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Avatar n tn if I can be switched to Wellbutrin, what do you all think about that change? I have no serious side effects other than the weight gain on Lexapro, however, the weight gain is making me feel worse than I did when I started the medication.
Avatar f tn There is no easy solution. Both seroquel and Paxil are notorious for weight gain. And I question the existence of bipolar 2 -- many believe this is made up by pharmaceutical companies so they accumulate medications in people who react poorly to ssris. Sound familiar to what's happening to you? Menopause causes so many emotional problems by itself, how anyone could diagnose you with bipolar 2 at the same time sounds odd at best.
Avatar f tn i am taking anti-depresants first was citalopram that apart from a whole bunch of side affects also made me gain lots of weight i am now taking mirtazapine and worried they are going to make the weight gain worse,am desperate to lose the weight but still need to take medication for depression, how do i do both ?
Avatar n tn I have taken several kinds of anti-depressants and none of them made me gain weight. Also, is chronic anxiety or depression more appealing than gaining a little weight -- IF you gain any? Mental illness is a much more significant and important thing to deal with.
Avatar n tn I dont want to be put out of the military. I know the weight I gained was the result of Anti-Depressants, and I feel as though no one wants to listen to me. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to combat the weight I have gained from my medication, or documentation to prove what I suspect. It would be appreciated.
Avatar n tn Sure enough, I have hypothyroidism. I am now on medication for it. But it wasn't the cause of my weight gain (usually only causes you to put on a few pounds), nor was it my meds. Because I walk 6 miles a day and eat healthy, everything pointed to my meds. Finally my daughter asked me to start eating every few hours, small amounts of healthy food. I started doing this in January and by August I had lost 45 lbs.
361026 tn?1197563128 i'm also hyper, and i gain weight on and off..i weight about 85 and then go up to 91, 93,95 always around there never change, and then come back down to lower then that though. now i'm almost four months pregnant and my weight right now is im under weight for being pregnant but what can i do, i eat as much as i can...hopefully later on in pregnancy i can weight a little more..i think i will.. may god bless you with love..
Avatar n tn i gained so much weight on it thay it defeated the purpose for taking it(depression). i thought of going on wellbutrin but heard it can also cause weight gain. not everyone will gain weight but after what happened for me with zolof i just don't feel i should take the chance. right now i feel fine but who knows what tomorrow brings. ive been off zoloft for one week now.
Avatar f tn I honestly don't know the answer to this one because being sick is devastating. Yes, no, yes, no. No. Yes. Maybe. No. ?? This is crazy.
Avatar n tn I used to be fairly active and I do nothing now and have started to gain weight - like I need to feel worse about myself. Am I being too impatient? Anyone considering taking an antidepressant I would NOT recommend Effexor!!!
1354136 tn?1331878917 I was on Zoloft for several years with no weight gain. It will take up to 6 weeks for your medication to reach therapeutic level, so be patient. It is normally at this time your doctor will want to see you to see how the medication is working, and if need be, this is when they may need to tweak your dosage. Don't be nervous, you will feel better on the medication.
Avatar f tn The medication is doing it's job in that department. I'm pretty sure it's the medication causing the weight gain. It is a common side effect of anti depressants. I have been on other ones that do the same thing and know plenty of people who experience this too.
Avatar n tn I have been on soooooooo many anti depressants and am getting quite sick of all the weight gain that comes with it. Weight gain is a depressing issue in itself.You would think that scientist would make an anti depressant that doesnt cause weight gain,I mean come on they can invent everything else!! I think people just dont care enough about people like us and think that depression and anxiety should be a much highly discust subject.
Avatar f tn 2 Omega 6 (I haven't had the chance to buy Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) yet.) 2 Omega 3 Fish Oil 1 Vitamin E 2 Calcium/Magnesium And I'm eating a high-protein breakfast and not eating after 7:00 pm. It's been a month, and I haven't noticed any weight gain so far. Please see for more information. They suggest taking 6 CLA capsules and 4 Omega 3 capsules per day and no eating after 6:00pm.
Avatar f tn The scientific reason must be that anti-depressants change how fat is stored by changing chemicals in the brain. Weight gain is one of the most common side effects associated with many anti-depressants prescribed today. Simply reporting that weight gain occurs with the use of a medication is not enough. Here are a few common reasons for weight gain * Changes in how body fat is stored caused by changing brain chemicals in the hypothalamus (of the brain).
Avatar f tn I lost some of it. I went on Effexor and did not have any weight gain, and no side effects. That was the other reason I came off Paxil...too many side effects.
2030769 tn?1343651274 If you read the leaflet that comes with the medication it will tell you that some people lose weight, and some people gain weight. I have gained masses of weight, and other people on this site have said the same. You just have to be very careful what you eat. I find Effexor is an excellent anti-depressant for me, except for the weight gain. I don't kn ow how your doctor can say it does not make some people gain weight if it is written in black and white by the company who manufacture it.
918275 tn?1254072352 All I know is that it seems that all that has happened for me is that I traded one set of problems for another set (weight gain, depression over weight gain, Hoplessness, etc.) of issues. Primarily depressed and fatigued and hopeless, which is what I started out to be and is what I am still, only now overweight. I was skinny and miserable, why would I exchange that for fat and miserable or make that fat and way more miserable because of now being way overweight on top of everything else.
Avatar f tn There is also a complex relationship between depression, food and weight gain, and you might benefit by going to my site, www., to find out more about that. The more you can handle stress and depression in better ways, the less you will need food or medication.
96108 tn?1197694930 I never suffered from depression until the rapid weight gain from the medication ruined my life. it took me a long time to realize why i was gaining so much weight and had a hunch that maybe it was the zoloft. Finally i decided to do research online and i was so happy to find out how many people are going through the same thing i am and i am absolutly disgusted at the doctors that just hand the medication out to people.
Avatar m tn I looked up on internet about weight gain on anti-depressant medication. It did say it may well affect our metabolism. That means that really we have to eat less. I know I did have a craving for carbohydrates and am trying to curb that this time, as I know now, I was over-eating. We might have to accept that this is a side effect and accept it. I hate being overweight like everyone else, but at least, on medication, I can lead a normal life.
Avatar n tn I never experienced any additional weight gain on the medication. In approximately 2001, everything seemed to level out and even though I was still taking approximately 150 mg of effexor, I had even manage to lose some weight and get into good shape. I went off approximately late 2002. Since then, all hell has broken loose in my life and in 2004 and I ended up back on the medication with a suicide attempt. Up until 10/06 I was taking 300 mg Effexor and was not getting good results from it.
Avatar n tn I remember my doc telling me one time that less than 2% of people have TRUE, unexplained weight gain with Lexapro. The other ones that gain weight, it's a simple calories in versus calories out deal (that was true for me). And even that number is suppose to be low. I know a couple people who never gained a pound on Lexapro (LUCKY). I don't know about cymbalta or wellbutrin, hopefully you can get good responses from those with experience!
Avatar m tn I've kept by that - its no good getting upset or relapsing because of weight gain. Maybe keep that in mind in our case too. Societal expectations are getting worse too. It used to be advised by my national health bureau to exercise 3 days of the week - then it went up to MOST days of the week - now its EVERYDAY of the week! They dont even know what they are doing! When are we supposed to do that? Just quit work and exercise everyone.
Avatar n tn However, the weight I gained didn't look like normal weight gain, it was puffy, swelling, fluid type of weight. I guess its somewhat of a subtle difference to anyone else but me, and every doc dismissed it as just girls whining about the "freshman 15" or whatever. It was very frustrating and upsetting as even my family made fun of my weight gain, which I knew was not just weight gain, but a symptom of a real problem that I couldn't get anyone to take seriously.
480705 tn?1208232150 There apparently is a connection between sleep deprivation and weight gain and also between stress and weight gain. Since you are on medication, I assume your parents are in the loop about everything that is going on with you, I hope you continue to keep them informed of everything you are going through. And also, good for you for being so proactive about your health.
Avatar f tn Can weight loss happen due to Depression ? I was very much anxious of hiv infection due to my stay with hiv infected person. I had tested and found -ve. my most annoying thing was my weight loss of 1.5 - 2 kg in two weeks. can this happen due to depression? and i 've re gained it in 2 weeks time? I had consulted psychiatrists who attributed all my problem to anxiety and depression?