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Avatar n tn i come of the depo only 3 mnths bein on it . when i come of i was bleeding for several months without a break . i went doctors and had tests and things seem to be fine but know they are every week .
Avatar n tn i have a 10 yr old , after i had him i went on the depo shot for 3 months and had to stop it because it made me so sick but it also took usalmost 6 months to concieve our son, so no 10 years later no other children and not from lack of trying...
Avatar n tn Well, after the miscarriage I stopped having periods because I immediately got on the Depo Provera shot. Once I got off the shot i had a period every 2 weeks... then all of a sudden I didnt have a period for 6 weeks, and when I finally had one it was short and a lot lighter than normal... then after that one i didnt have a period for another 6 weeks, and then found out I was pregnant.
196469 tn?1365391575 But, progesterone cannot be patented and so the company that makes Premarin came up with a Progestin, as Katie pointed out, and they called it Provera (Depo Provera is a relative of this). The two drugs together, Premarin and Provera, Equal Prempro. It is now theorized that the Progestins are what helps create the big mess in the synthetic world of hormones. The snythetic estrogens are not great either ( I, like you, would only use a bio estrogen like Vivelle) but that Progestin is nasty.
Avatar n tn I have never had headaches but on the 8th of Dec I had a horrible migraine and they have not stopped since then. I was on Depo Provera and switched to Lo/overal pills could this be a reason for the headaches? I stopped taking the pill last Friday after visiting the ER with horrible pains in my head. All the tests at the ER can back ok but the headaches still come everyday. I was taking up to five meds a day to curb the pain until 2 days ago.
Avatar n tn I was on Depo for 6 years with no period. I got pregnant with my son two months after I should have had my shot. I was fine. I am the same way though, I dont have periods while on birth control. I had the IUD removed July 17th and had a period on the 20th and now I'm pregnant. I would defenitly see your doctor though medicmama just to be sure.
Avatar n tn I too have had this problem for about the last year. I first noticed it after I switched from the shot (depo provera sp?), to Yaz. During that time also I was on antibiotics for strep throat and did developed a yeast infection. I was certain that it was because of Yaz. I went to the doctor and she didn't believe me and wouldn't switch me to another pill. I did see someone else and now I am on ortho tri-cylin. They seem to not be as bad but still occur 2-3 times per month.
Avatar n tn i love this site and give support and answers when i can. however, i haven't tried clomid and know minimal about it. i do know that there are a lot of weird bodily side affects and have heard that sometimes they can give "false positives" on hpts. however, don't take that word for truth because that was only heresay... wish i could be more help to you! hopefully you will find your answers!
Avatar n tn i was looking for answers and my post was by no means to insult any one; like i said, i wanted to hear a little optimism but the more i read the posts, the more i was seeking for answers. (looks like a lot of people were seeking for answers). do you know if low HCG is common? so is it safe to say that those urine pregnancy tests aren't 99.9% accurate? i'm not sure about you, but it's very disheartening every time i took a test and it said negative.
Avatar n tn my last AF was 2/6 and i 'o'ed on the 21st as well. We have been TTCing after depo for 14 months now. I was 3 days late and tested BFN and wiped and saw pink. I assumed it was AF and then she went away. Where i am on clomid my doc made me go in friday for a blood level to see if i am PG. i have not tested with urine since cuz i cannot stand the disappointment. I know how frustrating this can be for sure. it is even harder when you want it so bad to keep your mind on anything else.
Avatar n tn ) - so hopefully I can discuss some of the points you mentioned with them and try to come up with some answers. i hope that you are starting to feel better soon and are coming out of your rut... I definately know what that is like...
Avatar n tn 10 so I will ask my MD about the med to make me have a cycle (Provera has always been the usual prescribed med) I have battled PCOS for 16 years so my cycles have always been scattered to non exixtant most of the least I feel better with my weight loss physicallly and mentally I do think the Metformion has helped with my weightloss . I do not seem to have any side affects now that my body has adjusted to the medication as I have been on it for over 2 months.
Avatar n tn i am not a virgin and me and my boyfriend have sex on the regular im scared to tell my mom or go to the doctors. what do i do? should i be worried? what is this? someone give me answers?
503727 tn?1210442710 ill find myself going on google trying to find answers that only make me feel worse. i was taking sertraline (zoloft) and didnt find it effective. i stopped taking it and now im trying to shake the last bit of this anxiety stuff off. meds can be good if you are in really deep anxiety though, only use them temproarily (or at least thats what i say) until you can conquer these panic attacks. having scientific reassurance helps a lot.
Avatar n tn The Questions and Answers You Need to Take Charge of Your Health by William H. Parker, M.D., with Rachel L. Parker, Contributions by Ingrid A. Rodi, M.D. and Amy E. Rosenman, M.D: "Once the lining cells of the uterus are destroyed by the procedure, there is no place for a developing fetus to attach within the uterus. If some cells remain following an ablation, there exists the rare possibility of pregnancy occuring.
162948 tn?1205256292 i have noticed that my sex drive is back in full force already, maybe because im so relieved that it is no longer in my body!!!! there are so many conflicting answers out there about return to fertility that i dont know what to believe> even the doctors don't know. i wish i had never had it in and used different birth control. but in mirena's defense i did enjoy not having a period for a year or so. but the weight gain *****.
Avatar n tn My problem is my blood test is for Monday the 3rd, but if this is the start of my period I have to start my femara on day 3 of bleeding (that would be Thursday) how do I know what it is. Has anyone had bleeding around days 10-12 post iui. Any answers would be wonderful, I feel like every month I hit a road block I was told last month I also have a bleeding cervix around ovulation and intercourse will bring the bleeding on and it is very heavy bleeding there for the iui.