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Avatar f tn Hello, I've been on paxil for about 4 yrs,for my anxiety and depression, it has worked wonders for my anxiety, but lately my depression has got worse and just feeling uneasy,unmotivated. I go to my doctors in a couple of days and want to try a new depression med,but am afraid my anxiety will come back. What meds should I try. Ive been on Lexapro twice first time it worked quit it and started it again when I had my first anxiety issues,didn't work for my depression.
Avatar f tn i am taking anti-depresants first was citalopram that apart from a whole bunch of side affects also made me gain lots of weight i am now taking mirtazapine and worried they are going to make the weight gain worse,am desperate to lose the weight but still need to take medication for depression, how do i do both ?
Avatar f tn I think there may be some anti depressants that do not cause weight gain. But we all react differently to drugs. Some people gain weight some people lose weight. You will probably find, that in your case, that it is the anti depressant medication that is causing weight gain. It has been said many times too, when people post about this, that it is better to control your depression than worry about weight gain. it is of course, a personal thing.
Avatar f tn A few pounds and then it stops? Or do you continue to gain more weight? I have a couple thoughts on weight gain. If you are still depressed you might be stress eating or eating to relieve some of your symptoms. Weight gain or loss is a common symptom of depression. Taking more medicine could actually help you out. I typically lose my appetite when I get depressed. There's always a correction period when I start to feel better and get my appetite back.
Avatar f tn I know that a lot of anti depressants do make people gain weight. I was on Effexor which made me gain a lot of weight. Hopefully other people here may be able to advise, but different anti depressants affect different people. Some people on Effexor do not gain weight, so it is not easy to say really. I do hope the doctor can help, but I usually think it is the people who are taking the medication who can advise.
1354136 tn?1331875317 I was on Zoloft for several years with no weight gain. It will take up to 6 weeks for your medication to reach therapeutic level, so be patient. It is normally at this time your doctor will want to see you to see how the medication is working, and if need be, this is when they may need to tweak your dosage. Don't be nervous, you will feel better on the medication.
Avatar f tn major weight gain. The Celexa site states it does not cause weight gain. Ask a few million people. It is fast and impossible to get off. 35lbs in 3months. Be careful to watch your weight. I looked into it and found it is used to treat anorexia and bulimia. Maybe there is something in the chemical composition that reacts drastically different with some people. I hope it works for you.
Avatar m tn point(stopped working) and i was experiencing really bad depression/anxiety again after being on zoloft for 18months. My doc tried Lexapro but i experienced very fast weight gain since being on it so he stopped it. i saw him tonight for a check up appointment on the Medication adjustments. Being the lexapro made me gain weight He decided to try effexor for me I was wondering if anyone has any experience with this medication? I've heard a side effect is actually weight loss?
Avatar f tn It's definitely run of the mill depression. For me weight loss is one of my depression symptoms. The medication is doing it's job in that department. I'm pretty sure it's the medication causing the weight gain. It is a common side effect of anti depressants. I have been on other ones that do the same thing and know plenty of people who experience this too.
Avatar m tn Now I have such terrible side effects from saphris I believe- went to family doc for tests, ev okay but have swelling of extremities, extreme sleepiness, food has no taste except sweets and weight gain of 30 pounds in 4-6 weeks. My psychiatrist is leery of taking me off of saphris, but now I am so miserable and my depression is coming back anyways. ANy suggestions? Oh I heard from a friend that Risperdal is a good "booster" for other anti-depressants.
953190 tn?1276516034 Zispin and Remeron are both brand names of mirtazapine. It is an anti-depressant , but works a little differently than the SSRIs. I was taking Remeron for about a year, but it wasn't working so well and it caused massive weight gain. Mirtazapine (Zispin) makes Paxil look like a diet pill. Just my opinion, but there are much more effective antidepressant on the market that do not cause this massive weight gain.
1045176 tn?1253403447 Someone with diabetes would actually DIE without their medication. BUT! A side-effect of insulin CAN be weight-gain for SOME people. But... many people who have diabetes can manage this side-effect with proper exercise and by experimenting with their family doctors or their diabetes specialists to find a type of insulin (there are many different types) that does not have noticeable side effects or maybe has tolerable side-effects.
Avatar f tn Well, I gained like 5 pounds in 1 week when I was on Mirtazipine. I went and told my shrink that I already have BDD, and there's no way in hell I'll take something that makes me put on weight. Make no mistake, gaining weight worsens depression. Anyway, I'm now on Sertraline, which DOES NOT lead to weight gain, and Klonopin, which seems to agree with me rather well.
Avatar f tn I lost some of it. I went on Effexor and did not have any weight gain, and no side effects. That was the other reason I came off Paxil...too many side effects.
Avatar m tn I took Ativan for several years with no weight gain or problems switching.
Avatar n tn s put on weight I still find her attractive, which I keep telling her (not about the weight bit) but it makes no difference. I've tried all the usual, payed her loads of attention, not made it into a big issue, taken her out, made her feel special etc. but I've now come to the end of my tether.
Avatar m tn Many medications used to treat mental illness cause weight gain in many users. Different meds have different effects, so while one might result in weight gain, others won't. It's trial and error. When the only drug that works causes a lot of weight gain, that's a big problem.
Avatar f tn There is no easy solution. Both seroquel and Paxil are notorious for weight gain. And I question the existence of bipolar 2 -- many believe this is made up by pharmaceutical companies so they accumulate medications in people who react poorly to ssris. Sound familiar to what's happening to you? Menopause causes so many emotional problems by itself, how anyone could diagnose you with bipolar 2 at the same time sounds odd at best.
Avatar m tn ve found that some anti pychotics work in stabilizing the moods but ,the problem is the weight gain and impulsive eating , i'm actually due to see the shrink in a weeks time to see about Ablify and Invega , apparently from two of my friends you don't gain any weight on them so fingers crossed i might be put on one or the other , i don't seem to get any other side effects , except i don't go well on antidepressants for the obvious reasons .
Avatar f tn I actually asked my pdoc(psychiatrist) about Paxil, since I got frequent anxiety, he said no faster then I could blink. He said that there were many other drugs and combination of drugs that can work better with less side effects, such as feeling disjointed, overly tired and low motivation. You are already on a pretty strong benzo as well. If you don't have a psychiatrist, do get one. you can't get a proper diagnosis without a good consult.