Delayed period white discharge

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Avatar m tn I had normal pre period white discharge, but my period is nearly 15 days late! I'm a Virgin, and 3 days ago I got light brown discharge mixed with the white, and as the days went on it went darker brown, yesterday and today it's been dark brown and mixed with blood, is this signs that my period coming soon?
6745164 tn?1391806591 m having lots of watery white discharge no smell. but my period has still not come yet. could I be pregnant? I don't have a doctor so I don't know what to do.
Avatar f tn You did have a normal period so you're not pregnant. Yes, It could be the i pill causing the delay. You really might want to think about getting in to see your Dr since you're having the discharge and delayed period to find out what's going on.
6745164 tn?1391806591 My period is 7 days late and im getting a lot of watery white discharge.I took a pregnancy test yesterday and it came out negative. Why is my period so late and what does this discharge mean.?
Avatar m tn Having 9 days delayed/ missed period , with very little to NO vaginal discharge on my Panty. This never happened before. I have no stress and I am sexually active. I did Preg. Test it came negative. I read many blogs people say they have vaginal discharge when they are pregnant. I had pre-mensuration symptoms but then got Reduced then nil. On 9th day I started getting little cramps actually more pressure feeling on tummy.(It may Gastric) but noting more.
Avatar f tn Damn few weeks my obfyn gave me a list of days to ttc cause of my last cycle besides cm went egg white and sticky as if I'm just skipping my period idk I feel like it is going to come about a hr or so so a day but it doesn't and my pms sypmtoms goes away.
Avatar n tn It is normal to have White discharge a few days before your period and many pregnant women experience increased white discharge but you can not associate it with pregnancy alone.For conception part i want to know whether you know when you ovulate each cyclei mwan are you tracking your ovulation?And do you have sex every day during your fertile period?
1392886 tn?1280284185 I've never heard of it personally. If you're not sure what something is or what it even does, don't take it. Speak to a doctor before taking anything. They have other ways to induce a period if needed, but will check to see if you're pregnant first or if something else could have delayed it. It's not uncommon for a period to be delayed or late, and you normally don't have to take anything to induce it. Is there a reason you're trying to force it to come?
Avatar f tn not really sure why I am delayed .. can you help me .
Avatar f tn Today is the third day of my delayed period I noticed afternoon brown discharge and slight cramping with low back ache, no period came.. then i had white discharge and still waiting period with continuous low back ache, may the period need time after brown discharge to come? thanks!
Avatar m tn She is also having her PMS symptoms like bloating, and she says that her vagina produces lots of white discharge. Is her period just delayed from her stressing out, and are they just PMS symptoms?
Avatar f tn hi...i been 2 weeks delayed of my monthly period and till now i have too much white fluid coming out from my vagina, i check home pregnancy test twice but its says negative even to my blood i check to the laboratory it's also negative what it means????i am pregnant or not?
Avatar f tn The discharge could just mean an infection. I would take a test just to be sure. That is the only way to really know if you are.
Avatar f tn This month its got delayed by 3 days and still am not getting my periods. There are signs of white discharge which is common for me every month. but it stops before a day of my periods. this month i havent get my periods and white discharge is not stopping. do we get pregnancy after 4 months? what is that am suffering from? is it due to weakness?
Avatar f tn I've been 9 days delayed on my period, i took 4 contraceptive pills last night around 10 pm. my last period was Feb 1-7 i had sex Feb 16. i'm experiencing headache, white discharge, backache.. i'm worried though I'm going to buy pt later to check if im pregnant.
Avatar f tn I usually have a white or colorless vaginal disharge. Since the last 3 days my discharge is normal when wet but after drying on my underwear it turns light green. It does not give any foul odour. But my vagina feels a little itchy sometimes. I had protected sex more than 2 weeks ago with a known partner & I should have gotten my periods 3 days ago but there's still no sign. Could this be an infection? Could I be pregnant? Please help! Thank you.
Avatar f tn t started my period, I also went to the restroom and noticed I had some really thick white cm in my underwear. Is this normal at period time? Just trying to decide if I should test again or whats going on with that, I usually dont have discharge like that at period time.
Avatar f tn Now I have a white discharge and it is not thick. It is like milk colored like watery?? Is it possible just in case there was a few semen entered? HELP me pls. Any information about this will do. Thanks a lot.
Avatar f tn i am also experiencing lower back pain and have noticed a white creamy discharge that has become more prevalent and frequent. it has little to no odor.
Avatar m tn Dont worry if you worried your body will shut down and then your perio will be delayed. Not to scare you but my last period was oct 29 normal period i was late 1 day and i just felt pregnant and I was, now i am 5 months pregnant with my first kid and im beyond excited! Good luck,keep us updated!
Avatar f tn I'm 55 days no period since my last period Feb.20,2015 or 22 days delayed in my expected period last month.. My medical test March 26 said I was pregnant but my HPT was negative, I took it april 6 and also my transvaginal utrasound test april 9 was nothing found. And today I'm having leg cramps and easy to be tired. I have also a white milky discharge.
Avatar f tn I never had discharge while on depo now Ive been having heavy white discharge ... could my missed period be from missing my shot or could I be pregnant?
12108707 tn?1423769878 s just a lot of white vaginal discharge. I feel really bloated. I took a HPT an hour ago and it came back negative. I am so confused. Am I pregnant? Is my body playing tricks with me?
Avatar f tn I am 20 year old. The last time I had sex was 2 weeks ago. We used protection as we always do. However I do not take birth control. I was suppose to start my period Sunday. Okay here we are 3 going on 4 days late. I have been freaking out about this as well. I took three pregnancy test this morning, all which was negative. However I have no symptoms of a period like I normally do. Normally a week before I start I have the usual back ache, tender breast, cramps. But now nothing.
Avatar f tn Hello Everyone I think I may be pregnant but im not sure me in my boyfriend had unprotected sex my whole fertile week in everytime he came inside me I have back pain sore breast bloating cramps creamy white discharge and bad headaches my period was due sept 20th still nothing am I pregnant please comment?