Depo provera and mood swings

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Avatar n tn i was on the minipill for two years i am not getting my period now doctor wants to put me on depo provera she claims after awhile the affectiveness of the minpill wears off and depo would be best for me being that it is also a progesteron only contraceptive and will continue not getting my period am afraid because of all the bad things i hear about it any suggetions?
Avatar n tn Just from my experence I was on depo shot and you have signs of pregnancy and are not pregnant and there is no way possiable you could feel you baby kick so soon you don't start feeling any movement until your about 4months pregnant I had a baby about 5months ago tomorrow is 5months and well I didn't actually really feel him move until I was 4months along maybe a lil ferther and I had a m/c on the depo shot the shot was in my systom but the shot killed the baby well anyways I don't think a baby
505995 tn?1211554807 Has anyone ever been on the depo provera shot before? If so how did it go for you?
Avatar n tn It can sometimes take months and months to get a cycle back after stopping Depo. You may have irregular bleeding and spotting for quite a while, or nothing at all for quite a while. If you are sexually active and not using any birth control now, take a HPT about every 2-3 weeks until you either get your period back, or get a positive. That's about all you can do at this point. If this keeps up, you should ask your doctor what to do. Are you wanting to be pregnant? I'm assuming so.
Avatar f tn I have been on Depo-provera for nearly two months now, and have been on several other birth controls to try and regulate my period. None of the pills ever worked, I continued to bleed irregularly with heavy blood flow, and periods lasting up to 8 weeks. My doctor and I tried LUPRON to stop my periods, and it worked well for about six months. Due to insurance refusing to pay, I switched to Depo-Provera. I started bleeding two weeks ago, with all the sypmtoms of a regular period.
Avatar f tn I had had baby in Sept 04 and then went on Depo Provera a month later. A year later I started getting manic depressant and just didnt feel right. This was the second time that this happened to me on Depo Provera so I immediately went off. I let my system clean out for a month and then went onto Lo Ovoral pills and into the 8th day of the second pack I started to get these horrible migraines. I have never been sickly or have had headhaches in my life.
Avatar n tn 4 days ago I had the progesterone implant Implanon put in and I have been suffering from anxiety and severe mood swings ever since. I had the implant removed today and feel a little better. I am still very frightened as I have never felt like this before in my life - I feel disconnected to the world around me and am very teary and feel depressed, but the next minute I feel fine again - could these mood swings be due to the implant or some residual stemetil drug reaction?
Avatar f tn It gradually increased and stopped occasionaly for a day or two, I gained 10 pounds and started getting horrible headaches, right leg pains, loss of appetite, painful intercourse(before the bleeding), and mood swings. Now the blood is regular period blood. I'm almost 2 months in and the pain is horrible, the doctor said they couldn't do anything for the pain and to consider the pill instead of my next shot(late Jan-early Feb) I'm scared something is seriously wrong, please respond, thank you.
Avatar n tn My bb's are always tender before my AF comes, but this time I have nausea and some mood swings. Maybe I will finally be able to concieve. The negative is that it doesn't matter how many shots you had just one can leave you infertile for up to two years and I have heard that some women less then 1% are not able to concieve ever again. I was told any blood is to be counted as a period after coming off the depo.
290291 tn?1258156913 My gyne offered me the depo shot in march of 2007 because i was 23, on loestrin24, effexor, and metroprolol(blood pressure med), and i still had high blood pressure, in fear of me having a stroke at 23 my gyne mentioned the oh glorious depo provera(yea right), i got my shot in march and one in may, my hubbys in the military and we had to move to texas but before we left i had a gyne visit and my pap came up abnormal again which it was fine for a yr, until i started depo?
1891325 tn?1321126576 Pregnancy tests were negative, and I'm not complaining! My periods were awful, and put me in a terrible mood, so I figured it was doing a great job. However, my boyfriend pointed out the other day that I cry a lot more, and that I'm a lot more moody. I hadn't noticed a change until he pointed it out, but since he did, I noticed that it's become a normal occurrence for something like burning dinner to send me over the edge, when before I might be able to laugh it off.
Avatar n tn Woman should be informed more of the consequences of taking Depo-provera and really Understand!! The impact this shot can and will have on your life. Why destroy your life to prevent one. Read up and become more knowledgable about the side effects the posion you are putting in your body. Everyday you loose a piece of your womanhood some women unfortunately will never get back.
Avatar n tn I HATE Depo!!! I did ONE shot and had the whole bag full of side effects, WEIGHT GAIN, acne, mood swings, sleep loss, and many other terrible symptoms, it's been a year now and I have been going to doctors trying to get back to normal. I had to get on progesterone to get a cycle and that worked one time. Finally I started my own cycle all by myself! I have HIGH hopes of TTC. If ANYONE reads this DO NOT get on Depo, the negatives outweigh the positives.
Avatar n tn I had a previous post about wondering if I am pregnant or not, but I am also wondering if it is possible for me to get pregnant so soon. In May of 2004 I begin the Depo-Provera shot and then got my second shot in August, before my third shot in November I decided to switch to the pill due to some complications. So I have been on the pill since mid November of 2004. I know that Depo-Provera can stay in your system anywhere from 12 to 24 months. My husband and I have recently decided to TTC.
Avatar n tn I gained 50 lbs in one month with eating healthy and exercise. I had horrible mood swings. I was very depressed, etc. I was bleeding almost every 3 days. I went straight to BCPs once stopping Depo to get my periods regulated. It can take 12-18 months for Depo to get out of your system. The BCP's changed everything after stopping depo.
Avatar n tn I have gained 5 lbs, get horrible headaches, and have been suffering from mood swings. The ONLY good thing about the depo so far is no period. I'm still considering whether or not to continue on the depo but the more all of these side effects happen, the more i'm thinking I might switch to the pill.
432411 tn?1206475709 I took depo provera for about 6 years, starting in 2000. Just over three months after I stopped taking the shots I developed a nodule in my neck which was eventually diagnosed as thyroid cancer. I have absolutely no history of thyroid problems of any kind in family and I had had no problems before the depo.
Avatar n tn I am 19 years old, and just recently become sexually active with my boyfriend, we used protects and have both been tested, so all is good there. Okay... a week ago I got my depo Provera shot... and since then I have been hungry all of the time and have had cravings for anything sweet, saly, greasy, you name it, I've craved it... I also have been feelings nausiated at times... I am having terrible aches in my legs and arms...
Avatar n tn I didn't even want to have sex and had horrible mood swings and my face broke out. After the 3 months, I had sex (still having discharge at the time) with no problems at all. Suddenly, all the discharge cleared up and things were normal for about two weeks. Since then and at the present, I continue to have a brownish discharge. It clears up a bit from time to time but always returns. In the past few days, I have had some discomfort in my abdomen and felt odd.
Avatar n tn I was on depo provera and gained 40 pounds in 6 months... my dr. told me that the hormones that are in it mess with your body bad... If i were you i would get off it and try a differnt means of birth control... It has also been proven to increasse your chance of Osteoporosis! I also had the same problem as you... almost spotting for 3 months, when that happened (along with the weight gain) my dr. made me get off it...
Avatar f tn I'm 16, I have only took took shots of depo provera but didn't go on my 3rd shot which was April 29, 2014 because I have had continuous bleeding ever since I first started the depo which was November 2013. It's been over 6month's of non-stop bleeding and it still has not stopped even through I am no longer on the Shots. My periods would be kind of heavy then light then turn brown, then start all over in that order but it has never gone off !!
Avatar n tn I went in for my Depo-Provera shot, and a few minutes after I got home the doctor called and said "Sorry, we gave you Depo-Lupron instead of the shot you were supposed to get." I am freaking out! What are the possible side effects of this, am I still safe to have unprotected sex with my husband, will this have any permenant effects on my overies or on my body at all? Do I need to contact a lawyer? Any info you have will be greatly appreciated.
202436 tn?1326477933 i was on the depo provera for a while and in my own personal oppinion i hated it i gained lots of weight, major mood swings, no sex drive at all i felt so depressed when i was on it i think i had 3 shots then gave it up the only good thing about the depo you dont have af. some people may like and may have a different opinion but i hated it.
Avatar n tn You girls have to discontinue Depo Provera at once and I highly recommend never putting any hormones into your bodies ever again. I have experienced a living nightmare from Depo Prover for the past three years. After I got the Depo shot I went home and researched on the web about the drug. I cried for three hours in fear that that could happen to me. What happened was worse. Five days after the shot a menstrual cycle started that would not cease. It wasn't a normal cycle.
268356 tn?1236006204 Maybe I am grasping at straws. My last depo provera shot was July 2006 and my periods have been normal now for about 4 months at right around 31 days. I haven't been temping or anything like I did when I first came off the depo, so I am assuming that the ovulatory phase is 14-16 days long that would mean if I ovulated that would be around the 25th through the 27th. I am also finding myself very moody. I yelled at my husband last night about putting too many onions on his baked potato.
Avatar f tn When I first got it I was fine and my period had stop right away but the mood swings haven't. Now I'm really not sure how to handle it I try my best to stay calm but I end up having outbursts about 2-3 a week for senseless reasons. Should I contact a doctor? Will they be able to prescribe me anything, or should I just hold on until the end of the 12 weeks? Lastly, I would like to continue birth control but a different kind. What would you suggest. (Besides the pill.
Avatar n tn I took my last provera yesterday and havent had a period yet. My symptoms arepretty normal (sore breasts and mood swings) I also have had an akward craving for pumpkin all week lol its wierd for me. My doctor said you can ovulate while taking it but im worried that next month i wont have a pd then ill have to keep taking this stuff. I dont mind it but its annoying at times.
Avatar n tn I'm 48 years old and myy last depo shot was on 5/2008. I decided to stop. it's now March 2009, i haven't had my period, but i'm experiencing cramps, breast tenderness, mood swings. Can somebody tell me how long will be cycle get back to normal?
Avatar n tn I had read that when you go off of it some of your symptoms get worse, which is true. I get spotting, but I have severe mood swings and am depressed. I wouldn't recommend this shot. I've noticed that this shot is not advertised on TV or in magazines...if it was so great wouldn't it be advertised??