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Avatar f tn So, I’m supposed to get better from sleeping all day and having no motivation with medication that has these side effects? It makes no sense! They should prescribe Adderall for people who are depressed...
Avatar m tn Yes I did take some mood stabilizers in the past that caused weight loss (what that term means, the term anoxeria nervosa is what is used to describe the psychiatric disability people might be more familiar with). Some medications have that potential more than others but each person responds differently to each medication. If you have had any unexplained weight loss after starting a specific medication or at any time it would be essential to discuss this with your psychiatrist.
1581886 tn?1296541435 I have had to change my antidepressant several times because they stop working. Depression can cause weight gain. may be as simple as needing a new antidepressant. Meds affect us all differently and wt gain is common for psychotropic meds.
Avatar f tn There have been different side effects for different mood stabilizers. Some antidepressants cause weight gain while others cause weight loss, some cause hair loss, some cause even more elevated mood. Definitely ask your doctor though if you are concerned about it so you might be able to get on a different kind.
Avatar f tn Anyone else weight loss and hair loss getting out of control with depression anyone any advice thanx in advance
Avatar n tn If you are happy about the weight loss and find it beneficial to your health, consider that a very nice side effect. Some ADs DO affect our weight, but usually not to extremes. You are not losing weight at a dangerous rate. 4.5lbs a month is a safe and healthy rate. My concern would be that you only weighed 105lbs before the weight loss. I think I would still let my doctor know if you were not intentionally trying to lose weight.
Avatar f tn Now Ive put on over a stone and want to get off mitrazapine as it no longer helps with depression. But I lost nearly a stone five years ago due to severe depression so it can cause weight loss. I want now want to lose a stone and get back to my normal weight of 11 stone for my build . I hate being overweight. I'm hoping to be given another antidepressent if and when I go to Bridge Centre/mental health services.
Avatar m tn Type I diabetes can cause some of the symptoms (specifically the weight loss) you have. It can also cause depression, mood swings, fatigue, severe hunger, etc. You should ask your doctor to test fasting glucose as well a glucose tolerance test and a hemoglobin A1c. You should also ask to have a vitamin B12 test done... vitamin B12 deficiency can cause horribly fatigue, depression, brain fog, etc.
Avatar f tn It could be depression, or if you're on medication that might be it. Not really sure about anxiety causing weight changes though, I'm now curious.
Avatar n tn Ask the doctor why you are on Lurasidone, if you don't know. I doubt it requires you to eat an extra 400 calories, maybe it just requires you to eat with the medication, which of course you could remove elsewhere from your diet. Sertraline (like a lot of other antidepressants) can be supplanted if you get on a good exercise regime. (Exercise tests better in clinical studies than antidepressants.) On he other hand, when I was on Zoloft, I didn't gain weight.
Avatar f tn There are plenty of antidpressants on the market and sure there are ones that do not cause weight gain. In fact some might cause weight loss. My hypo sister takes lexapro, she hasn't gained weight, in fact she lost big time, although not saying it is due to lexapro. Thyroid treatment should be based on the latest TSH level with another test in 4 to 6 weeks to confirm the first TSH test. Treatment should not be based on previous years because TSH can go back to normal in some people.
Avatar f tn Klonopin, on the other hand, being an anti-anxiety medication, does not usually cause any weight gain, but will cause drowsiness and that is why, I assume, your doctor placed you on it, although there are many other medications to aid in sleep that are not as habit-forming as Klonopin. I don't know what your diagnois is, but if it is just for depression, I would discuss the use of Klonopin for sleep, unless you also suffer from an anxiety disorder.
Avatar f tn I am so excited to know that there is someone out there that is taking the same combo of meds. You have no idea how happy you made me. Can you please tell me how long it took for you too see a change in weight loss and if you exprienced anything else besides that. I know we are all different but I am just a little afaid of being on an antidepressant.
Avatar f tn My experience is that those taking Paxil that noticed weight gain, could also have issues with additional weight gain taking Abilify. This is not a certainty, but I would put the odds at slightly better than 50/50 that it may occur. Even if this is the case, a few extra pounds would be worth your sanity. Talk to your doctor about the many choices based on your own physiology. Any pre-existing conditions will come into play if/when your doctor makes changes to your med list.
Avatar f tn Did this start after going on medication for depression? It may be if you did and are on antidepressants that they are at least partly responsible for weight gain. If that's the cause, the only solution, not an easy one, is tapering off and trying a different one. If no meds involved, then if depression is the culprit depression is what you need to work on.
Avatar f tn Others abuse stimulant meds for their weight-loss properties. If your child is taking stimulants, make sure he or she isn’t sharing the pills or selling them. 1. Adderall 2. Concerta 3. Ritalin 4. Vyvanse 5. Strattera (do not use this, there is a warning on the label for suicidal thoughts) 6. focalin 7. Dexedrine Their may be other but these are the most popular ones used. Please read and research everything about this before doing anything.
1305597 tn?1275336446 in the SSRI family: citalopram (celexa), fluoxetine (prozac), sertraline (zoloft). Another medication that is sometimes added to SSRI in the treatment of depression is bupropion (welbutrin) and it has even been shown to cause a small weight loss over the first few months (it suppresses the appetite).
Avatar n tn These are the same medication, one generic, one not. Hair loss is not a side effect of this medication. But I think it may be a clue to what may be causing your depression. See an Endocrinologist and have your thyroid checked (don't have it done by your GP). If your thyroid is not working properly it not only causes hair loss but depression! I wish you all the best and take care.
Avatar f tn Allow me to add to the chorus. Lipozene and all commercially promoted OTC weight loss supplements are untested scams that are at best useless and at worst dangerous. How I wish it weren't so.
Avatar m tn Hi Welcome to the MedHelp forum! Since there was blood in urine, and your mother is losing weight, get a kidney function test done (not simple urine examination). Cuses of unexplained weight loss should be looked into. There are many causes like worms in stool, depression, anorexia nervosa, AIDS, cancers especially colon cancers, drug abuse, infections and loss of appetite.
1172209 tn?1263427216 I would say to make sure you are getting some exercise, especially if you were on a healthy diet before. My psychologist told me that sometimes when you stabalize and you're not being manic as often, sometimes you don't realize that you're not doing as much physically as before (if you were one of those get up and go mania people.) So you do not realize that not only are you on a medication that can cause weight gain, but you're also not burning as many calories as you were.