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Avatar n tn I know that Cymbalta is prescribed for depression but is it also good for anxiety? and why?
Avatar n tn Cymbalta made my depression worse and made me pretty nauseated. But then, I never do respond to psychotropic drugs or antidepressants very well.
Avatar f tn It did not help for pain much, I gained over 15 lbs., and the relief for depression was not what I hoped for. Please bear in mind that my winter depression includes agoraphobia (fear of leaving home). I regret taking Cymbalta!!! BTW, I was taking Wellbutrin all the while, & still am with greater success. Don't underestimate the power of Chinese remedies & yoga (as much as you're able) for Fibro & depression. I'm so sick of expensuve medication that jacks me up even more...
Avatar f tn i take cymbalta for chronic depression.
1226682 tn?1399941324 it worked, very well in fact, was the first medicine to work for me for depression and anxiety. however it became extremely addicting for me. if i just miss a couple days my depression and anxiety attacks come back full throttle along with other withdrawl symptoms such as intense migraine, nausea, hot flashes/chills, etc. worst feeling ever. i have decided to start weening off this medication, but i can only go down small steps. i am a small girl tho. i was on 60-90mg.
400867 tn?1371756694 So I took my first Cymbalta today. Other than Paxil, nothing else has worked for me (Lexapro and Effexor). Anyone have any good experiences with Cymbalta? Just wondering what I'm in for this time... Thanks!!
Avatar n tn Although now he complains of pains in his legs, no energy - can't even get motivated out of bed sometimes, insomnia and anxiety. He was prescribed Cymbalta for depression. On this medication he experiences tremors, nervousness, tourettes - severe muscle spasams, confusion, nighmares, dizziness - the list goes on. He can't even function so he turns to suboxone and suboxone clears up the symptoms that Cymbalta creates. He's off suboxone and doesn't need it on a daily basis.
Avatar m tn Hey VicUser, Yes, I have taken Cymbalta for depression and pain. They do help with the pain ....a little, but they work great for depression. They are addictive and must be tapered off of and they are also very expensive, but you probably have insurance, so hopefully that won't be an issue for you. I don't know what mgs you are prescribed, but it's something you should build up to, because they can make you quite nauseous at first, especially if starting out at to high a dose.
3547166 tn?1347817600 I have recently been prescribed Cymbalta and I would like to know if it is a good treatment for Anxiety and Depression. Thank you in advance for any informtion.
Avatar n tn I have been taking 30mg of cymbalta for the past two years. I don't see the doctor until January 14. Has anyone taken cymbalta while prego and is it safe???
Avatar f tn I took Cymbalta for depression, however, I noticed a relief in pain of FMS with my first dosage. I discontinued it when I began taking Ultram (as they sometimes do not mix well). Anything that requires a prescription will come with certain needs to try the medication to see how it works and weigh if the difference in pain is significant enough for them to continue taking, as compared with the side-effects. What helps one, may not help the other.
1627868 tn?1333889942 So anyways, my doctor thought I should try the cymbalta to lessen the nerve pain while fighting the depression that she thinks I have. (For the record, I am NOT depressed!) Thank you all for your responses. I do think I will follow my gut and stay away from this stuff.
Avatar m tn It might just be the thing for you, but make sure whoever's prescribing it knows what he or she is doing. By the way, for anxiety, the dosage for Lexapro is 20mg -- it's 10mg for depression. Check the Lexapro website. Good luck whatever you do.
Avatar f tn Anyone taking Cymbalta for depression/anxiety? What do you think about it? Just prescribed that today, after telling my new doc that SSRI's I have tried in the past have had some pretty nasty side effects...he thought this might help with my pain issues as well...I'm not able to find a ton about it good or bad seeing as it's a pretty new drug. Any thoughts on this one?
Avatar m tn Cymbalta is an SNRI which may make a difference for you. I took it for about 2 years and had no side effects.
596143 tn?1226651654 I took blood for tests and put me on cymbalta for the time being. I am now tappering off my Effexor and up to 60 mg of the cymbalta. I haven't gotten the test results back yet. anyway, my question is--Has anyone had luck with cymbalta? And does cymbalta work for fibro and cfs? Why isn't he referring me to a neuro or a pain mgmt doc?
Avatar m tn i have taken the cymbalta. i was perscribed it for depression which was from a break-up relationship and withdrawl symptoms from hydrocodone. i stayed on the lowest dose even though he wanted to up it for no reason. i haave heard alot of that. anyway if i forgot to take it in the morning i noticed i was very aggitated and mad all day. so on it for about 5 months. then i would open the capsule and pour out just a little bit each day and didn't notice a thing.
1442059 tn?1340244552 I was on Cymbalta for 5 months. Only side-effects I had was nausea for about 1 week then it went away. Cymbalta was very energetic and helped me going thru the hard time I was dealing when my mom had cancer. When she passed I stopped cold turkey and had brain zaps for 1 month. This drug is very potent and can work very well but it's not a cheap drug and cost a lot. I was very active while being on Cymbalta (going to the gym 3-4 times a week and jogging 45 min everyday) and very outgoing.
Avatar f tn I've been taking Effexor XR for many years. I experience the horrible withdrawal symptoms if I miss a dose by as little as 4 hours. Over the last year, I've had increasing difficulty concentrating and following through on tasks. I will sit and stare at the computer for 5-10 minutes and it's like my mind goes completely blank. Would you recommend stopping Effexor and switching to Cymbalta? Will Cymbalta reduce the withdrawal effect?
1048831 tn?1253657096 Hi therese83 I don't know anything about the other meds you've been taking, but the only side effects I've experienced from Cymbalta were the first week (runs, nervous twitches/tremors) which went away by half of the 2nd week, of course there are the on-going side effects which effect one's libido, and if I run out for more than 3 days I become somewhat 'snaky', shaky, aggressive, and start to go back into the depression.
Avatar m tn Why you are having this med for depression ? If you can get tianeptine. It would be the best med for depression with minimum side effects .
Avatar f tn I was on Cymbalta for 2 years. It is a great medication and gave me energy. Plus, I didn't feel depressed at all. I switched to pristiq because of the cost and I have diabetes and it did have weight gain for me.
Avatar f tn Not really for depression, but for stress and sensory issues. It totally has helped me handle stress in a normal way. I also haven't had any panic attacks since being on it. Another reason I like Cymbalta. i have not had any weight gain. Some meds can make you gain weight. Though I think meds act differently on different people. So probably the only way to figure out if it will work for you is to try it out for 6 weeks. That's what my doctor told me to do. Warning about it though.
922573 tn?1304102929 Has anyone tried Cymbalta? If so, how did it work for you? Any side effects? Any experiences, good or bad, that you can share would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!! Keri :) p.s. an EXTREME turn off to the neurontin: dizzines- I already have a vertigo disorder, fatigue- I am in college with 2 young kids and need not be tired, and weight gain- I am at a healthy weight now and want to keep it that way. I am thinking Cymbalta might be the route to go.
Avatar f tn I started taking 60 mg cymbalta around 6 weeks ago for depression and fibromyalgia. I felt I was getting into deeper drepression and still hurting.I went to the Dr and told him and he up the meds. The Dr doubles my dose to 120 mg cymbalta. It has help the pain some but I don't feel right. I am staying sleepy and feel very depress. Can anyone help me with this.
Avatar f tn Thank you all for your replies. I'm trying to put this all in perspective. It seems as if all anti depressants have some associated side effects on both ends... while iniitally taking it and the build up to see if it will work.... and then on the other end when trying to go off it. I guess it is a very individual thing as others have said. And weighing the pros and cons. It is a very difficult decision indeed. Is Cymbalta any worse than others at "weaning off"?
Avatar n tn Cymbalta takes about 4 weeks to really work 100%
1823499 tn?1370093889 I have experienced this myself. I have never had Cymbalta either. They have me on Keppra for Fibro, and Zoloft for depression. I don't like taking them but we have to do what is best for our bodies. Be patient. Easier said than done, but give the med's a chance to get into your symptom. I know on my good day's I over do it and then I pay for it for the next few day's so I suggest you to do thing's in moderation.
Avatar f tn The Cymbalta worked well for my depression, I was on it for a few years... but unfortunately I'm bi-polar so it wasn't enough to keep me "level"... I've since stopped taking, but noticed no withdrawals from the drug......
Avatar m tn Hi, My doctor wants to put me on cymbalta for nerve pain that I have been having from an injury I have from 2005. It's nerve pain from a fall I took. He says it will help to calm down the nerves and signals from my brain to help with the pain. The prescription is for 30mg, 1 tab a day then increase to 2 tabs and recheck with him in a month. I'm alittle scared to take this, as I have never had to go on this kind of medicene and I'm afraid what the side effects might do.