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Avatar f tn I have a 7mm protrusion coming from my pituitary that in all clinical reality should be called a tumor. There is also a void in my pituitary that was left from "old tumor that out grew it's blood supply". I have been dealing with the railroad spike in the head headaches for years. They are now controlled with medication. I have been experiencing severe joint pain a week before my period and as soon as menstruation starts it is gone. Completely.
Avatar n tn Hi! I had my first baby in January of 2006 and I got the depo provera shot 2 days after she was born. It lasted for 3 months, and then I had to get another one... But I decided not to because after I had the baby I gained 50 pounds in 3 months because of the shot. So I went on the pills... 3 months after I stopped the Depo, I was pregnant again! So in my case it didn't take long to conceive after getting the stupid thing. I hope everything works out for you, and you get what your wishing for!!!!
Avatar f tn In addition, a woman’s genital tract should be free of any abnormalities to allow the passage of menstrual blood Why is Provera prescribed? Provera is derived from the female hormone progesterone. You may be given Provera if your menstrual periods have stopped or a female hormone imbalance is causing your uterus to bleed abnormally. Provera is also prescribed to prevent abnormal growth of the uterine lining in women taking estrogen replacement therapy.
Avatar f tn The whole period being late isn't an option for me to gauge it all with because I have been on depo-provera for the last 3 years and now I'm on Mirena so I don't have a regular period and usually none at all.. It worries me because if I am pregnant I need to stop smoking like yesterday, and I had an MRI to rule out a tumor in my head.
384896 tn?1335297931 The american college of obstetrics and gynecology recommends progestin only birth control while breastfeeding such as depo provera and minipills. Progestin birth control may actually increase your milk supply where as birth control pills containing estrogen have been shown to reduce your supply of breast milk so try to avoid those. So, stay away from those. Another option is LAM, lactional amenorrhea method: Breastfeeding doesn't have to be a hindrance to birth control.
202436 tn?1326477933 Something else he suggested was the depo provera shot, he said that sometimes it helps boost milk production. I wasn't planning on taking any hormonal birth control, was just gonna do natural family planning. But with theses issues I really don't need the increased risk of pregnancy that comes wtih natural family planning so I went ahead and opted for getting the depo. We'll see if it helps. I've never used any BC other than pills so I'm not sure how it's gonna go but we'll see.
Avatar n tn Depo-provera treatment -- NIH research study: While this background & treatment information may be helpful, I'd also encourage you to seek out folks local to you for emotional support.
Avatar n tn Hormonal contraceptives that contain only progestogen like the oral contraceptive Micronor, and especially higher-dose formulations like the injectable Depo Provera commonly induce this side-effect. Extended cycle use of combined hormonal contraceptives also allow suppression of menstruation.
Avatar f tn He had a really hard time latching correctly and would fall asleep at the breast after a few minutes - this meant that he was constantly feeding. I went to a lactation consultant and things have been improving but my nipples are still somewhat sore (not painful anymore but sore). Is anyone else experiencing this? I had to pump for a while to supplement and I also had to supplement with some formula (because he had lost too much weight).
Avatar n tn I speak from experience when I say it is possible for WB to influence your cycle. Everything was fine for me on WB until I upped my dose - then I had mood swings and missed periods. After 3 months without a period, they found my prolactin (hormone that deals in lactation and suppression of periods amongst other things) levels were twice the far-end-of-normal limit.
Avatar n tn i wonder why we have to go through all this with the iud the reason i got it was so i wont have to worry about getting the depo, but i guess that worked for five years next time im sticking with it. than i go on the babies online site to see how far along am i and in one week i dont remember which one it says the breast produces colostrum, so me being unpatient i go ahead for the squeeze.........surprise some fluid appears.....i cant wait for the ultrasound its in three days........