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Avatar m tn If I'm on my peiod now and want to delay it for next month just a few days what can i do? fyi i'm not on the pill, and can't go to the doctor.
Avatar n tn The first time I took it I had few drops of bleeding the next day and it stopped but when my period came it was very heavy. This time that I took it I didn't have any bleeding and my period never came... Also I was very stressed this month about some exam results that I was waiting for but they came out on the 17th. So after that I wasn't actually stressed.
Avatar f tn My RE likes to do that around cycle day 4 or 5 so b/c we will be gone she is giving me another pack of BCP to prolong it a few days until we get back. Not sure what your Dr would say. I would definitely call to find out before doing this on your own. You don't want to mess up your cycle. Hope this helps!
Avatar n tn The first time I took it I had few drops of bleeding the next day and it stopped but when my period came it was very heavy. This time that I took it I didn't have any bleeding and my period never came... Also I was very stressed this month about some exam results that I was waiting for but they came out on the 17th. So after that I wasn't actually stressed.
Avatar n tn HI, As the pregnancy test is negative you can wait and watch to see whether the period progresses as normal after a few days. If not then the pregnancy test can be repeated after 7 days or better still go in for a blood test for beta HCG. Consult your Doctor. Hope this helps.
473246 tn?1293837273 I would suggest that if you don't get AF in a few days, call the doctor's office and see if they will prescribe you something to induce it. Hope this helps!
Avatar f tn Before I get married my period starts on day 20/21 of the month (30 MC), I took pill to stopped the period for my wedding day (to avoid discomfort), right after the wedding I discontinue taking the pill then a week later got my period, it starts day 3/4 of the month for 3 months, the following month I was delay for 10 days (PT negative) unfortunately on the 11 day got my period associated with blood clots (lots) went to see a doctor( OB Gyne) thought it's a miscarriage but my ultra sound shows
Avatar f tn im 11 days delay.. my period should start june 30 but it never came... i dont have any signs of pregnancy except,, at night i get little cramps in my upper thigh.., im constipated,, and sudden need to vomit but all that came out was air( gassy )... i took an hpt this morning and the result was negative... do you think its too early for me to test?? when do you think is the best time for me to use hpt again??? hope some one reply... im just scared that maybe somethings wrong with me....
700212 tn?1240764420 I have lots of friends who are here to help me and come over if I need it...I just thought you guys might have a few tips on making this alittle easier on me and my girls.
Avatar f tn I am waiting for my sons diagnosis, should just be a few more days, he is 28 months old. Yes there are many observational tests to diagnose autism, in my sons case it was the ados and they use module 1 since he is non verbal.
Avatar f tn I was taking homeopathic treatment for my painful manustrual cycle just after I completed my period. So overall i took a treatment for 1 month and now I missed my period. I am 6 days late. This is the first time ever since I am getting period (10 yrs) that I am late. My date is always fixed. I am never never never late. What could be the reason for it? Those homeopathic medicine can cause delay in period? I even took mensorine drops for getting period still it didn't come.
Avatar f tn then my last period was july 21 up to few days of august, but until now, i haven't had period again. what should i do?does it mean pregnancy?
Avatar n tn I was on a different suppository (Crinone) while trying to conceive and as soon as I got the negative blood results back, my RE told me to stop taking the progersterone. I got my period 2-3 days later (the gel/cream does delay your period). Sorry about the negative.
5264083 tn?1404669334 In fact, my period never came at all. It is now a week late. I started getting period cramps and bloating a few days ago, thinking it was on it's way. Never happened. Instead the cramps and bloating just seem to be getting worse by the day. I am NEVER late. And there is NOT a chance that I am pregnant. The only possibility is the antibiotics. I avoid antibiotics, because I am a real health fanatics, and I know how damaging they can be to our biological systems.
Avatar f tn Hello, Does Prometrium delay AF? And if it does, what has been your experience? A few days? Or a week or longer? I've read conflicting things about prometrium on the web...either it can delay AF or trigger AF. I started taking it a couple of weeks ago, but I got a BFN today. I'm going in anyways tomorrow for a beta:( I'm anxious for my AF to start right away..I actually feel like it's going to come, but so far, nothing.
Avatar n tn her turning 20 is not going to delay a period for 2 months. stress can/may delay it for a few days but not that long. there is something else going on. she needs to see her obgyn. she may have cysts on her ovaries or something of the sort. she can be put on BC to jump start her period.
Avatar f tn hi, i am 22yrs and 12 days late for my period, on 10th day morning i checked hpt it cme negative and on same day i went near doctor she told to wait 1 more week, i am having symptoms lower back pain, headache and sore breast, it could be pregnancy symptoms? i am having another question if women be pregnant then the result must show within 7 days but some women it takes 3 weeks why?
Avatar f tn when i came home for vacation ,I had unprotected sex on the 7th of November and two days later I took a ipill after that the next day I woke up with a very weird feeling in my bladder it felt so heavy as if it was going to fall off and had an intense urge to pee but when I actually went to the washroom it was just few drops it got worst after an hour so I immediately went to a gynaecologist .
Avatar f tn so i did get my period, with it 3 days after the ragular 28 days. i just got my period today (the 22nd) but when i took out the tampon it has a little bood on it, and a light brownish color on it too. what is that. could i still have a chance of being pragnet if even if i got my period but its light?
Avatar m tn stress can delay a period. but shes not pregnant so you two have nothing to worry about.....besides if she is 10 days late..did any one of you all even both to think to have her take a test?
Avatar n tn a few days later I developed neuropathy tingling in hands and feet and week feeling (numbness) from knees down - not so bad now but tingling still lingers - original neurologist told me it was "post viral neuropathy" - I was talking to another neurologist who I told my symptoms to and he said it sounded more like a mild case of Guillan Barre Syndrome which is what I thought it might have been originally but NOBODY believed me including my own PCP and nurse at the ER.
372727 tn?1201422396 The variation in time between different individuals seroconversion is according to most experst very small, perhaps a few days to a week. Average time is about 3 weeks, thus if you seroconvert at 6 weeks you would already be considered late.
285149 tn?1217050067 okay look last years around march i stopped drinking birth control and i kept on with my normal period ... i waited a few months and then i was TTc my last real noraml period was august . then i was for three months without my period i thought i was prego , i took a test and it came back positive but then i took another one and it came back negative .. then i looked online for those free clinics and i found one they did a blood test and came back negative ..
398721 tn?1201362470 my 1st last day of menstruel was Dec25th 2007), I am 28 days of cycle. My period never showed then it appears 4 days late, but when it had appeared. It was not flowing. It only drips inthe toilet it doesnt cover my whole pad, Its acting as though it wants to come but it does not. My menstruel has never done that before. My pad is empty, sometimes it only has a few drops, an yet the blood only leaks in the toilet because the flow is not heavy and fast enough.
Avatar m tn If I'm on my period now and want to delay it for next month just a few days what can i do? fyi ...
Avatar f tn Hi, I had sex 4 days before my period with protection but after my boyfriend ejaculated we found out that his condom had broken so he ejaculated in me. I took the emergency pill/morning after pill about 2-3 hours after this had happened. I am currently not on birth control and my menstrual cycle is regular (28-30 days). Now I am one day late for my period. What are the chances that I might be pregnant?
Avatar n tn During mid august I had my usual pre period symptoms but those came and have disappeared entirely. I've taken hpts and they've come back negative (once a few days before my period was due, once the day it was due and one yesterday). Any insight on what is happening? I'm not sure how long I'm supposed to wait until my period is going to come back. Would appreciate anyone who's gone through something similar to share their experience. Thanks!
Avatar f tn I immediately took plan B 4 hours after the accident. It has now been 7 days since I took the EC and 5 days late of my scheduled period. I did not experience any spotting or nausea or bloating. I would like to know if because I did not experience any signs/symptoms does that mean plan B did not work? everyone seems to be having sore or spotting. Whereas, me on the other hand did not even had a headache. I am very stressed out as it has now been 5 days and my period is yet to arrive.