started it again when I had my first anxiety issues,didn't work for my depression.
Avatar f tn Hi there, I would so appreciate any advice or recommendations, I am at the end of my rope. My condition (s) are complicated. To try and make a long story short, I found out I have severe metal toxicities due to 9/11 exposure. This was only discovered about a year ago, as no physician would try and find out what was causing my symptoms and suggested it was all in my head..and I should get "help". Through a wonderful nutritionist, I found I have toxic levels of Cadmium and other metals.
Avatar f tn Used to take Paxil, but had a horrid experience coming off of it. Never recovered. But honestly, the name just came because there was no number that would work with my first name and that just popped out. And yes, it causes weight gain. All ssris can cause weight gain. Doesn't mean they will, but they all have that as one of the most common side effects. The starting dose for klonoping is either .5 or 1mg twice a day. Not 4mg. That's too high.
Avatar m tn No, it does not always cause weight gain and increased appetite; however, those are very common side effects. For me, the feeling of excessive hunger subsided after being on Mirtazapine (Remeron) for a month. It used to induce very vivid nightmares in me, but they have subsided as well. As for the weight gain, unfortunately, that continues to be an issue for me.
Avatar f tn Does anybody know of any medication out there for bipolar that doesn't cause weight gain? I've gained 30 pounds the past 6 months and don't need to gain, but lose so please help.
Avatar f tn If you and your doctor decided you could try to reduce your medications to just one, then you should think of switching to Prozac which does not cause weight gain or sexual side effects. That, plus exercise, would solve your weight problem.
918275 tn?1254068752 All I know is that it seems that all that has happened for me is that I traded one set of problems for another set (weight gain, depression over weight gain, Hoplessness, etc.) of issues. Primarily depressed and fatigued and hopeless, which is what I started out to be and is what I am still, only now overweight. I was skinny and miserable, why would I exchange that for fat and miserable or make that fat and way more miserable because of now being way overweight on top of everything else.
Avatar f tn m scheduling an appointment with my doc ASAP about the weight gain. I know 50lbs is not a healthy weight gain & if we're trying to make my heart healthier by taking metoprolol, being obese isn't going to help my heart much. I eat LESS than I did before I started taking the meds & exercise MORE. This weight gain makes NO sense. I have addressed the depression/anxiety in the past & he said "exercise more". I exercise 3-4 times a week, sometimes more.
Avatar f tn Klonopin, on the other hand, being an anti-anxiety medication, does not usually cause any weight gain, but will cause drowsiness and that is why, I assume, your doctor placed you on it, although there are many other medications to aid in sleep that are not as habit-forming as Klonopin. I don't know what your diagnois is, but if it is just for depression, I would discuss the use of Klonopin for sleep, unless you also suffer from an anxiety disorder.
Avatar f tn actually, most SSRI medications do not in themselves cause weight gain. There have been a lot of double blind controled studies involving weight loss or gain associated with SSRI medications and most of them have been proven not to effect the bodies metabolism. Older tri-cyclic antidepressants and Tetracyclic antidepressant cause weight gain. It is proven and a well known side effect. Many mood stabilizers can also cause weight gain.
1581886 tn?1296541435 I have had to change my antidepressant several times because they stop working. Depression can cause weight gain. may be as simple as needing a new antidepressant. Meds affect us all differently and wt gain is common for psychotropic meds.
Avatar f tn Thanks for the info. I'm scheduled to see my dr in January. I eat the same basic things b/c I'm allergic to beef, fish, chicken, pretty much anything but pork. My meds haven't changed much. My dr is working on taking me off my anxiety/depression medication slowly. I have tried the logic of 6 small meals instead of only 1 large meal a day. I stopped that when the weight gain started. I think I'm gonna start a food journal cause as you said, watch the little things.
Business woman2 Overall I feel better... but the weight gain makes me feel crappy about myself. Not sure what to do, stay on the medicine or try something else. I'm going to see my doctor soon and see what he says I am just wondering if anyone else is having this same issue. Thanks!!
Avatar n tn Does Serzone cause weight gain and how does it affect your sex drive. This is my first time on this forum and looking for some answers.
Avatar f tn There have been different side effects for different mood stabilizers. Some antidepressants cause weight gain while others cause weight loss, some cause hair loss, some cause even more elevated mood. Definitely ask your doctor though if you are concerned about it so you might be able to get on a different kind.
Avatar f tn Hello! I gained nearly 25 pounds on Paxil and it all dropped off within 2mos of stopping it. I'm not sure, but I think Wellbutrin is one of the AD's that don't cause weight gain, but it is also very stimulating so might not be a good choice unless your anxiety is secondary to depression. I tried it once and it made me feel totally hyper. I only took it a couple of days. Unfortunately, weight gain is a side effect of most AD's and it's hard to avoid.
Avatar f tn I got diagnosed with hsv2 last fall. After continual outbreaks my doc finally put me on suppression therapy. I've had weight gain depression and now joint pain. It's a 6 month dose and one month to go. Does the joint pain go away after dosage is done? Does the weight come off? I exercise regularly and eat properly. Depression I know is a mental battle. I just don't like the joint pain as I'm trying to get this weight off.
Avatar f tn Is it at all possible to lose weight while taking these meds?? And to what degree does this medication affect your mental alertness. I find that I am very slow and find it difficult to do anything in my household work and that my mind tends to be swithced off.
Avatar m tn If you are taking medication for depression does that make your system take longer to ejaculate and also make it harder to gain an erection?
Avatar f tn Sometimes the medications taken for depression cause weight gain. I would look into that and also the thyroid levels.
Avatar n tn One AD that has been reported to not cause weight gain is Wellbutrin. You can do a search here on the site for more information on weight gain using this drug. Good luck to you in your search for the right medication...