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Avatar f tn I've just turned 18 and I've been using the depo shot for at least 7 months because the pill was making me sick.When I asked my Nurse about depo she just told me about the positives which left me very much in the dark about this contraception.Since starting my shots I have gained 14LBS in just SEVEN months!!I have gone back to the nurse since and explained that my diet and exercise hasn't changed but I'm gaining weight,she wasn't exactly sympathic and insisted I eat less!
Avatar n tn One more thing- it may or may not be related but yesterday morning I woke up with a dry, red, sore patch of skin around the left corner of my mouth. When covered up with makeup, it's not so bad, but still notciable and sometimes itchy. I put on some E45 cream today, as I thought this would help, but I think it made it worse as it started stinging and burning almost immediatley. I never had this before, only since the problem has returned to my eyelids. Related, perhaps?
Avatar n tn release,,,so when he did the exploratroy surgery/he could not take all of it out as I had not signed the release kids were 10 and 14//and i was divorced I am on Depo Provera to this day cos I never went bacvk and had the hysterectomy I needed then...Depo is bad for ur bones so I know this has not helped my spine be sure u get the right DR for what u need..may have to try a few//the first one is not always the best one..,.
544292 tn?1268886268 And Like Nancy in my crazy red shoulder padded double breasted BLAZER, I JUST SAY NO TO DRUGS!!! ... and now I'll rest, try and let some of the bad energy of the pain and this last week go so I can work all weekend and next week too. One day at a time. I was pretty sure last night when I got home and was so tired and disoriented that today might be like this. It is worth it.No matter what. Getting off this stuff will save me a HUGE amount of pain in the future. I liked waking up happy!
Avatar f tn , from reading the EKG that something is wrong with my heart. Since I refused, she ordered an ultra sound of my heart instead. My main question is: Does this Complex Atypical Endometrial Hyperplasia mean pre-cancerous IS REALLY cancer up further in the uterous? They are scaring me to death, and I feel that some of the new -to -be Dr's at the Clinic are really guessing. Maybe I am wrong, but I do know treatment is much different if you have insurance.
Avatar f tn i had a hysterectomy 16wks ago at the age of 29 just womb and right tube , then i got a cyst on my left overy ended up having my other tube and overy out with that op to remove cyst and the found endo on my only overy that was a wk ago im already getting pain back what do i do im in agony im 29 and my life isnt great with the pain and 3 kids any help plase x
298579 tn?1192250448 The AP are caused by the constant stimuli they are receiving (i.e. the sexual stimulation). During an Action Potential, there is an influx of Calcium ions pushed into the muscle fibers which allows them to contract. In order for them to relax back to normal, the free Calcium must be sequestered or taken back up. However, due to the repetitive stimuli, the Ca does not have enough time to be taken back up. In this case, temporal summation occurs.
Avatar n tn Not that 25 is old, just that you may be having a hormonal imbalance that is usually treatable with the use of hormone therapy (Birth Control pills). My daughter has had severe bleeding since the onset of her periods and after years of tests and many different pills that would regulate her temporarily she is now back on track with no more pills. In almost 4 years, there was NEVER a reason given for her to have such a problem other than hormonal imbalance.
Avatar n tn This compares with 10 for the normal IUCD, 20 for the Pill and 10-15 for the injection (Depo Provera). This is comparable to the effectiveness of sterilisation. Mirena acts as a contraceptive in two ways: it makes the mucus at the neck of the womb (the cervix) much thicker, preventing sperm from getting through and it also makes the lining of the womb extremely thin, stopping implantation. In some women it prevents egg release (ovulation). A.
Avatar f tn I too have this sudden onset of oily/waxy hair only on the crown of my head. I am 30 years old and have washed my hair the same way for the last 15 years. I will give the listerine a try tonight but... HAS ANYONE FIGURED OUT WHAT CASUED THIS CONDITION? strange that it happens overnight and with no real other symptoms.
Avatar f tn Searching for an answer, I put the pieces together regarding the timing of the onset and going off of the pill. I decided to start taking the pill again to see what happened... I think that I now may always have to struggle with panic attacks to some extent. Once you've had such a horrible experience, can you ever go back to being normal?
Avatar n tn were related to the IUD and I couldn't be pregnanat since the IUD was still there (although the strings have been above my cervix since day one and I'm not real confident that it is in place - the lack of peiod has happened to me before aver getting off the depo shot, took over a year to return.) anyway, I still feel like I am loosing my mind......just wondering if anyones ultrasounds showed anything...
Avatar n tn I too have had this problem for about the last year. I first noticed it after I switched from the shot (depo provera sp?), to Yaz. During that time also I was on antibiotics for strep throat and did developed a yeast infection. I was certain that it was because of Yaz. I went to the doctor and she didn't believe me and wouldn't switch me to another pill. I did see someone else and now I am on ortho tri-cylin. They seem to not be as bad but still occur 2-3 times per month.
Avatar n tn I'll be 46 at the end of this month & just moved to a new state so I don't have the luxury of knowing any doctors. In the last 1-2 months I suddenly gained 40 + lbs & look pregnant. That seems to be where the weight all is. A urinalysis proved negative for pregnancy on Monday & with my 3 grown kids I did not gain this much weight &/or so fast. I just look pregnant & feel "full - heavy - tired & short of breath" most of the time.
Avatar n tn IUDs do not cause hormonal inbalance like birth control pills. If you have had regular periods every month then the removal of the IUD should not change your cycle. Unless you got pregnant. The only thing that changes is the really heavy periods because normally with IUDs, you have extremly heavy and watery periods. Sorry if this grosses some people out. You period should resume as normal 28 days from you last period if you have been tracking them.
Avatar n tn I've been taking 500 mg/day of metformin. Just wondering if any of you have taken this, and if so, have you experienced any weight loss?
Avatar n tn I forgot to mention that while I was on Yasmin I also had TERRIBLE migraine headaches at the onset of and coming off of my period. Those have also subsided for the most part now that I'm off. I would not recommend taking Yasmin to anyone...just wish I would have realized sooner that all of this was caused from BCP instead of age and stress.
Avatar n tn thinks either adenomyosis or endo, but she told me if yaz doesnt help the next step might be the depo provera shot I dont know much about it but that may be a possibility for you, or possibly even lupron depo she suggested, even though I think you get many side effects from it. It's like a fake menopause! Well good luck lemme know how things works out!
Avatar n tn However, I have been reading alot of different discussion forums and have found a couple of people that have said this did happen to them. One of them had been pregnant 2 times already. I have only had negative urine tests so far. I go to the doctor next week - so they will probably do a blood test then. The first day of my last period was May 31st. I am 31 and never have missed a period before. I am now going on missing another period.
Avatar n tn 1) I had been taking 2 days of aspirin/acetophenamin for headache AND 2) I had traveled to a location with a higher elevation than home by 4,100 ft. Both of these can cause a spontaneous bleed of small capillaries in extremities.
162948 tn?1205256292 This is also true of several of my friends. You can technically conceive immediately after the removal, but it may take a little longer than that. Much less time than w/the pill, though. Hang in there.
Avatar n tn They dont know how many cysts i have on my right side as i normally feel sharp pain but my left ovary is fine. Doctor put me on prescription of provera for 10 days. The last day was friday and my period never came. I am worried and today im experiencing tight cramping ever, i could barely walk, no period. Anyone have experience this problem before and have gotten better, please send me a message of what to do or what happened?
Avatar n tn There are no other symptoms that I am aware of. I have had blood work and a biopsy done. Some of the things that I was tested for were; genital herpes, lichen sclerosus, lichen simplex chronicus, lichen planus, vulvar vestibulitis. All results came back negative. The biopsy tested positive for "healing ulcers". My doctor does not seem to know what the problem is and is contacting a specialist in Lebanon, NH. My Dr. prescribed an estrogen cream which did not seem to work.
Avatar n tn umm..side affects..of course ! unless you the 2 male things we have down there..stop it..HCG does not in anyway help with weight loss..need proof...just ask...
Avatar n tn I also took 10,000 units of HCG trigger shot but it has been 8 days since I had shot so I don't know if that could be it. Please HELP!!!