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411641 tn?1215978241 Hello, Unfortunately a lot of medicines used to treat depression cause weight gain. I've taken many different meds and have the same problem too. Talk to your doctor about it and maybe he can have some suggestions. If the med is working good for you, then maybe he has some ideas. Keep exercising and eating healthy! :-).
Avatar f tn I am 54 yrs old now and I weight 200lbs, am on Lithium 900mg and Seroquel 300 mg and Paxil. All my doctors have denied weight gain from the medications and I do not understand that. This stuff just comes on like majic. When I started the Seroquel I immediately gained 20 lbs. YIKES!!! I admit I do not exercise like I used to before I was diagnosed. I am lucky to eat one meal a;day. Just not hungery. I am sure if I got on some exercise plan along with better eatting I could work my *** off.
Avatar n tn well mainly my symptoms are the ones I listed on my topic. Modest weight gain, of about a pound a week, depression, sometimes anxiety, and tiredness, despite sleeping well. Im really concerned about the T3 being on the low-normal range...I know hashimoto's can be present with normal TSH labs so hence my worry still. The rest if ok, as it seems...but I wonder if I could still be hypo with those results, mainly because of the T3...
Avatar n tn Energy level is good, exercise daily without a problem, depression is gone... and continue to gain weight... Why is there so much change in my TSH levels? is this a symptom of something else I should be looking at?? What questions or tests should I be asking the doctor? Thanks in advance.
Avatar n tn I have taken several kinds of anti-depressants and none of them made me gain weight. Also, is chronic anxiety or depression more appealing than gaining a little weight -- IF you gain any? Mental illness is a much more significant and important thing to deal with.
Avatar n tn Weight gain is definetly caused by antidepressants. The wellbutrin should help, are you still on it? You can help by going to There you will be able to pinpoint the emotional eating pattern that is hindering you.
Avatar n tn are you sure you are not eating more because of the stress and depression...that's a lot of weight to gain in such a short period of time from the pills carefully....
Avatar f tn I eat the same basic things b/c I'm allergic to beef, fish, chicken, pretty much anything but pork. My meds haven't changed much. My dr is working on taking me off my anxiety/depression medication slowly. I have tried the logic of 6 small meals instead of only 1 large meal a day. I stopped that when the weight gain started. I think I'm gonna start a food journal cause as you said, watch the little things. If your able to think of anything else, I'm willing to listen.
Avatar f tn I have been on anxiety medicine and thought that my weight gain was due to the medication I was on (zoloft), I switched and upped my cardio and diet to try and lose the weight, only to gain more weight. I have had my thyroid tested which registered fine. I am so depressed because of my weight. It is affecting my joints and my ankles from carrying the excess 30lbs around and I am at a loss for what could be causing this. I am at a point of depression.
Avatar n tn A medical problem or use of certain medication may also make you gain weight. Medications that can cause weight gain include corticosteroids and drugs used to treat bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, and depression. Hormone changes can also cause unintentional weight gain.
Avatar n tn As long as your doctor isn't worried about weight gain you will be fine I'm 32 weeks and have only gained 5 lbs but that's because I lost 15 lbs in the 1st tri.
Avatar n tn Sure enough, I have hypothyroidism. I am now on medication for it. But it wasn't the cause of my weight gain (usually only causes you to put on a few pounds), nor was it my meds. Because I walk 6 miles a day and eat healthy, everything pointed to my meds. Finally my daughter asked me to start eating every few hours, small amounts of healthy food. I started doing this in January and by August I had lost 45 lbs.
Avatar f tn Our body is well designed, such that when a significant amount of weight has been lost, it will gear up to gain those weight back. And that is why you gain some of the weight back. I want to emphasize that there are no magic bullet in medicine nor in any of the fad diet plans. The only way to lose weight is to use more calories than you take in. To achieve healthy weight, it is a lifestyle change, not short-term starvation nor medication usage. Healthy weight loss recommendations include: 1.
361026 tn?1197563128 i'm also hyper, and i gain weight on and off..i weight about 85 and then go up to 91, 93,95 always around there never change, and then come back down to lower then that though. now i'm almost four months pregnant and my weight right now is im under weight for being pregnant but what can i do, i eat as much as i can...hopefully later on in pregnancy i can weight a little more..i think i will.. may god bless you with love..
Avatar f tn i feel completely disgusted with my body right now and think iam disgustingly fat but my family and boyfriend all keep telling me i need to gain weight and am too skinny. i need to be on anti depressant medication but every medication doctors prescribe to me have significant weight gain as a side effect which in turn makes me not even take them.
Avatar f tn diet plan, you maybe be building muscle, which could account for the weight gain. Although a pound is a pound, muscle is denser than fat, so as you burn fat and gain muscle, it's possible for your weight to increase for a time. Another thing --- this one is most likely -- your diet plan may be cutting calories TOO MUCH and your body could be thinking that there isn't going to be enough calories, so it hangs on to what's already there.
Avatar f tn My experience is that those taking Paxil that noticed weight gain, could also have issues with additional weight gain taking Abilify. This is not a certainty, but I would put the odds at slightly better than 50/50 that it may occur. Even if this is the case, a few extra pounds would be worth your sanity. Talk to your doctor about the many choices based on your own physiology. Any pre-existing conditions will come into play if/when your doctor makes changes to your med list.
953190 tn?1276519634 I was taking Remeron for about a year, but it wasn't working so well and it caused massive weight gain. Mirtazapine (Zispin) makes Paxil look like a diet pill. Just my opinion, but there are much more effective antidepressant on the market that do not cause this massive weight gain. You may want to consider Effexor or perhaps even a Tri-cyclic such as Nortriptilyne. Then again, if the Zispin worked well for you then why change.
Avatar f tn fatigue, weakness, weight gain, trouble losing weight, sensitive to cold, muscle aching and cramps, constipation, depression, memory loss, odd menstrual periods.
Avatar f tn pros -might work cons -cost ($3 a script so not a major but still a negative) -side-effects (concern about weight gain and dry mouth -which may or may not occur). Also long-term effects. Is it safe? -compliance issues (doesn't feel right even if intellectually it sounds OK) -maybe same as above but meaning of medication to me. - -ve psychological issues of becoming well?? Fear of change but of becoming well. I honestly don't know the answer to this one because being sick is devastating.
Avatar n tn I used to be fairly active and I do nothing now and have started to gain weight - like I need to feel worse about myself. Am I being too impatient? Anyone considering taking an antidepressant I would NOT recommend Effexor!!!
20801560 tn?1512721736 I inderstand what it is like tryinh to put weignt back on and get back to where you were and I am a retired combat veteran and a junior black belt in tae kwon do so I know how important exercise and fitness can be to a person. I have had to do both weight loss and weight gain after some problems that I had and weight gain was the hardest because the stomach needs to stretch, but that part isn't something that has to be rushed.
Avatar m tn Hello, we do not have a doctor on this site, so cannot suggest which medication may suit you. We all suffer from depression, and what medication one person takes, may not suit another. You need to see a doctor and discuss your problems with them. They may then prescribe medication for you. As you already take medication, I suggest you see the doctor who prescribed this, and say it is not helping.
Avatar f tn major weight gain. The Celexa site states it does not cause weight gain. Ask a few million people. It is fast and impossible to get off. 35lbs in 3months. Be careful to watch your weight. I looked into it and found it is used to treat anorexia and bulimia. Maybe there is something in the chemical composition that reacts drastically different with some people. I hope it works for you.