Depo provera and chemical castration

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Avatar n tn Just from my experence I was on depo shot and you have signs of pregnancy and are not pregnant and there is no way possiable you could feel you baby kick so soon you don't start feeling any movement until your about 4months pregnant I had a baby about 5months ago tomorrow is 5months and well I didn't actually really feel him move until I was 4months along maybe a lil ferther and I had a m/c on the depo shot the shot was in my systom but the shot killed the baby well anyways I don't think a baby
Avatar n tn strange menstrual cycles) At first I had spotting on and off every month after I started depo and after my last depo shot I never got the spotting or anything. I was constantly trying to lose weight. I didn't know how to get the weight off. I'm still 135. Been that since I gave birth to my daughter. No diet pills or diet will work for me. I haven't had my period or any spotting since my last shot and I'm still breastfeeding my daughter. But a few days ago I started feeling queasy.
Avatar f tn Finally have a serious look into your contraception method, as you may have not been made aware of the many possible dangers and side-effects. Your spotting is likely due to the Depo-Provera, which may also be contributing to headaches/migraines, nervousness and is not recommended for long-term use because of bone loss issues, which may be permanent, even after discontinuation of Depo-Provera.
Avatar m tn In fact, I tried to get a prescription for Depo Provera (used in chemical castrations outside of the US), but was to no avail. I've read a lot of conflicting opinions about things like Saw Palmetto, Licorice Root and Reishi Mushroom extract. Some say they have killed their libido, others say they were kicked into overdrive. I've taken significant amounts of Licorice and Chasteberry, but have not noticed any impact.
Avatar m tn Thank you for your suggestions and information. However, Depo-Provera is ungodly expensive in the dosages needed to have a noticeable effect on the sex drive. Do any of you know of any solutions chemical or otherwise that is cheaper?
362249 tn?1441318618 I guess they would try to get married then in this case and then we would need it like me and my DH have to do with the INS (immigration peeps) they would need proof of a relationship!! So i guess that wouldn't work but I think they need to do something!! Telling minors its ok to have sex cus there's a thing called plan B if NOT ok!! They have no idea how dangerous sex is and what all can happen!! Has any1 watched that movie called Children Of Men?
Avatar n tn Then after a while it seemed like I was always initiating it and getting turned down! He just shrugs it off and thinks that I being funny and laughs! Mean while I feel rejected and depressed. I didn't say anything for a while I pretty much let it build up for a while and then one night I had to much to drink and decided to bring up the issue. He didn't seem to think that anything was wrong with our sex life and couldn't believe that's what I was mad about!