Coughing at the end of a cold

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Avatar n tn I asked my midwife if the baby could get sick or anything cuz I have a cold. She said no, the baby is fine.
Avatar f tn I'm a first time 27 yr old mama at 13 weeks. I survived the morning sickness, the migraines, and the fatigue...but now I'm fighting a cold I just can't shake! Sneezing, runny nose, sore throat, coughing..the full shabang! Any home remedies to help put an end to this?? I try to steer clear of meds whenever possible.
Avatar f tn I'm at the end of a nasty cold and have no fever left but do have a blocked nose and slightly fuzzy ears. I've had constant white noise in my ears now for 2 days and it translates itself in to a high pitch when i'm lying in the dark at night and is driving me mad. I can still get to sleep but the coughing eventually wakes me up anyway. My sinuses aren't totally blocked anymore, (they were) but are still relatively bunged up. Will this ringing in my ears go away?
Avatar m tn Hello, I am a 22 year old who gets a cold about once a year, and I find that I am good at putting a stop to my cold, having it last only a few days before the end of it comes about. However, my least favorite part of the recovery process is all the phlegm I am producing, which requires me to cough it up in the most nauseating way so frequently. I learned about Phlegm, what it does and why, as well as what certain drugs do, such as expectorants.
Avatar f tn m pregnant because every time i sneeze a little pee come out... So aggravating and after the end of a work day my panties smell like a dirty pee pee diaper tmi?
1278876 tn?1304908319 So, my 18 month old step son came back from Memorial day with my sister in law, went swimming and had a blast, A day later thought, he starts getting a horrible cold, congestion chest congestion and coughing. And now i have the same thing.
Avatar f tn My doctor prescribed A zithromycin for 5 days and I'm only 9 wks got rid of the cold,, coughing and sinuses.
290447 tn?1218052751 I'm at 32 weeks, going to the today. For the past week and a half I'm noticing my feet swelling up like balloons; my socks seem to be too tight even the ankle ones and my gym shoes, well I think I need to get some new ones that are extremely wide. I know we may swell as we get further along just wonder if anyone else has experienced this towards the end of pregenency? Also, part 2 of question, I drink lots of water at least 70 oz.
Avatar f tn With my daughter I was due the end of Aug, which is the hottest time of the year here. I swam the entire summer until the day I had her. Just make sure it's not too crowded, it's easy to get kicked... I can't wait for the pools to open!!
Avatar f tn I am 10w2d and my fiance is getting over a nasty cold, Well guess what I'm getting it sore throat congested coughing all the nasty crap!! I don't want to call the doc since it's a weekend plus I'm at work. What am I allowed to take, anything?
Avatar f tn Every time I am getting over a cold I end up with a persistent tickle way down in the back of my throat that coughing does nothing for. When I feel the tickle starting I try everything I can to stop it such as clearing my throat, coughing, drinking lots of water and so on but nothing stops it. It seems that only after having a very embarrassing coughing fit where I sometimes strain to breathe followed by a bout of sneezes is the the only thing to stop the tickle.
Avatar n tn t matter who I am talking with, relatives, strangers, important calls, I ALWAYS cough. I try to restrain the cough till end of short conversation, but then it ends up a harsh hacking coughs. I have tried nasal drip spray. I am trying SinusWars pill but not much help. I need to resolve this as it interfers with my job. This discussion is related to <a href=''>Coughing while on phone</a>.
1926359 tn?1331588139 You do need to take care of the clonidine-it's dangerous just to stop it. It's not a controlled substance or anything so any doc should be able to prescribe it. The massage was amazing as always. She reminded me that because of the trauma our bodies go through during detox we tend to hold ourselves tight to ride that freaky rollercoaster. She really helped me to ground my energy and worked out the tennis balls in my calves and shoulders.
1214626 tn?1288106214 I am down to a crum every other day. I realize that a big part of a lot of the symtoms I been having is do coming off the Sub. Lack of sleep, body hurting waves of hot/cold clamy, wanting to be by myself, other body symtoms,etc. Yes, I wish I was never given Subutex, but too late. I like to know if all my interest in life, feeling better, all that comes back correct. I am numb at times. Normal right?? I really dislike having conversations, and expresing my self.
Avatar f tn 2 months into the pregnancy I started coughing. The coughing got so bad I would end up vomiting. Soon after I had trouble breathing. After seeing my doctor several times and having several breathing tests done all my test results were normal, so my doctor sent me to a Pulmonologist. His conclusion was that I had developed asthma and put me on several different medications assuring me they were all safe for the baby.
1939607 tn?1324289300 or mucus being trapped and not moving and left to fester (nice visual), that is when a bacterial infection starts and that is the difference between sinusitis and a cold. A cold is a virus that a person can pass to another, an infection is something going on in your own body that you can not pass along. I would double your fluid intake and try some over the counter mucinex. This helps thin that mucus.
Avatar f tn just got over a cold so I'm coughing up the stuff but now I'm vomiting at the same time... normal??
Avatar f tn For my cough I took Robitussin however you spell it haha or I drank hot/warm decaf tea with honey and lemon.
8960138 tn?1407673893 Ive had a cold for a week and half and have been coughing bad at night mostly. It def wakes her and gets her moving but i dont think it harms them. Hope you feel better.
Avatar n tn my lungs have been able to breathe much better all of that time, no problems, no coughing, now, all of a sudden, like within the span of two days, my lungs are bringing up junk. i went and got some mucinex the expotorant and cough suppressant type, and i can feel gunk, just coming up my lungs, its not helping and i've taken 4 of those today, should i use cough syrup ? is this normal ? the mucinex isn't putting an end to the stuff coming up.
721523 tn?1331581802 It was not the beginning of a relapse, it was the beginning of a nast chest cold! My eyes are dried out and burning, and the cough....Well lets just say incontinence and pregnancy go hand in hand! Verry low grade feaver off and on. Rich has a stomache bug too. Pray that I don't get both!!!!!! Oh yea, and I faild the one hour gestational sugar test. I have got to go back and do the 3 hour one. I was reading on line that you should not take it when sick. Anybody ever hear of this?
Avatar f tn Is it normal when I cough sometimes I leak? Im 19w+5d with a chest cold and am coughing alot is it normal.