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Avatar m tn Hello, From your symptoms two possibilities are coming to my mind. They are of lichen planus or cicinate balanitis. Lichen planus is an inflammatory disease that affects the skin and the oral mucosa, and presents itself in the form of papules (flat spots) or rashes. Treatment is available only on prescription and consists mainly of steroids, retinoids, hydroquinone and phototherapy. My sincere advice would e to consult a dermatologist and get it evaluated.
Avatar f tn which antidepressant is the least harmful as far as side effects? i'm taking paxil and i heard that it causes weight gain and my cardiologist has told me that i need to lose weight for my blood pressure.
Avatar m tn 10 years ago i conducted a successful meningioma operation , one year ago i was diagnosed with depression i was put on antidepressant seroxat 30 mg , remeron 15mg and antipsychotic respiridal 1 mg a day , one month ago respiridal was stopped but iam still feeling tired lacking of concentration and tensed please advise whether same sall alleviate by time This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/203206'>Elevated Liver Enzymes, Swollen Lymph Nodes, Difficulty Swallowing, Pain in N
Avatar n tn I had to stop treatment because of depression. I still battle with depression almost on a daily basis. I never had trouble with depression before. I think the meds somehow changed my body. I deal with the depression by saying to myself everything is fine, be happy. I'm gettin sick of bucking myself up. I don't tell my wife about this problem because it gets old quick. Is there anyone out there who feels like this!
Avatar n tn It causes CNS depression, increased heart rate, impaired coordination and balance, delayed reaction time,diminished short-term memory,anxiety and panic,nausea,vomitings,tremors ,sleepiness and altered body temperature. These symptoms will go away in a couple of days after leaving marijuana.However if they persist then pls consult a psychiatrist. I hope it helps.Pls let me know if there is anything else.Regards.
Avatar f tn This hormone can actually be addictive, and can frustrate people. I know the arguement is huge as to what causes depression and why so many people are depressed. My main points are that it depends on who you are, your confidence, how many different things cause depression and your environment. Thanks, this is pretty interesting.
Avatar n tn Relieving those symptoms supposedly allos us to think more clearly, identify the problems causing depression and fix those problems which in turn fixes the depression. That's the theory. Some of us have long term treatment resistant depression and even though we know what started it etc just cannot change it and how we think and react to life. For such people, including myself, a negative event is devastating and causes relapses from being OK.
Avatar f tn It's not bad enough that it's depressing to have MS, but MS also causes depression because it affects the brain. I thought i would just deal with this and be fine but I ended up needing something. I am glad I did. I tried once to stop taking it and it didn't take any time before I was back feeling hopeless. I hope you can start to feel better about things even if you don't take an antidepressant. Everyone here is so helpful. They have picked me up when I didn't think I could get up.
Avatar f tn I am so sorry that your depression is untreatable, and with all those ECTs it has not improved. I presume no anti-depression medication has been effective in your case either. I presume you have tried them all. You certainly don't sound pathetic, I admire you for being such a fighter. Seems the doctors and psychiatrists have given up on you. Well I do not know what to suggest you do next, seems to me you have tried so hard.
Avatar n tn I am posting for anyone,whom, like myself has had bouts or constant depression due to injury or chronic pain and how it effects/changes and even ruins yours, and the lives of those around us. I was in the prime of my life,Branch Manager of an indutral/mdical gases and welding supply house with a company located worldwide. I had no degree but worked my way up with hardwork and long hours. Married and raising 4 children, life was good.
354706 tn?1279474395 During operation after 3 chemo, very little signs of chemo and an optimal debulking. During the first 3 chemo, very little side effects except hair loss and occasional tiredness – no drop in blood count of red/white blood cells. Mum continued with her consultancy business throughout the chemo. Surgery went well – wound heal well. Then on the 2nd day upon discharge from hospital, everything changed. My mum had depression – started to cry at every instance.
Avatar n tn a stressed immune system causes deopression, and depression stresses the immune system. .. and.. perhaps for years, we have had symptoms, which we tried to shake off or igmore.. and for the most part, our doctors have certainly not paid much attention to them, when in reality, they should have investigated further..and looked at the whole patient, not just one symptom at a time... THEN..the actual HUMAN mind..emotioms come into play...BOOM.. we find out we have the horrid virus..
Avatar n tn I'm very interested in that fact since I know exactly how and when and can look back and see all the medical mis-dx's, precisly b/c I never was kinky or shootin' or have tattoes-so I was never in a 'high risk' group and never properly tested or treated for the disease and the sx's of the disease-depression, memory loss, weith-water gain, immoble joints, extreme fatique, etc. I suffered for years thinking I truely had lost my mind.
Avatar f tn But it isn't without some nasty side effects. Initially it causes your feet, hands and face to tingle (that goes away)....but it plays hell with your memory (not everyone gets this, but I did). It takes away your appetite (at least it did for me). I was having about 10 disabling migraines a I'm down to 1-2. Best of luck!!!!
Avatar f tn There are differing opinions on why depression effects some people and not others. Some will say that it is due to a past tramatic childhood or event and others (like me) do not beleive in such rubbish. Current science indicates that some people who suffer depression do so because of past life trama (this is called situational depression) and there are many people with depression and anxiety that have it simply because they have a malfunction in the mood receptors of the brain.
Avatar n tn due to the side effects eg decreased appetite vomiting and weight loss, i have been put on paroxetine. im a 5'9" male and weigh 60 kg (132 ibs) and am very self concious about my weight. is there anyway of increasing my appetite and weight? please help!!
Avatar f tn Depression can present itself with physical symptoms. I have had many of these symptoms, and have even been to hospital, where everything was negative. With anti-depressant medication I am now feeling very well. People are surprised that depression can give so many different physical symptoms.
Avatar n tn Stopping and starting both the Yaz and Prozac separately or together can BOTH cause bouts of depression. Birth control, controls your hormones and going off can make them go haywire for a little while. We all know that surges/downfalls in hormones can make us women moody and whoknowzit. :) Well than if you had symptoms of depression prior to taking the Prozac and you go off them, those symptoms can naturally come back.
Avatar n tn Medications have come a very long way, (but they ALL carry some side effects with them) as has the understanding of anxiety/panic and depression. Can you get him to a doctor to at least discuss these issues and some options? That he is afraid to leave the country for fear they won't let him back in is very paranoid thinking. As is the thought that everyone is out to get him. That he looks at things from 50 different angles could be a form of an OCD type condition.
Avatar n tn What medically known correlations exist between pot and depression - effects on the cause and/or treatment that can bring her back to sanity? She wants to move to the mountains and join a commune because she can't find happiness in the real world!
Avatar f tn I smoke and wonder if it interferes with the medications, have breakthrough depression after many years on meds.
Avatar n tn After 3 weeks with Prozac I feel very tired all day, even after sleeping 15 hours or more. And depression came back and hit me. I don´t know what to do. Should I keep taking Pristiq and hope that my weight will stop increasing at some point, and take all the laxative paraphernalia, which I read is also bad for your digestive system if you take it for a long time, or should I stay with 80 mg Prozac and wait to see if I get results?
Avatar n tn I am feeling like i need to take something to relieve this depression.. If you have any other suggestions about depression, and hypothyroidism... I am terrified of the anitidepressants, because of the severe side effects I get, I have tried them before.. But I feel that the hypo,is also affecting the antidepressants. I am very confused.. and severely down!! Maybe I need more Levoxyl? I am only on 68mg, Levoxyl, with no thyroid!
Avatar n tn Hello Dr Gould, I would appreciate you input on Klonopin and effects on depression. I have a friend who is 11 weeks post-partum and has been having increase depression and anxiety. She has been using Klonopin over the past two months and has slowly been using it more. It seems to help here get through the difficult anxiety/panic times, but the depressive symptoms seem to be getting worse. I have been doing some online searching for her.
Avatar n tn Hello Dr Gould, I would appreciate you input and Klonopin and effects on depression. I have a friend who is 11 weeks post-partum and has been having increase depression and anxiety. She has been using Klonopin over the past two months and has slowly been using it more. It seems to help here get through the difficult anxiety/panic times, but the depressive symptoms seem to be getting worse. I have been doing some online searching for her.
Avatar m tn Anxiety and Depression Chronic gut disorders are associated with higher rates of anxiety and depression. A well-publicized study in mice suggested a possible role for probiotics in reducing anxiety associated with gut inflammation (Bercik, Neurogatroenterol Motil 2011). Mice in the study had a chemically-induced inflammation of their gut and exhibited anxiety-like behavior. Giving 1 billion cells of Bifidobacterium longum NCC3001 for 1 week normalized their behavior.
1049259 tn?1295092078 so you get more sensations that are new (from anxiety) and you freak out which causes you to have another panic attack and more you repeat the earlier worry cycle..which peats the second cyle of panic attack/symptoms..then you add in doctor visits because you're "sure" something has to be wrong..then meds with side effects that will freak you out equally..and there you have a recipe for months or years of being crippled with panic.
Avatar f tn I am wondering if the ephedrine has directly caused the depression and binge eating/bulimia as I never had these problems prior to taking it, and if this is the case, will and SSRI even be the best option to help me get back to normal? I am also scheduled for cognitive behavioral therapy.