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Avatar n tn Usually people gain weight when setting treated for depression. But everyone's different maybe it's a side effect from a medication your taking. Are you eating less? If yes then is it because you dot feel the need to eat, that your stomach hurts, or that you just can or won't eat?
20801560 tn?1512718136 I inderstand what it is like tryinh to put weignt back on and get back to where you were and I am a retired combat veteran and a junior black belt in tae kwon do so I know how important exercise and fitness can be to a person. I have had to do both weight loss and weight gain after some problems that I had and weight gain was the hardest because the stomach needs to stretch, but that part isn't something that has to be rushed.
Avatar f tn I think depression can lead to weight loss. Before i went on mirtazapine My weight was a bit under what is should have been. Now Ive put on over a stone and want to get off mitrazapine as it no longer helps with depression. But I lost nearly a stone five years ago due to severe depression so it can cause weight loss. I want now want to lose a stone and get back to my normal weight of 11 stone for my build . I hate being overweight.
Avatar f tn Anyone else weight loss and hair loss getting out of control with depression anyone any advice thanx in advance
Avatar f tn If I find myself losing weight, I try to counteract it... so, for me, the weight loss was minima (5 to 10 pounds at the most). But, I have had friends who have lost quite a bit of weight on topamax. It usually takes about three months before full results are seen. One forum member just posted that she lost over 40lbs on topamax and might actually have to stop the medication as that is also too much weight loss in her situation as well. It is all very personal.
Avatar m tn Do you guys have any explanation for the weight loss and reduction in testosterone levels? The loss in testosterone and weight is very large given the time span. What are some suggestions? Looking forward to hearing your thoughts.
Avatar n tn Depression itself is a major risk factor for weight gain. Treat your depression, get to a good exercise schedule and you will see a reduction in weight.
Avatar f tn There have been different side effects for different mood stabilizers. Some antidepressants cause weight gain while others cause weight loss, some cause hair loss, some cause even more elevated mood. Definitely ask your doctor though if you are concerned about it so you might be able to get on a different kind.
Avatar f tn I lost 17lbs recently whilst on Efexor, which is notorious for weight gain. I went on a strict diet to lose weight to fit into a certain dress for a wedding. The wedding is over now, and I am already putting weight on again. When I stopped anti-depressants for a year, I did lose all the weight I put on. The depression came back. I think we have to make the decision that we may well put on weight whilst taking anti-depressants, but without them, what is the alternative? Depression.
Avatar f tn By the way, Paxil is notorious for weight gain -- I gained a lot of weight on it. What you need is a good psychiatrist, as it sounds like you're trying to do this with a general practitioner. This isn't universally true, but generally general docs know virtually nothing about medication in general because they prescribe for so many different conditions and so get all their information from their pharmaceutical salespeople.
Avatar f tn Since it seems that a common side effect of Zoloft is weight loss, I'd caution you to be very careful to watch your weight, so you don't end up underweight, which comes with a whole different set of problems than being overweight. At 120 lbs, you underweight for all but small framed women of 5'5".
Avatar n tn I'm a 26 year old female with a history of hyperthyroid in my family and have often suspected I too am hyperthyroid. For years I've suffered with depression and ridiculous insomnia, extreme fatigue with strange energetic spells, muscle aches in my arms and upper back especially. My hair falls out in the shower. I'm just of late having trouble concentrating and have begun to have frustrating memory loss. I'm always sweating when everyone else has a sweater on.
Avatar f tn I take a lot of medication, and he looked up Chlorthalidone which is my diuretic for chronic kidney disease. Heh, presto, this medication caused loss of appetite and on average of 15lb weight loss!!! Don't all rush out and take it!
Avatar n tn I have been prescribed effexor xr for depression. My doctors says that it willl also curb my appetite, because Iam an emotional eater and suffer major depression and have tend to eat more. I have had some mitigating factors in the last few months that have kept me majorly depressed and gained over 30 lbs. Is this true that the effexor will treat my depression as well as decrease my appetite. Has anyone else had this experience?
Avatar f tn 10 lbs in 2 days is a dramatic weight loss and you should consilt with ur doctor about taking a safe medication for ur anxiety. Its okay to lose some weight but its important to still be healthy.
Avatar f tn I went through terrible depression for about 6 years. I suffered the loss of my husband, daughter, grandmother, and best friend. I went from 145lbs to 230lbs. I am absolutely DISGUSTED with myself. How do I even begin my weight loss journey? I cry just looking at myself especially in photos. Please any suggestions would be much appreciated.
Avatar f tn I remember being a puffy mute on lexapro and zyprexa. Not only was my usual 130 pound jewish frame elevated to 170 within months I felt suicidal for the first time in my life. I found a combo of wellbutrin/zoloft that seems to serve me well. After hearing my complaints of fatigue he added adderall. It does help but it's but you can develop tolerance fairly quickly and it's drawing on your body's essential vitality (chi) to do this.
Avatar m tn Has anyone had any success with anything for loosing weight while on lexapro????????