Coughing when drinking cold drinks

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Avatar m tn t know if it was a coincidence but after drinking a very cold cup of soda, I catched a bad cough and from this episode I couch after drinking cold stuffs. Do you think I might have been infected with HIV? Do I have big chances to maight have been?
Avatar m tn When I drink anything cold it hurts my insides all around my HEART.Or if I hold a glass of cold tea or drink in my hands, my hands will turn RED and swell up and hurt.Or if I touch anything.COLD weather is a problem now for me.
Avatar n tn Cannot avoid coughing up sputum after drinking anything hot/cold. Used a prescription spray nightly for a year but with no change. Should I seek a Scan of the Lung/throat?
Avatar n tn I am 33 and I have been experiencing the same thing. The doctor put me on antibiotics and a inhaler. Nothing seems to work. The only time I'm not coughing is when I'm drinking lemon, honey and a mint leaf. I can't even sleep at night because I'm always coughing. If its to cold I'm coughing. If I'm drinking something cold I cough. If I eat some thing cold I cough. I just wish I had answers. I just want it to stop.
Avatar n tn It seems to come in waves of coughing spells and then no coughs. I have been coughing up phlegm that is mostly white/clear with small amounts of a yellowish color and small brown flecks. When I lay down I can hear myself breathing/wheezing and makes it impossible to sleep, not to mention coughing fits making my partner unable to sleep. I have been taking antihistamines before bed and it seems to help calm my cough.
Avatar f tn Every time I am getting over a cold I end up with a persistent tickle way down in the back of my throat that coughing does nothing for. When I feel the tickle starting I try everything I can to stop it such as clearing my throat, coughing, drinking lots of water and so on but nothing stops it. It seems that only after having a very embarrassing coughing fit where I sometimes strain to breathe followed by a bout of sneezes is the the only thing to stop the tickle.
1899640 tn?1321493404 Are you running any fever? Nausea? Vomiting? Diarrhea? When you cough, are you coughing anyhing up? If yes, what color is it? Clear? White? Green? Yellow? Blood tinged?? The most important thing is to stay well hydrated - really push teh liquids - if you don't feel like eating, don't worry too much about that, but it's VERY important to keep the liquids going.
Avatar f tn No, I would not recommend drinking. When you drink your baby drinks, and it takes a WHOLE LOT LESS for baby to get drunk then it would take you. I always think of things like this: if you wouldn't give it to your baby in a bottle then don't put it into your body.
4970275 tn?1361739031 I tried everything hot shower,cold shower drinking hot drinks resting for a lot of time and covering my body with the blanket including my head til I'm sweating!!! but nothing works.. I am in a hostel no matter how many times i go to the clinic they just give panadol and that's it. it's been going on for almost a week..I really need help cause i can't risk skipping classes x.x; and i can't get a good night sleep! Thanks in advance and sorry for my bad English >.
973741 tn?1342342773 I had to put her in a kennel while we were on vacation and since being home, her little nose is et a good deal and she is sneezing and making little sniffly noises from her nose. She eats, drinks, plays and is fine. But was just wondering if she has a little cold?? I'm not so much worried but curious. I expect that if it is a virus, it will resolve and she'll be back to normal.
Avatar f tn Is it advisable to drink cold drinks? Sometimes, i'm yearned to drink ice chocolate, ice lemon tea esp during hot weather.. I'm 12 wks now.
Avatar f tn Before I was pregnant I loved soda and other drinks now all I can drink is water and coffee. I know the water part is good for the baby but a nice cold soda would be nice does any other mommy to be have this problem.
Avatar n tn Also in UK.. when I got my jab I got a cold after.m I was told I can have lemsip powder 1 per day and this worked for me.. if I had needed stronger then dr said she could do something else..Robitussin is sold in UK..
6712392 tn?1393708678 I have gotten them on occasion since I was a kid. Mind you, I had chicken pox when I was pretty young (probably got it from school), so I have had the virus for quite a while. I also don't have HS2. Unfortunately, it is still a virus, and can be passed at any time you have a cold sore. Imagine if you got chicken pox every time you have a cold sore. You wouldn't want your little one drinking after you, kissing on you, etc. Same rules apply.
Avatar n tn We used to have a few drinks pretty much every day but stopped when we found out. Never go out to bars. My husband now will drink a whiskey probably about 3 times a week, but its just one, at home, after work.
Avatar m tn When the weather turns cold i keep on coughing, no sore throat. I was wondering what kind of medicine can help me out. Let me also note that i have some type of allergy against citrus fruits, some sort of candies and walnuts.
Avatar f tn and for many repeated efforts @ controlled drinking.....only to not succeed is the pivotal point!When u get there,going to detox and completing rehab....and the most difficult thing for many....switching ur ppl places and things is the starting point down the road to recovery...never a destination but always a journey!
9231091 tn?1405493965 Yes ,when i havent felt my baby move for awhile i drink cold water & then shes all over the place.
7169697 tn?1389437534 and it just made it worse... I can feel my stomach and my sides strain when i cough so i just wanted to make sure it can't hurt my baby. ..... I'm almost 23 weeks. ob is closed because most places and me don'thave any power because of the weather so i can't call them. .... Anyone know or have any ideas to get rid of this cough?
Avatar f tn but other than that make sure to avoid cold drinks they will irritate your throat try room temperature drinks and uhmm thats all i can tell you i had a bad cough wasnt sick at all just coughed every other second . Or minute and couldnt stop ...
Avatar f tn m allergic to cold medicine, so I always use natural remedies. As soon as I feel a cold coming on, I double my Vitamin C. I also steam fresh mint leaves for congestion and make and my own vitamin water using mint leaves, fresh cut lemons and limes. I can usually kick a cold within 2-3 days using these remedies. Good luck and feel better!
Avatar n tn Thank you, cold drinks and air always bother me when it's bad allergy season. My asthma is under control but when I drink cold ice tea I cough my brains out! I appreciate your info on the post above. I thought I was crazy. It's been going on since I was 14 almost 20 years now..