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Avatar n tn If i've never used nuva ring and my period is 2 days late, will putting the nuva ring in now delay my period?
Avatar f tn The only way to do that is to take birth control and skip the placebo pills (the ones you take the week you have your period) or (if on the Nuvaring) don't take the ring out and for an extra week or switch the rings during the time your period is due. But in order to do any of this you have to start birth control months in advance so your body can get used to the hormonal change in order to stop your period.
Avatar f tn two weeks in, one week out, with my period occurring during the no-ring week. However, I’d really like to delay or totally skip my next period (I’ll try not to be vulgar, but it occurs during the only visit I’ll have with my boyfriend during 6 months temporarily living on different continents). Would it be safe for me to keep my ring in during this time? If so, do I just take the old ring out and put a new one in once the week I normally have no ring in is over?
Avatar n tn I know, I keep telling myself not to worry, but it's hard. We want this so bad. It's funny, I went through my twenties trying NOT to get pregnant, and then when you want to it's just not that easy. Dr. says the semen analysis will be the 1st step to start ruling out causes.
Avatar n tn or, what else could even be the cause of such a delay in my usually predictable period? Thanks for any comments, etc! Katie L.
Avatar f tn I am on no type of birth control, what so ever, and i was wondering if i could get pregnant the last day of my period. My boyfriend & I had sex last, no protection, and he came inside of me. I was wondering how much of a possibility it could be that i might end up pregnant.
Avatar n tn I have had very regular periods for the last two years always have a period between 28-35 days. My last period was 9/24/05 and I have missed the period for October and the one for November is approaching. I have been having unprotected sex with my fiance' since August where he has ejaculated on many many occasions, I think every time we had sex, inside of me.
Avatar n tn Anyone know if anything I can do, delay period, or do they go ahead if your period comes during the lap?
Avatar n tn I should be getting my period within the next few days, but usually I can tell, I don't know if its because im stressed. Could stress delay my period? If anyone has any advice, experience, insight anything you can email me at this nickname @yahoo, or post as soon as possible. I greatly appreciate this.
Avatar n tn Periods can vary in length and flow. It sounds like a period.
Avatar f tn I have been on the nuvaring for about a year now and every 3 weeks I take it out on Sunday start my period the following Friday put the ring in Sunday and am off period by Monday. I got a kidney infection a few weeks ago and was on strong antibiotics, while on them my bf and I had sex a few times. 3 days after I was off the medication I took my ring out. Friday came and I barely spotted. Not normal. Saturday same as Friday. Sunday I put ring In and no sign of any bleeding.
1144340 tn?1261292184 Right now you arent even a week late and a lot of things can delay your period so it might be best to wait and see what happens.
1851457 tn?1321238641 I am on the nuvaring and still being on that have been completely regular. I have Crohns disease and recently started having symptoms of what I thought was a flare show up. I have been having terrible pain in my lower back, constant headaches, bloating to the point I cant button my pants, cramping in my lower abdomen, and I feel like I am going to be sick all through the day along with being irregularly tired.
9221315 tn?1402435136 Terrible mistake- I had heavy bleeding and spotting, and it also got misplaced. It hurt like hell to get put in. Then came the depo- I haven't had a period since I used it. My first shot was March 31, 2014. But due to side effects, I will be no longer using it. Now my doctor wants me to use NuvaRing, but I'm not so sure... So what are some permanent forms of birth control that I can use that will continue to delay my periods? I'm tired of switching!!! BTW, I'm a 19 yo virgin.
Avatar n tn I will do shot 5 Thursday and I havent had a period since the week before I started tx. Thats like almost 35-40 days. I just figure that these sx have had me so stressed out, and thats what the deal is. I don't know about the platelets and hemhoraging but I think the more you worry about it, the more you might delay the cycle and have the PMS symptoms. I get PMS terribly bad and understand what you mean by the symptoms bieng intensified! but if your really worried, I'd call a nurse.
Avatar f tn I stopped my nuvaring in October of 2010 and had my withdrawal bleed right on schedule. My cycles have been like clockwork every 25-26 days every since. We have been just avoiding sex on and around the time of ovulation, although I haven't been tracking my ovulation. I was due to start on the 13th of this month which would have been day 26. I tested the evening of the 13th with negative results. I had no reason to think it wasn't coming.
1035252 tn?1427231433 Most women know that you have to be ovulating to get pregnant, and most women ovulate approximately 14 days before their period is due. When you ovulate, an egg is released from your ovary into your fallopian tube. If you have sex right before or very close to your ovulation, there is a 25% chance that a woman with a healthy reproductive system and a man with healthy sperm will have the sperm and egg meet.
Avatar f tn sinus issuses are going away but hot and tired all the time and i currently stay at home all day until i start school nausea, fatigue, period is be on late not use to that had sex almost everyday this month so far unprotected pretty stupid right when me and my fianace are clear that we should wait to have a baby.
Avatar n tn You are not protected by your birth control at this point, and restarting it now would not be a good idea unless a doctor tells you to do it (probably ok if you take the morning after pill and then start after your period comes). The chances of you being pregnant are nowhere near 50%, statistically speaking.
Avatar m tn Me and my girlfriend were messing around and I ejaculated, I proceeded to wash my ands with soap and water and dry them, wipe of my penis with toilette paper many times to make sure it was completely dry (free of semen), waited for all semen to drip out (I squeezed to make sure there was none remaining) and then returned to my girlfriend, there was about a 10-15 minute delay while I cleaned up and she tried to arouse me again then I fingered her and rubbed my penis (still soft) around and on, n
Avatar n tn Okay, I got a serious issue. On May 4th of this year, I had a m/c, with D&C. Didnt get a period until mid June or 7 weeks after d/c. I then started the NuvaRing in July and have been faithful with it. In September just out of curiosity, I took a home pregnancy test (Clearly Confirm) it was positive x 2. Took a Clearblue easy x 2 it was negative. Got a serum Quantitative Hcg and it was <.1 (I interpreted this as a firm negative.) October I had a cycle.
Avatar n tn I have just recently switched birth control pills (about 2months ago)and last month I had my regular period. I have not missed a period yet, but for almost three weeks I have been nausea off and on all day long with indegestion and have been extemely tired. I have taken three home pregnancy test and one out of the three was positive. That was last Wed. night, Thurs. I went to the doctor and he did a blood test that came back negative. The thing is I have never reacted to BCP this way before.
Avatar n tn Hi! I am on my 11th day of being late for my period. The first day of my last period was sept. 23 and my periods are regular (28-30 day cycles). All of the pregnancy tests have said negative, and the doctor told me to wait one more week before a blood test. I was wondering if anyone has been pregnant after having negative test results this late from period.
123759 tn?1226934204 He gave me an ultrasound and said i have a blotch in the middle of my Uterus, and it was either a baby or my period was getting ready to comedown. My period came on Jan. 1, and Feb. 1st and nothing s of yet. I am really nervous he took a blood test and I will know my results tomortow. I am very confused, but my heart is telling me I'm pregnant. I'm only about a week late. Somebody help!
Avatar n tn I am concerned that it may have been a cyst that caused the symptoms and now the delay in my period though, because I had relatively sharp discomfort in my left side (near my ovary) that got progressively worse over a few days and the just stopped three ago. Has anyone had this happen? I have a Drs appointment tomorrow and will have a blood test then. What a bummer if we're not.
Avatar n tn hi ann, thanks for getting back to me. yeah, my period is not late and i'm not even due for it until the end of this month. my period ended on 1/19 and my breasts became sore a few days/week later. they still are? sometimes i will feel a "sting" in the nipple area and they feel bruised on the sides and underneath (like where the wire of the bra sits). i checked them in the shower last night and didnt feel anything (lumps). again, both breasts feel the same.
Avatar n tn The cramps aren't causing damage, which is what I was worried about, and after the first couple of months I have never been happier with a birth control. I don't have a period anymore, which my doctor said was normal, and I haven't seen the weight gain and mood swings I have experienced with other contraceptives. I recommend giving it at LEAST two months before having it removed! I absolutely love it!
Avatar n tn I go to the doctor next week - so they will probably do a blood test then. The first day of my last period was May 31st. I am 31 and never have missed a period before. I am now going on missing another period. This is crazy that this happens to so many women and there is no explanation except for stress.
Avatar n tn lol i'm 23 and had twin boys 8 months ago, have had a regular (well now it's a mirena regular) af since then and i KNOW i'm not pregnant. i also get the fluttering feeling in the left side of stomach. for a while i thought i was pregnant. i was freaking out. it felt just like a baby kicking. the fluttering. so weird. i have an appt. with my ob at the end of the month so i think i'm gonna ask him about it.
Avatar n tn It's so frustrating because now I am hearing from some friends in the medical field that liver problems can stem from taking allergy pills for an extended period of time. I take ZyrtecD and have been for a few years. Does anyone know if the liver can be associated with hair loss? I know that we are all just sharing stories, but anyone else with similar experiences?