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Avatar f tn had my last period june 19, had unprotected sex june 30, took plan B (morning after pill 16hrs after, i dont have my period until now, should i be worried?
Avatar m tn I took Plan b after 9hrs of unprotected sex. I was expecting my period that week. But since I took the pill I know my period would possibly be late. However since the day I took the pill I saw some blood spots on my underwear. today is my third day since I took the pill and I still see some blood spots. Does this mean I could be pregnant? If not when should I expect my period?
Avatar f tn The site also says that if you are more than a week late, or have not had a period within 3 weeks of taking plan b that you could be pregnant. They are also very clear about the effectiveness in women who are overweight. They warn that plan B is less effective in women that weigh 165+ lbs. and is NOT effective in women weighing 176+ lbs. If your weight is above 165 lbs there is a chance that the medication might not have been able to work for you.
Avatar f tn Hi I had unprotected sex a month ago. Took plan b 9hours later and got my period five days after. I'm waiting for my second period but I'm very nervous and I know its going to be delayed. However I feel bubbles in my stomach constantly and idk if its nerves or if I could actually be pregnant:( What do you all think?
Avatar m tn Yes there's always a chance of pregnancy if you're having unprotected sex, however if you had sex a day before your period, it's very unlikely, if you mean by contraceptive pill you mean plan B, it can cause very irregular cycles and symptoms, so wait 2 weeks from the unprotected sex and take a HPT it should be positive by then.
Avatar f tn I got pregnant off the plan B pill, you need to be careful and use protection because it's not reliable and even then there is still a chance, I was on the mini pill, used a condom (it broke) and took the plan b and here I am 22 weeks pregnant
Avatar m tn Probably from the Plan B. Unless your condoms broke you shouldn't have used it - it's not meant to be used that way and should NEVER be used habitually. (in fact you're not supposed to use it more than 2x a year) If you're concerned about pregnancy do NOT let him touch you without having protection on.
Avatar f tn I remember that when my ex took the plan b close to her period it often delayed it by a few days, it's possible that you are just freaking yourself out and bein delayed by stress and other factors, if in a few days it hasn't come go take a blood test?
Avatar f tn The spotting could be a delayed side effect of the Plan B or it could be pregnancy spotting. I would wait for your period and if it's late by even a day, take a test.
Avatar n tn a change in menstrual periods is an important side effect of Plan B pill. With Plan B, the periods should be delayed. The periods should come within 7 days of the expected date. If the periods are delayed by more than 7 days, then please ask your girlfriend to consult her doctor and get serum HCG done. I hope it helps. Take care and please do keep me posted on how you are doing or if you have any additional doubts. Kind regards.
Avatar f tn I was taking Yaz for the first time last month, and on my week of non active pills, I took a plan b. I never missed a pill, maybe delayed by a few hours on one or two times but mostly just on time. It was the first time my boyfriend came inside me so I was scared and took plan b. Not surprisingly, I didn't get my period as expected that week. I started my second pack the day I was supposed to, right after the last inactive pill of the first pack - which was last July 11.
Avatar f tn Well the plan b can mess up your cycle, which is probably why your period is delayed.
Avatar m tn I had my period on 30th sept nd den me n my boyfriend had sex on 4 oct. I took unwanted 72 on 6th oct.
Avatar n tn I am 23 years old, nearly 24 and my period never delayed!! It was always on time.. I had unprotected sex with my husband but he never finished inside. Also I took the after day pill twice in 2 or 3 months I can't really remember but not during the same month. Does this have to have anything with it? the last time I took it was 1 or 2 weeks before I was supposed to have my period this month.
Avatar f tn Hi i had sex on last month 27th and that time the condom broke.So i took a plan B within 5 hours of the intercourse.And this month i got my periods on 18th, two days delayed(the due date was on 16th). But the period is very light and lasted only for some 2 days and the bleeding was not as usual! Any chances that i am still pregnant? Can anyone explain me the difference between menstrual cycle and implant bleeding?
Avatar m tn okay, so its been over a week since the incident occured, and i thought i started my period today - granted it wouldve been early- but since i took plan b, i didn't really rule it out. the blood was a brownish color, and not very heavy, and ive been having horrible cramps. the bleeding has stopped but the cramps haven't. my friend keeps telling me im probably just stressing out too much, or its some adverse side effect. i don't know though.
Avatar m tn Thank you for your help. Plan B delayed my period about 12 days.
Avatar f tn ok so last week on the 29th i took plan b after having sex with my bf at the time on 28th. it was with a condom but for a few seconds he took the condom off and proceeded to continue. surprisingly i did not knw until he told me. i was really upset as it is my ovulation period. he did not ejaculate in me. it was not necessarily a pull out either. he came out of me way before he ejaculated (by means of masturbation). its been a week and now i feel like im ovulating all over again.
Avatar n tn I had unprotected sex just about 3 days ago and took plan b a couple hours afterwards. He DID ejaculate in me. I have had horrible symptoms including, breast tenderness, diarrhea, increased vaginal discharge, cramping and extreme nausea. Food is no longer appetizing, when I eat I want to throw up. Is this all just horrible side effects of the plan b or is this possibly very early signs of pregnancy?
Avatar m tn t get your period in a week, take a test to be sure but that you took plan B is probably what has made your period delayed which is very common. It's hormones so it upsets your system and women often have a full two cycles of irregular periods.
Avatar n tn I read on the Plan B website that you should still get your period when expected even if you bled previously. Well my period isnt here, and i took a pregnancy test today, and it came up negative. So should i be worried? Or do you think the bleeding from the pill could of been my period and now i hould calculate from that date?