Delayed period white discharge

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Avatar m tn my period is due on 28th november but i still havent gotten it. i didnt see any white discharge either. is there something wrong?
Avatar m tn She is also having her PMS symptoms like bloating, and she says that her vagina produces lots of white discharge. Is her period just delayed from her stressing out, and are they just PMS symptoms?
Avatar f tn Damn few weeks my obfyn gave me a list of days to ttc cause of my last cycle besides cm went egg white and sticky as if I'm just skipping my period idk I feel like it is going to come about a hr or so so a day but it doesn't and my pms sypmtoms goes away.
Avatar f tn Now iam not planning to have a second one so,i was little bit tense for missing my period. Back pain ,white discharge from virgina, leg cramps are there as before cycle starts. Iam not getting nausea,Then what may cause the delay of my period .Please any one help me.
Avatar f tn You really might want to think about getting in to see your Dr since you're having the discharge and delayed period to find out what's going on.
Avatar m tn I had normal pre period white discharge, but my period is nearly 15 days late! I'm a Virgin, and 3 days ago I got light brown discharge mixed with the white, and as the days went on it went darker brown, yesterday and today it's been dark brown and mixed with blood, is this signs that my period coming soon?
Avatar f tn This month I went out of town for business a few times and maybe wasn't taking my pills when I was supposed to. Now my period is a couple days late and I'm just getting clear/white discharge. I never use a condom with my boyfriend anymore. Thoughts?
Avatar f tn The discharge could just mean an infection. I would take a test just to be sure. That is the only way to really know if you are.
6745164 tn?1391810191 I'm having lots of watery white discharge no smell. but my period has still not come yet. could I be pregnant? I don't have a doctor so I don't know what to do.
6745164 tn?1391810191 My period is 7 days late and im getting a lot of watery white discharge.I took a pregnancy test yesterday and it came out negative. Why is my period so late and what does this discharge mean.?
Avatar n tn I experiencing the usual symtoms before having a period like breast tenderness,cramps,moody etc. I have vaginal discharge but its all in white, I dont urinate much. Ive been worrying this since the 1st week of delay...does it cause why Im still delayed now? Im not having a pregnancy test hoping to have my period soon. I just broke up with my BF last week of January which makes me more depressed and get more worried about this delays. I dont experience nausea.
Avatar n tn I am late for my period and am extremely tired, hot, having mild cramps, and having discharge(which does not have an odor). Could an UTI delay my period or could I be pregnant?
Avatar f tn I usually have a white or colorless vaginal disharge. Since the last 3 days my discharge is normal when wet but after drying on my underwear it turns light green. It does not give any foul odour. But my vagina feels a little itchy sometimes. I had protected sex more than 2 weeks ago with a known partner & I should have gotten my periods 3 days ago but there's still no sign. Could this be an infection? Could I be pregnant? Please help! Thank you.
Avatar f tn My breast also hurt. Didn’t have spotting but I have this thick milky white discharge. Could I be just delayed or pregnant?
584061 tn?1219334520 I am 1 1/2 weeks late, and i have had a white discharge even before my period was suppose to start until now. My period is very regular. This discharge is akward because this has never happened to me..a i am trying to concieve...could i possibly be pregnant?
Avatar f tn   2)Can being sexually active change your cycle and make ur period early or late? I take Loestrin 24fe and i am currently on the white pill and i usually get my period when I take the brown pills. So i am very confused. I'm 17 but i was put on the pill to stay safe while my boyfriend uses condoms. I just want to know if I should have anything to worry about.
Avatar n tn my officemates wife is 42 yrs old and she haven't had her period for 2 months now. she's complaining that she has a white discharge. she's afraid that she might be pregnant. could she be pregnant?
5265722 tn?1402527432 I did get my period eventually a whole week early. Ever since then I started my birth control pills but it has delayed my period, is this normal? Also getting thicker white mucusy discharge. Is this normal?
Avatar m tn I don't think I have seen a discharge. Certainly not a creamy white thick thing or something with color. I may have experienced a little leaky urine, perhaps. Would I be looking for other obvious things for either, such as pain while urinating? I have had a tingle of sorts near my urethra, but that has been mild, has come and gone throughout the day and really doesn't happen when I urinate, and seems to be less today than previous two days.
Avatar n tn Thinking this message board is probably past due, but was looking up white creamy discharge on day of missed period and came across this site. I have been TTC since June 07. I'm 41 yrs old and was starting to give up hope. Its been 10 yrs since I conceived last (gave birth to a healthy son) and I don't remember any of the past pregnancy symptoms prior to getting a positive pregnacy result last go around. Yesterday was my first missed period.
Avatar m tn My husband and I have used several different types of protection along with using spermicidal jelly, I have had cramping some and a lot of headaches like I normally have when I am about to get my period, I also have had a white watery discharge for a couple of days now.
Avatar m tn Having 9 days delayed/ missed period , with very little to NO vaginal discharge on my Panty. This never happened before. I have no stress and I am sexually active. I did Preg. Test it came negative. I read many blogs people say they have vaginal discharge when they are pregnant. I had pre-mensuration symptoms but then got Reduced then nil. On 9th day I started getting little cramps actually more pressure feeling on tummy.(It may Gastric) but noting more.
Avatar m tn but I think I ovulated last june 10 because there are lots of white watery discharge and a little bit of blood when i wipe myself but until now, my period is not yet coming. What could be the possible cause of this? I've been through a lot of stress this past months. Thank you for your answer.
7667630 tn?1393207133 on the 14th i had brown maybe clear mixed discharge but very little next day i had the same just a bit more not enough to cover a tampon with a bit of dark red blood no clots the next day had very little of the discharge mix and it ended that day which i took as my period 14th to 16th is the time my period should have started and ended my next period was due for the 6th of February but still nothing in between all this.
Avatar f tn I'll be three months delay for my period.
Avatar n tn ive had weight gain and had a craving for cereals (coco pops) i dont like cereals since i was a kid , i have taken two home pregnancy tests and they both were negative . i have also had pure white discharge , and im going to the toilet reguarly more then i used too . could i be pregnant ?