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Avatar f tn If you have a couple of months, get on a monophasic pill now and you'll be fine. Monophasic pills have the same dose in every pill, which lets you skip a period by just starting a new pack after 3 weeks (don't take the sugar pill week). I was told by my doc that it's safe to take up to 3 packs in a row before you should let yourself have a period.
Avatar n tn Hello doctor, i was about to delay my period for a week, so i thought of having tablet & had parimoulet tablet. I had for one day/one tablet, then i stopped having it & cancelled my plan.i had one tablet on dec 15 & stopped My period supposed to start on Dec 20 as per the cycle. till now i did not get my period. Kindly advise.
Avatar m tn I want to delay my period by a day or so. After doing some research, I found many women say their doctor recommended taking doses of ibuprofen to delay and shorten their period. Will this actually put off my period? Did this work for you? Is it safe, if I only do it for a week? What are your recommended doses? Thanks!
Avatar f tn 2 or 3 years is a bit early to say autism or Aspergers. That takes observation over a period of more years to establish a pattern. True, you can say he is developmentally delayed. I'd say, keep up the speech therepy even if you don't see results right away. Pointing is not usually a method one with autism uses at that age. My daughter at that age would hold my hand by the wrist and move iot near the object.
1135554 tn?1260547846 I suffered from extreme fatigue for about 2 months after the incident. I lost my appitite for a week, which began 1 week after the incident. I developed muscle twitching and burning feet and muscle pains 1 months after the incident. I had a negative HIV test at 6 weeks. The doctor gave me medication for my symptoms (12 pills per day). I was on medication for about 2 months. The doctor said that the medication I took was not HIV specific.
Avatar f tn well if you have been having unprotected sex, pregnancy is a possibility. Start by taking a pregnancy test.
Avatar f tn I was scheduled to have surgery today, June 22nd, but we delayed it until friday because my doctor wants me to get my period, then be completely done with it, but not wait even one week afterwards. I am supposed to have my right ovary removed, or just the cyst, and also a fibroid shaved down in my uterus with a resectoscope, then endometrial ablation.
1727182 tn?1309860188 i would just give it a week or so it could just because u have messed about with the pill if nothing in a week by then if u are your hormone levels will be high enough to detect gud luck
Avatar f tn Hello. I am going to a training camp for about a month and I need to delay my period for as long as possible. I am in the middle of my cycle and I was wondering if I can delay my period for about 25-30 days.
5264083 tn?1404669334 I usually feel symptoms a week before hand that my period is on its way. This did not happen. In fact, my period never came at all. It is now a week late. I started getting period cramps and bloating a few days ago, thinking it was on it's way. Never happened. Instead the cramps and bloating just seem to be getting worse by the day. I am NEVER late. And there is NOT a chance that I am pregnant. The only possibility is the antibiotics.
Avatar n tn Hello, Aside from pregnancy, a delay in the menstrual period could be due to physical or emotional stress, depression, malnutrition, sudden weight loss or gain, certain drugs, medical conditions (such as polycystic ovarian syndrome, thyroid or adrenal gland problems). You can do a urine pregnancy test, and if it is negative consult a gynecologist.
Avatar m tn If so you need to wait a certain period of time so your body develops antibodies. If it is a routine type test with no reason to expect a positive you can do a re-test asap. If hypothetically you thought you had some type of exposure; lets say a needle stick you might wait for a few more week if the exposure was recent. I would wait until the HIV test came back, though.....
Avatar n tn I was a week late, my boyfriend and i are trying t to have a baby, my period was a week late, but when i got my period it lasted 6 days, my abdomen cramps and is bloated, im sleepy and moody, my tummy is hard you guys think i can be pregnant
Avatar f tn When i was away from home in a hostel i had this intense vaginal itching which i ignpred by just applying candid b cream it gave me relief for some time but i used to get it again .
372727 tn?1201422396 Alcohol DOES NOT cause delayed seroconversion, neither does HBV.
Avatar f tn Yes, your period being heavy enough to soak a tampon usually is a good sign that you are not pregnant. Unless, of course, if this type of flow is a LOT heavier than what you normally have.
Avatar f tn Dear firdausnkhan, I am just a mother who read your post. I have a 31 month old girl with a speech delay, which I think is due to being a multilingual household and not being around other kids on a regular basis until recently. I think this may be what is going on with your son. She is having two days a week of speech therapy. Of course, I am no expert, but I doubt your son has ASD. I think it is common for kids that age to have a heightened sense of order.
285149 tn?1217050067 i waited a few months and then i was TTc my last real noraml period was august . then i was for three months without my period i thought i was prego , i took a test and it came back positive but then i took another one and it came back negative .. then i looked online for those free clinics and i found one they did a blood test and came back negative ..
Avatar f tn We found that CA abrogates the early production of HIV-1 by infected macrophages favoring the establishment of a silent infection. What does this mean, I keep thinking this could have delayed my immune response. I have never had these spots on my penis before and am worried about the coincidence that it happend after having sex with this sex worker. I really can't get it out if my head and the more i read this report the more freaked out I am.
Avatar n tn I don't know about UTI's delaying your period, sorry. Also, did you rule out a yeast-infection? Antibiotics can cause a yeast-infection.
Avatar n tn I am currently on Yasmin 28 and would like to delay my period for a week since I am going on vacation. I tried starting a new pack once to delay my period. I can't remember, but I think I confused my body by taking an active pill along with a placebo. How can I delay my period effectively?
Avatar f tn I have been facing health issues 'UTI' lately so I was given heavy doses of amakacin, an antibiotic, for a week. I have to go for regular urine tests, report of which goes to my mum. If in case I'm pregnant, will hcg level show on a regular urine test? I took two home pregnancy tests after 5 days of having sex. It was negative. I'm damn freaked out and can't sleep in peace coz of all this.
Avatar f tn I'll take the pregnancy test next week, since i'm late to take the 24-72 hours pill and i've been told it should be more accurate if i take the test week after we had sex. The time, waiting is killing me tho, I've never had a kid nor I'm planning to do so in next couple of years. If someone could calm me down or give me goosebumps please do so. I'll be more careful next time and on pills too, lol.
Avatar f tn The 3 month window period is suggested because as it stands that is the official testing period given by the CDC as far as 100% conclusion is concerned. That being said however, numerous experts (including Dr. Hook and Dr. Handsfield) have stated on numerous occasions that an antibody test at 6 weeks is around 98-99% accurate, where as one at the 8 week mark is pretty much conclusive.
Avatar n tn I am currently taking trinessa birth control and I need to delay my period by a week. I took the 21 active pills, skipped the green inactive ones and am currently starting a new pack. If I continue and take all 7 white pills then stop for a week will my period come in that week? Then should I start a brand new pack once that week is over?
Avatar n tn Hi There, I recently celebrated my one year anniversary with my boyfriend. Unfortunately my period was due to arrive at this time. As a result, I continued to take one extra week of active hormone pills so I could delay my period until the sunday after our celebrations. I'm now taking my placebo pills and I've yet to get my period and I'm stressing out a bit.
Avatar f tn In the meantime, I got a terrible case of bronchitis so my pulmonologist would not release me for the biopsy unless it was delayed delayed by a week to give me time to get rid of the bronchitis. Understandable. However, the surgeon's schedule is so booked that he cannot perform the biopsy for another month. Now that's three months after the mammogram. With my history of breast cancer, I am terrified by the risk I may be facing due to the delay in getting the biopsy done.
Avatar m tn 96 days past last exposure (using hand prick rapid test), my whole body starts to erupt with chicken pox rashes which doesn't really itch accompany by mild sore throat and fever of 37.3c. I went and see a dermatologist who diagnosed my symptom as chicken pox. My question is: 1) Could pregnancy cause delay in seroconversion? 2) could the chicken pox was wrongly diagnosed but it's actually an acute HIV rash seeing it doesn't really itch? 3) does HIV acute rash resemble chicken pox rashes?
Avatar n tn I do have a little bit of cramping this morning but no sign of a period. My boyfriend also thinks I should take a test as he is worried sick also. I have a housewarming party tonight, and I don't want to drink unless I know for sure that I am not pregnant.