How to delay period for vacation

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Avatar f tn We are going to be gone when I am supposed to get AF, but I need to be home in order to do the an ultrasound to get ready to take clomid. My RE likes to do that around cycle day 4 or 5 so b/c we will be gone she is giving me another pack of BCP to prolong it a few days until we get back. Not sure what your Dr would say. I would definitely call to find out before doing this on your own. You don't want to mess up your cycle. Hope this helps!
Avatar m tn Is there anything I can take to delay my period (I do not want to go on birth control). Is norethisterone common in the U.S? If so, how would I go about getting it.
Avatar f tn Would starting birth control for one month be enough to skip my period? I have also heard of people using Aygestin to delay periods. Is effective? If so, what is the typical dosage?
Avatar f tn In either case it can be continued for up to two weeks or so until you want to have a period. Your period will then normally begin 2-3 days after stopping any pill. So you can start one pill now and continue until you want your period again or you can take 5 mg thrice a day for 3 days and stop. Either way you can avid periods during the vacation time. However, since you have irregular periods, this plan may backfire. So please consult a gynecologist. Take care!
Avatar n tn If you're going to do it though, you literally have to start with your very next period in order for it to take effect in enough time. One time I went to my gyne to ask about going on the pill to stop my period the next month when I was on vacation. She said it was too late by then because the only way to impact your menstrual cycle is if you start taking the pills at least a couple of months before the big event.
724730 tn?1280168504 I have peed on sooo many home pregnancy tests that I don't want to do another one, I just keep waiting for my period to come. Could vacation delay my usually regular periods, or should I think about taking a pregnancy test?
1285286 tn?1271724018 And i am due to have my period the days we will be there and i was wondering if there is a way to delay my period,stop my period ,or make my period come early?.I have 3 kids already and we are done having kids.And i have my tubes tide! I need help i want to have a nice period free vacation!Anyone ! Thank you!
961574 tn?1520651703 and then I must pay $1,700 for the embryo transfer, then submit my account ledger to my insurance to re-imburse me. Now, mind you, this is 48hrs before we are suppose to leave!!! I haven't eaten for 2 days, nor have I slept. I think we are going to just cancel our plane tickets *thank God we bought Southwest!* and look into other avenues of having the embros transferred to another clinic and doing the FET transfer there. I cannot believe this nightmare!
Avatar n tn I am currently on Yasmin 28 and would like to delay my period for a week since I am going on vacation. I tried starting a new pack once to delay my period. I can't remember, but I think I confused my body by taking an active pill along with a placebo. How can I delay my period effectively?
Avatar f tn It sounds like the both of you have kinda let his mother do all the work. That is understandable. It is not to late for you to get involved, but you have to make an effort to do so. There is a ton of information out there on ADHD. Start by reading the material published by Medhelp. this is the link I hope this helps. Please ask if you need more info.
Avatar f tn How have you used Norethindrone to delay your period? My dr. has giving me a prescription of Norethindrone 5mg once a day due to heavy periods and needing to change my cycle just for the month of May. She really gave me no direction and is not one to return my calls quickly but I have reached out to her and will use her direction regarding any advice I receive here. I am due to start my period on the 14th. I leave for vacation on the 17th.
Avatar f tn So, I want to delay my period for April because I am going on vacation. I just started taking my birth control again this month. I was off of it for two months. To delay it, during the week in April I should get my period I skip the placebo pills and start taking a new pack of pills correct? Is this method very effective? I have heard it was, but I just want to hear of peoples personal experiences.
Avatar n tn I'm late, suppose to to get my period middle of last week to now. My boyfriend went in me on my frist day of my period last month. And I still haven't got my period. Today I started to feel cramping. But I have some signs of PG. As sore boobs, and urinating. Those two. But I still haven't gotten my period!! I am getting very sacerd!! I'm taking a EPT Friday with my boyfriend.. But what am I suppose to do till then if I don't get my period? Can someone give me adivce?
Avatar n tn hello i am 15 years old and recently just had sex with my boyfriend, i was scared i have gotten pregnant so i went and bought the clear blue pregnancy test , i was just wondering how long you have to wait to use to test. How long after you have had your period can you use it ?
Avatar m tn I'm concerned for you. I'm glad you came to the forum to share this. Now you need to be proactive and get some medical help to detox...Keep posting...
1039620 tn?1272597604 First, I want to say I know how difficult the journey can be. Every month your emotions are on a roller coaster of highs and low and the appearance of AF can be devastated. I just want to share my story for those who are still TTC. DO NOT GIVE UP! I married DH when I was only twenty. Some say that may be a little young, but I knew from the beginning it was right for us.
Avatar n tn Hello everyone, I just wanted to say I had a misscarriage last March 4, at 12 weeks along and I got my period on April 1st. My question to any of you is I had my period for 4 days or so, seemed pretty normal and then I stopped for two days but today is April 8 and it seems I started all over again. has anyone had this situation happen to them?
Avatar n tn I tend to spot 2-4 days prior to my period starting and have for quite a while(at least three years). I know I spotted for a couple days the cycle that my husband and I conceived our son. We are now trying to conceive our second child. I think that my spotting could be related to lower progesterone(and too much estrogen), lower thyroid or a simple cyst that I have. I am going to have the cyst checked again soon. Just wanted to say that I can relate to what some of you were writing.
Avatar n tn i am not on birth control pills but have gone to the dr. twice to prescribe me progesterone to delay my period. i was due to go on vacation both times. the 1st time it worked great. my period was delayed a week and i enjoyed my vacation. the 2nd time it did not work. i took the pills twice for 2 weeks and still got my period at the airport.. on schedule.. to the day. so i had it the whole week i was away. perhaps its due to the hormones after pregnancy and thats why it didnt work?
Avatar n tn I am currently on Yasmin 28 and would like to delay my period for a week since I am going on vacation. I tried starting a new pack once to delay my period. I can't remember, but I think I confused my body by taking an active pill along with a placebo. How can I delay my period effectively?
Avatar f tn long story short i am going on vacation this week. so, i wanted to skip my period or delay it whichever. so instead of taking my placebo pills starting yesterday I just went right into a new pack of pills. this morning I got my period or something like it. like its more brownish like how it would be at the end of your period and its pretty light. Will it just be light like this for the rest of the week or will it just eventually go away with me continuing to take the pill.
Avatar m tn My doctor ran CBC and CMP tests weekly for the first 6 weeks until he knew how effected I was going to be by the meds and once a month after that. In retrospect, travel wouldn't have been a problem early on since my white cell counts barely budged out of normal range. But if I'd done it blindly without that info I'd have been taking a chance.
Avatar n tn I'm going on vacation in a week I'd like to "delay" my period. I got off birth control pills 6 months ago, and still have a few packs left. I don't have time to start a month before and skip it that way. I heard, that if I start the pill the day my period is DUE, that I can delay it and then stop taking the pill when I want to start. Can I do this? I'd only be taking them for 5-7 days to delay it. Will it work?
Avatar f tn Prior to my ablations (for a different reason), I was having thousands a day, still "normal." I'm not sure how many I have now, but they make themselves known now and again. My sister had 400 pvcs records, normal.... The important thing is that in the setting of a structually normal heart, pvcs are considered harmless. Happy Holidays!
Avatar f tn I am so glad to hear that you had a wonderful vacation. Isnt it nice to be able to step away and forget about all this ttc stuff? My advice to you would be to go with your gut. It sounds like you need a break. You are 25 years old right now and have a lot of reproductive years ahead of you. Why not put ttc on the backburner for a little while? I'm 36 right now, and if time were on my side BELIEVE ME we would be taking a VERY long break right about now. That is just my two cents worth.
Avatar n tn Anyway, I've been of off the pill for almost a year, except that I didn't get my period for about four months. My obgyn had to prescribe a pill for me to get my period again, and for a little while there, I was regular. My husband and I have been ttc for the past few months, and my period is late by about 5 days now. A couple weeks ago, it felt like I was getting my period -- I had all the usual symptoms -- but it never came.
Avatar n tn That is great, and i would like to know how things are going for jhart80 today my heart definetly goes out to this woman. Ok and now for me, i have been taking vicodin for about a year now i dont take much only a half of a 750 4 or 5 days a week so i never thought i could become addicted on such a small amount. Well ive come to realize i was wrong! I have stopped for 3 days in the past but my body would still experience W/D symptoms cramps, diarrea, it was terrible.
Avatar m tn Does anyone know how long it takes for phenobarb to get out of the system? The vet said approximately 12 hrs, but that is obviously not the case. Also, since this morning he is having unusual smelly penile discharge, but he is still urinating fine. Has anyone experienced this? Is this a something to worry about? Also, I really do not like the effects of phenobarb and am talking to my vet about Zonasimide or possibly Felbamate. Does anyone have experience with these?
1057389 tn?1325469187 i didn't think i would get the positive excited feeling again. Going in for my 3rd IUI on Saturday or Sunday. Will be starting my TWW... Looking for some ladies to share the LONG TWW with.