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1491674 tn?1556281973 I have finally met my goal that the doctor requires for more infertility treatment, but I will wait until I get to 250lbs before I contact him again.
1110049 tn?1409402144 On a downer at the moment and not bothering with weight loss. Just eating anything.
1110049 tn?1409402144 On a downer at the moment and not bothering with weight loss. Just eating anything.
Avatar n tn I was prescribed an anti-depressent which has a side effect of weight gain when I sought treatment from a doctor, however I stopped taking it and of course the weight fell right off and then some. I am really bothered by the looks and the comments I get from people and just want to look healthy. Could you please give me some direction in my quest to gain weight? Thank you so much!
Avatar n tn stress and depression can have a lot of different symptoms as i have found out and although it is different for everyone weight loss is one of the more commomn symptoms. it could just be that your eating habbits have changed. have you missed meals or eaten less? if you are worried it would proberly be best to go to your doctors to get a check up though even if it is just to give you piece of mind. good luck and hope you feel less stressed soon!
1217293 tn?1467354344 I am so glad to see that I am now back in the 130's, it feels good to fit into some of my clothes that haven't fit into in months! I still have 13 pounds to go, to be back at my regular weight, but I am now hopeful. The weight gain started with fertility meds and not working out and eating right. I am still taking fertility meds, but I am now eating better and doing 10,000 steps a day! Feels good to put on a pair of pants that were tight 6 weeks ago, and now are too big!! Hurray!!!
Avatar n tn i understand what you are going through, i recenlty spent 32 days in the hospital for extreme weight loss due mostly in part to depression. i was on almost every antidepressant known, and failed to respond adequately to anything. i had to have hyperalimentation therapy for six weeks to maintain what little weight i hadn't lost. finally my dr. recommended ect, and while i was terrified of the idea, i knew it was my last hope.
Avatar n tn it could very will be because of you weight loss...
Avatar n tn About 10 years ago I lost 70 pounds. I have seen different doctors, had many blood tests, endoscopy of my stomach, and everything came back fine. One doctor mentioned that I see a therapist. Now that I am 27 and still havn't gained any weight back it makes me wonder if the reason to my weight loss was a mental thing. I do know that when I get stressed out, anxious, or depressed I don't feel like eating and my appetite goes away.
Avatar n tn Check for signs of depression.... loss of interest, sadness, sell problems, weight changes, irritability, etc. Hope that helps.
Avatar m tn i have chronic tonsillitis problem is it responsible for weight loss right now i am 5'8" and i weighs 50 kg??????please also suggest some remedies or diet to gain some weight.....
Avatar n tn I'm not sure what you're asking us. Has the weight loss left you at an unhealthy weight for your height and build? If so, you need to see your doctor immediately. If you are happy about the weight loss and find it beneficial to your health, consider that a very nice side effect. Some ADs DO affect our weight, but usually not to extremes. You are not losing weight at a dangerous rate. 4.5lbs a month is a safe and healthy rate.
Avatar f tn There are plenty of antidpressants on the market and sure there are ones that do not cause weight gain. In fact some might cause weight loss. My hypo sister takes lexapro, she hasn't gained weight, in fact she lost big time, although not saying it is due to lexapro. Thyroid treatment should be based on the latest TSH level with another test in 4 to 6 weeks to confirm the first TSH test. Treatment should not be based on previous years because TSH can go back to normal in some people.
918521 tn?1348687983 Start weight= 189# 5% weight loss = - 9.5# = 179.6# 10% weight loss = - 18.9# = 170.1# 15% weight loss = - 28.4# = 160.7# 20% weight loss = - 37.8# = 151.2# 25% weight loss = - 47.3# = 141.8# 30% weight loss= - 56.7# = 132.
Avatar n tn If you have cut down on fat and carbohydrates then this can explain the weight loss. There are many causes like worms in stool, depression, anorexia nervosa, AIDS, cancers especially colon cancers, drug abuse, infections and loss of appetite. Loss of appetite can again be due to certain medications, drug abuse, depression, AIDS, acute and chronic infections, cancers and hypothyroidism. Either you do not eat well or there is increased metabolism as in hyperthyroid states, HIV, cancer etc.
142354 tn?1228246748 I was also give resperdal to help with my appetite and mental illness. Besides the flare up of mental illness and weight loss, treatment has been a blessing. I truely feel greatful to be on it. To all my fellow heppers hang in there.
1258539 tn?1293840202 I have wanted my doctor to do a chest xray but she listens to my lungs and says that there is a little wheezing due to my asthma. I am just convinced that I have lung Cancer due to the wheezing and weight loss. Help! Can I really lose that much weight from depression and anxiety and stress.
Avatar f tn As you are on the depression site, are you asking a question about depression, or are you on the wrong site?
Avatar n tn s 12 years ago and experienced some memory loss, but had some relief of the depression symptoms. After numerous suicide attempts and hospitalizations I have again returned to ECT's, this time uni-polar. I am having much relief from my depression , and no more suicidal thoughts. I also do not have any memory loss. ECT is supposed to be a therapy of last resort, and for me it was. I am pleased with the results.
Avatar m tn It was a weight loss of about 6 lbs per month. I ate healthy with a wide variety of foods. My weight is stable. I am 39 years old/female. My TSH is in the "normal" range on the lab work. I have hair loss of 45+ strands everyday when washing/fixing hair. (I do color my hair with temporary color about every 4-5 weeks, no perms, no curling iron but use hair dryer.) I know this has been going on for the last 10 months. Is this normal? Iis this because of the hypothyroidism?
Avatar n tn With the help of a little Internet research ... here is some data to share ... Usually after gallbladder removal patients cannot digest high fat, large meals, and certain types of foods. More often, removal of the gallbladder causes weight loss. Bile still flows into the intestine, but fat digestion may be less efficient. Lexapro - does not list weight gain as a side effect Wellbutrin - has a low risk of weight gain ..