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Avatar f tn I so hope that the place Jo recommended in Toronto brings you relief. Have fun reading this fountain of information. Above all, keep us posted! We care.
Avatar m tn My son was in Toronto , Canada for the last nine months and has come back to India just today morning. He says that during the month of July (on 13th of July) because of depression he went to a prostitute and had sex with her. He says that she has applied condom on his penis before the sex but he says that the condom became loose at the end of the sexual intercourse and was filled with fluid. He also says that he might have swallowed her breast milk.
Avatar n tn I recommend talking to your doctor. Postpartum depression is real and it sounds like you have other challenges in life that could be causing even more stress and depression. Just know that you are not alone. Each out to those who love you for more support. And as for breastfeeding, don't beat yourself up over it. A fed baby is all a that matters. I recommend trying Enfamil AR formula. My 1st born struggled with breastfeeding due to lip tie and reflux.
Avatar f tn I would suggest you to try this soothing therapeutic massage therapy at Athletic Edge Sports Medicine(Toronto). I won’t say they worked wonders but I feel something was in it that helped me get back to my normal self. I am doing good now. Hope this helps!
Avatar m tn I just want help for this from anyone who have experienced this in their life. Will any stress disorder treatment in Toronto like CBT Associates help for this? I have almost ruined my life with this behavior. Can anyone help?
Avatar f tn Once you get through this residual depression, the only thing you should keep in mind is as people start to feel really good after a few months out; they forget how bad the withdrawal really was and think they can start using again. Just once or twice.... and they get caught up yet again. Please try to remember how bad it is right now and stay far away from all drugs in the future. It is just not worth it. Good luck to you and stay well.
1641772 tn?1301361489 ca/Mind-Over-Mood-Change-Changing/dp/0898621283#_ I hope that this information is of some help to you in your struggles with depression.
Avatar n tn There is a really good clinical ecologist in Toronto Ontario, he is the one we went to. They are all over the world We were lucky to have one so close to us.
Avatar m tn Hi to all, I am day 6 off vic's and trammy's CT (tapering was not an option) body wise I am starting to feel better, but my mind is in a serious depression I have been told it starts to go away. Can anybody tell me when it started getting better for them like how long? I know there will be good days and bad days I am just waiting for anything good. It seems it's the worst in the morning and gets a little better through the day.
Avatar n tn There is absolutely nothing wrong with being gay, bi or straight. Being gay hurts no one. Gay men are less likely to abuse children despite all the negative stereotypes that they are pedophiles. Gay men are not all limp-wristed, effeminate types - they are still men. Here in Toronto, we have an annual "Gay Pride Parade". Being gay is not a negative thing.
Avatar f tn I have found - but this might not be the case for you - that a combination of medication, individual counselling/therapy and group therapy has worked a lot better than medication alone. However, I am in Toronto, Ontario Canada and a number of the agencies and/or services they provided no longer exist because of one of our former Premiers. However, when these services did exist, I found them to be extremely helpful.
Avatar n tn I do have a little better attitude this time and steph is going to hook me up with some amino info for the depression and sh1t.Do you get depression real bad?How bout P.A.W.S.?Last time i got so much depression i had to see my doc.he put me on ssri's and NOOOOOOOOOO! made me worse.If you need to rap I'm here with ya.Good Luck and God Bless.
1689583 tn?1387755994 Therefore, it might be a good idea to try to find out if there is any depression or psych history in your family history. They will probably ask about drug or alcohol use. They may ask about family history of alcohol use. As OH said, just answer honestly, and more information is better than less information (don't hold back on info even if you think it may not matter).
Avatar n tn I know it's hard to find a good Doctor but don't give up. I have been attending some depression classes, they kinda help. They teach Cognitive thinking.
448098 tn?1205603973 My son is so depressed and scared of the withdraw of Methadone, he wants OFF it and wants to taper off because him and his wife have a newborn son and a 3 year old daughter to take care of. he is on at least 6 to 8 pills a day and I need your advise as to how to bring him down slowly, I looked up the Thomas Recipe and printed it out for him, He is so scared and afraid to talk to his doctor who got him on this in the first place. I dont know what to do.
Avatar m tn I have a great family that supports me that I appreciate but I still can't help but feel like i'm in a dark room with no one in sight and the only thing that I can do successfully is pray about it.
Avatar m tn hi- I've been researching online to try and find some help for me. I have let anxiety take over my life. From what I've read online I think I have agoraphobia. I am not homebound, but i avoid situations where i feel I can not escape, and I have no idea what i'd be trying escape from anyway! I can track my anxiety back to about ten years ago. I used to take the bus into the city to go to school. I ALWAYS had to have a water bottle with me.
Avatar f tn The last one I knew of was a young doctor in North York, Toronto, going by the name Dr.B,( treating chronic Lyme's patients under the medical board's radar to avoid reprimands) who studied at McGill. Unfortunately they caught up with him and he will no longer treat Lyme's patients. It's simply insane! Anyway, this is an entirely different issue, but please feel free to contact me about Lyme's as I may have some very helpful information. Some observations regarding MS and Lymes.
4302823 tn?1352642900 There is a misunderstanding, the rehab center that contacted me in a place that will help you but not keep you in, well i think they do let you stay in there facilities but i am not able to do so, i know its not an excuse but i am not able to stay, too many things i have to take care of, i know i will loose my job if i leave for a long period of time, i just got back to work from my heart surgery and things were upside down here at work, things will go crazy here if i leave again.
Avatar n tn Eliminating the stresses in my life should help....but I am sitting here honestly worried if I can conquer it. I was put on this med after I had a hyposadius surgery on my penis which as a result i got a severe testicle infection and was in very extremem pain for 2 months and couldnt cope. That was when i originally got put on Zoloft..Anyway that is my story and although there is nothing quite helpful in this info i just figured people like to hear others experiences.
Avatar n tn However, have seen that a spinal tap may help to solve the problem as they can test the fluid in your head for infection, disease, pressure etc i will be seeing my doctor tomorrow hopfully with some good results.
Avatar f tn Hi there, I am a little frustrated - I've been trying to get some help for what I suspect is adult ADD, and I keep on hitting dead ends. I've asked my regular doctor, a psychiatrist, and a few more people in the mental health field (a counsellor and a social worker) and never seem to get an answer on what to do. Because I am also depressed, there was often the response of "let's fix your depression first, and worry about that later".
Avatar n tn Reading the post in this site become the major part of my life in the past month. Please help me. I'm really scared now. My story: I'm a 35 years old man. Since I had memory, my genital area has never been touched by anyone except my wife and my doctors. But last Dec.(25th), I did something very stupid. I went to a massage place during my vacation in China. I even forgot to examine the massage girl's hand before I let her massage my penis.
Avatar n tn in the last two weeks i have had three blood vessels just pop in my fingers. i was not doing anything out of the ordinary. what could be causing this? should there be a cause for concern?
Avatar m tn 38PM) which is replied saying that my son doesn't have any symptoms of STDs. Doctor says that either the pain should be because of ulcer or it should be because of urination track problem but my son do not have any problem while urinating. His general urine test is clear. I didn't go for the specialized test like creatanine test etc. However he is having low semen count. Urologist says that pain can be because of several reasons which is difficult to be diagnosed. Is it true.
Avatar f tn My son has a friend who's brother had the surgery in Toronto. I have asked to find out who his doctor was. His surgery was successful. I'll let you know when I find out.
Avatar n tn Mikk76: Compare your symptoms to these: Depression, difficulty concentrating, muscle twitches, internal vibration sensation, can all be symptoms associated with Lyme Disease. Symptoms of pain or tingling may vary from day to day. If you would like to locate a doctor who is very experienced in diagnosing Lyme, you can post a query at ========== Rubble: I answered your post from March 8. http://www.
Avatar m tn Am I correct in assuming you have not been diagnosed with a thyroid disorder yet? If that's true... The first tests you want to have done are free T3 (FT3), free T4 (FT4) and TSH. These are the three basic tests.. Make sure they run free T3 and free T4 since these are better indicators of thyroid status than total T3 and total T4.
1444453 tn?1287106737 Hey Toronto, You are early into this, these feelings are quite normal. What you do is reach out to SOMEONE, go to a meeting, call somebody, visit someone, post here. I can assure you if you go get that pill, you will feel worse. You will be let down by not only the high you expect and barely get, but also the shame and guilt in restarting your clean time. Go for a walk , get outside, talk to somebody.....but I'm pleading with you not to get that pill. You have come so far!!!!!!!
Avatar m tn im also 20 and live in toronto...