Coughing in dogs after drinking water

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Avatar n tn I experience heavy coughing when drinking water, usually ice water. After a cold this past winter I had a post-viral cough lasting about 3 weeks. That's when I first noticed cold water causing me to feel a sharp tickle in my throat and have severe coughing. My symptoms eventually got better, but I still was affected by water, but not as severely. I caught another cold this summer, with cough being one of the symptoms.
7746659 tn?1393923237 Many people feed home cooked but it does have to be balanced nutrition but you are ok on the bland diet for a few days to let his gut rest. Don't know why there was so much water in the stool. I assume he is drinking ok. I am no Vet, this is just what I would do. Try the meds he gave you and you will just have to wait and see how his body adjusts.
Avatar f tn She was and had for about a week been drinking excessive amounts of water, when she did get sick it was after she had drank so much she threw up right after drinking but it was all water nothing else was in it.. she threw up one other time after that when she had drank water and there was bits of her dog food with it...She was only sick like that for one day..
1916673 tn?1420236870 Dogs acquire phosphorus directly from food, and normally (in healthy dogs) any excess is excreted through the kidneys. In kidney disease the kidneys are damaged and cannot excrete excess phosphorus, which then acts like a toxic substance in the blood. Reducing phosphorus intake is therefore important (check all the foods you may be feeding, including treats, for phosphorus content). The additional way of controlling it is to introduce a phosphate binder.
Avatar n tn said) it happens when the blood from your body has not arrived back to the heart (working as a pump) and re-distribute it back in to the brain due to the high pressure in your chest blocking the blood after coughing very deep.. after reading this, I try not to go that deep in my cough and take something to calm my cough down or any other pain relief to go to sleep softly and let the cough go ..
Avatar m tn She now began to throw up and regurgitate after eating and drinking. Sometimes this happens directly after she ingests food or water, and other times it may happen 30 minutes to an hour afterward. Cleaned any dust around the house, etc. Local vet referred us to Oklahoma State Vet Clinic. -Month 6 – OSU Vet clinic. Her examinations showed no heartworm, no collapse trachea, no tumors, etc. She went through a series of x-rays, ultrasounds and a fluoroscopy.
Avatar n tn Crumbly or flakey foods Hot, spicy or even pepper in food Not drinking loads of water in the daytime. A Hot sitting on a hot bus Or and windy days Exercise Not taking my steroid spray the day before I have found my cough is helped by drinking tons of water. I permantely walk around with a drinking bottle (very annoying) It can also be eased somewhat by drinking water during an attack. Also my cough begins to get worse towards the end of the evening at dusk.
Avatar n tn Just this morning I took my baby girl in. She had been fighting for breath for the past week and coughing non-stop all through the night as her heart pressed against her trachea. I had counted her breath at 60 per minute, she was trying so hard to stay for me. I finally knew that I was being selfish trying to hold on to her and that she deserved peace after being my ever present, faithful companion for the past 8 years.
Avatar n tn Coughing in chf has nothing to do w/'coughing' (like what humans use for coughs), it has to do w/her heart's congestion. Both my dogs are old and in mid-stages of chf where coughing is minimal. If your vet doesn't know what this excessive coughing is in relation to chf dump her quick. There are few dvm's who are heart specialists but the one I took my dogs to put them on furosemide (lasix/waterpills), enalapril and Vetmedin.
Avatar n tn Ablation does NOT provide reliable birth control, since ovulation still takes place as before, and the uterine lining may be receptive to a pregnancy. Second, pregnancy in general should not be elected after an ablation; in fact, it can be dangerous.
192055 tn?1263559137 I am always coughing and clearing my throat at meetings like an old man. Worse in a.m. when I wake up or out in cold walking the dogs. Or.... talking on the telephone or in a meeting. Always have a "frog" in my throat. Doc originally said it could be asthma, allergies, or acid reflux. Lung x-ray was okay. Tested negatively for asthma & allergies. Taking Zantac 75 but it doesn't seem to make any difference.
Avatar m tn I tried the Medrol for my "thick mucus in throat" it seemed as if it was going to work and i got super happy, but then after I got off of it, the "thing" returned. Some people say it does help, might as well try it, maybe you'll be one of the ones it does work on, but i wasn't so lucky. What is Budesonide? I haven't tried that one yet. I can totally relate to you.
Avatar f tn Stay positive...and in the moment. Pick up a hobby. I play softball, walk my dogs, and go on my boat. Just got to give yourself the chance. Keep busy!
10821430 tn?1439584483 ( from steroids,he's been on them for 2 years,first Pred then Dexamethasone-30 times stronger than Preds) Had I known side effects or what this would do to him,what I know now,I'd never used said ONLY answer for allergies in dogs so to help him,tried..nothing seemed to help over time...then they just increase in meds. Harley does not drink a lot or pee a lot so prayimg his Thyroid or adrenal glads not dammaged so much they can't turn around..
Avatar n tn I had the Novasure and a tubal ligation on 12/7/2007, and I started experiencing horrible pain and cramps in my upper abdomin and lower abdomin after about 10 days. My GYN called to check on me about 12 days after and said it was normal and probably would not stop until after I had my cycle. Well, today is about 15 days and I was in so much much pain last night and this morning that I was dizzy, had nausea, and diareaha. I had to sleep until about 12:00 p.m.
Avatar n tn Since about a month after giving birth in December 2006 I have woken in the early morning hours, usually 3am to 4am, with a mid to lower back pain. It almost feels as though I had the wind knocked out of me as it hurts more when I try to take a deep breath. It is difficult to move around in bed in an attempt to find a comfortable position. Once I get up and move around for about 20 minutes it is as though it never happened. Prior to the baby I had no back problems, injuries, pain, etc.
Avatar n tn I remember having two dizzy spells and a weird feeling in my stomach like something in it dropped right after the vaccine. I hope you get into see the neurologists that you want soon. Please don't forget to keep us posted as to what they say. And don't forget one of us is usually on here everyday for support for each other so post anytime. Iceskater: I work in a hospital authority with many doctors and let's just say some doctors are okay, others barely passable, and some are great.
Avatar f tn I have tried over the counter drugs, a couple antibiotics, oregano pills, drinking lots of water, drinking less or no soda... nothing seems to help.
1623561 tn?1299944237 There's some research that shows that Enalapril also helps kidney function in general in dogs, in addition to helping control blood pressure. My Vet started our Grey on a low dose. This is also off the boards. There are some very knowledgeable people on there, so take what you can from it but always discuss your particular situation with your Vet. At the beginning stage the best thing to feed are proteins that are at the top of the bio-availability chart, such as fish and eggs.
Avatar f tn the first days after the operation i was in pain, but it took tramadol, pain reliever 2 times a day. i took a lot of medicines after surgery, including soft laxatives. i was very affraid of the 1 BM, which happened 2 days after surgery, but it was easy and pain free. i was recomended to take tramadol before i had the BM so i would feel a little pain. Today i can walk better, even sit for a while, but i have mild abdominal pain before and after BM.
Avatar n tn I have had that same smoke smell in my nose from time to time. I also get the sensation that one feels after they have been punched in the nose, but not very often. Probably only about 3 times a year or so. I do have sinus problems and always have, but I have never really taken anything for it other than something over the counter during a cold. I have regular stuffiness and pretty much always have. I just have learned to deal with it. It would be nice to know were that smoke smell comes from.
Avatar n tn was pragnat before 10 month but there is no growth in fetus after 2.
Avatar n tn (and AM) Day4: after Transfer: Butterflies in my belly. Day5: Butterflies continued...very emotional Day6: Very sensitive, Cried about everything. Day7: Mild Cramping and breast were hurting. Day8: Cramping as if I were to get my period. Day9: Headache and nothing else Day10: More Headache and very sleepy Day11: Headache and heavy white discharge (I thought is was my period so I ran to the bathroom and it wasn't) Day12: Nothing, just very emotional.
Avatar f tn However, affected dogs usually also display trouble breathing, tiredness and coughing episodes sometimes worse in the night. Thromboembolism is another possibility. Hormonal Disorders Panting episodes have been observed in dogs that suffer from hypothyroidism, a disorder of low thyroid levels that needs correcting with medications. Another possibility is Cushing's disease, sometimes seen in dogs that have been given long term steroid medications.
Avatar f tn A dry cough can be caused from living in conditions that are too dry. Are you drinking lots of water, dehydration can also promote coughing and other problems? If you live in a city it could be air pollutants irritating your lungs. It could even be your bed causing you problems.
Avatar n tn My dog has not been eating for couple of days and she does not seem like she wants to eat and i tried to force her to drink some milk and water and she keeps on gagging and coughing what could be causing that ?
168348 tn?1379360675 at least one medical appoint that really has amazed, dazed, crazed us when we walk out of the office! Many on the thyroid community have vented about these appoints and in joking way, have added an annoyed, hissing, mad cat icon or two to their profile or their screename, etc.
Avatar n tn This all started after having a dog in our house for 12 hours. I went to the dr and he tested me for allergies and found that I am not allergic to dogs and that I am only mildly allergic to dust mites and pollen. The dog was only in our house for about 24 hours and my symptoms have not gone away. Has anyone had this or heard of it? My dr put me on allergy meds but they aren't working, just making me tired.
Avatar m tn I felt dumb calling 911 for a nosebleed but it was pretty severe and was going on 8 hours. I was coughing up clots from the blood in my throat. Anyway in ER they told me to keep it moist. I had been keeping it moist with vaseline. I am seeing my pcp on Monday 3/23 and hopefully she can shed some light into this situation because I am afraid of blowing my nose or touching my face. As always, the scab is back and all the doc could tell me was it was a dry spot in my nose.
Avatar f tn Llke I said I work in this field and assist in the design of these systems for municipalaties. Generally speaking, everything you flush goes to a treatment plant and gets turned into reuse water. It's too dirty to drink but clean enough to let back out to nature. They either spray it out into a field where it trickles through the earth and get further cleaned up eventually making it's way back to the aquifer.