Coughing when drinking something cold

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Avatar n tn Also in UK.. when I got my jab I got a cold after.m I was told I can have lemsip powder 1 per day and this worked for me.. if I had needed stronger then dr said she could do something else..Robitussin is sold in UK..
Avatar n tn I am 33 and I have been experiencing the same thing. The doctor put me on antibiotics and a inhaler. Nothing seems to work. The only time I'm not coughing is when I'm drinking lemon, honey and a mint leaf. I can't even sleep at night because I'm always coughing. If its to cold I'm coughing. If I'm drinking something cold I cough. If I eat some thing cold I cough. I just wish I had answers. I just want it to stop.
7169697 tn?1389437534 I went to the pharmacy to see if i could get something to help and the pharmacist told me all I could take was mucinex..... and it just made it worse... I can feel my stomach and my sides strain when i cough so i just wanted to make sure it can't hurt my baby. ..... I'm almost 23 weeks. ob is closed because most places and me don'thave any power because of the weather so i can't call them. .... Anyone know or have any ideas to get rid of this cough?
Avatar m tn I just thought of something since you think you get a cold the day after drinking something cold.. Perhaps you are mistaken like some people who think colds are caught by being cold. The reality is they are only caught by contact with a cold virus such as breathing in someone else's sneeze or touching your mouth or eyes with the virus, especially when you are run down from lack of sleep.
Avatar m tn When the weather turns cold i keep on coughing, no sore throat. I was wondering what kind of medicine can help me out. Let me also note that i have some type of allergy against citrus fruits, some sort of candies and walnuts.
Avatar n tn dry irritating cough plus when im asleep my chest is that rattly it wakes me up..just stopped drinking coffee and use decaf t.bags..slight improvement just going through tests to see if its acid reflux causing the really thinking about changing my diet ...had camera down nose and chest xray both were clear..driving me bonkers had it for over a year now..been prescribed with omeprazole and gaviscon ...lets see how it goes ..
Avatar m tn You are merely having the symptoms of a cold. Try drinking hot tea and cough medicine. Hope this helps! ~Dr.
Avatar n tn Now I am coughing after eating or drinking. It feels like a dry cough from down deep in my belly when I do cough. I do feel some nasal congestion at times but sometimes do cough up little globs of green, then stop coughing. I don't trust doctors because they don't listen to me; they want to 'blanket cover' everyone under the same symptom.
Avatar f tn m allergic to cold medicine, so I always use natural remedies. As soon as I feel a cold coming on, I double my Vitamin C. I also steam fresh mint leaves for congestion and make and my own vitamin water using mint leaves, fresh cut lemons and limes. I can usually kick a cold within 2-3 days using these remedies. Good luck and feel better!
492921 tn?1321289896 Oh yes, you get that too. My husband finds my urinating all over myself amusing!! It is so embarrassing though. And it doesn't just happen when I cough. It happens when I sneeze or even laugh!! It's insane...
Avatar n tn Cannot avoid coughing up sputum after drinking anything hot/cold. Used a prescription spray nightly for a year but with no change. Should I seek a Scan of the Lung/throat?
Avatar f tn Now, as soon I get just a little bit cold I start coughing like crazy, my voice is even changing. It gets worse at night and when I lay down. When I am coughing it feels like my body is trying to get something out of it. I can't breathe while I am coughing and that makes me dizzy and I always get a headache. My body is pressing all the air out of my lungs while coughing. First it sounds like barking but as it goes on it will change. But I can't describe what kind of cough it is.
1276940 tn?1564515084 name is Lisa, I am 40 years old and for the past 2 years I have been getting strangled very easily when eating or drinking. It doesn't happen a lot......maybe twice a month but I start coughing and it takes forever for me to quit! I can hardly catch my breath!! We were eating out at a restaurant one time and I had someone ask me if I needed help I was coughing so bad!!
10678677 tn?1413254266 can being sick alot hurt the baby??:( when i am i cough ALOT and HARD:( Am i hurting is it safe to use cough drops?
Avatar f tn I been coughing for 5 days now due to the flu. I'm 17wks. I been taking cough drops and drinking tea.I really can't take meds (high risk). I will be glad when it's over. Coughing alot does make you pee your pants. Hope you feel better soon. Call your doctor also to see if you can take something.
Avatar f tn I have a bad cold very stuffy nose headache sore throat n coughing when I cough my tummy hurts all this on top of the vomiting n cramping n constipation ughhh been suckin on cough drops n drinking tea n taking vit c n garlic to try n kick it out but so far still feel like crap is there any cold meds that can be taken during pregnancy?
Avatar f tn Almost 3 weeks ago I thought I had a bad cold that lasted about 5 days, then it turned into a pesty mucus cough so I bought simple linctus which didnt help. After a further 5 days I went to the doctor because I thought I might have had an infection but I got the all clear and doctor told me to just eat chicken soup... I don't like soup. 10 days on and I'm still coughing mucus and my nose is still a little runny.
20869098 tn?1553418691 I been having a strange feeling in my throat a few times a day it feels like the right side of my throat sticks together it causes me to cough hard to the point I begin to gage then feel I will vomit a few times I did drinking something helps a little I don't understand what this can be anyone have any idea i do not have a cold also
Avatar f tn No, I am not trying to suggest you are causing it, but is it something you feel and that causes you to cough? Maybe try sucking on ice or drinking water - to help clear the throat area, in case it is something outside your breathing path.s Maybe chewing gum... trying to keep the mouth and throat moist. Have you posted on any of the other medhelp communities, such as anxiety, or other areas were someone may have experienced coughing problems related to some emotional or other problem.
Avatar f tn First off, a little about me. I'm 20, Asian, Non-smoker, drinker, don't do any drugs, and am not overweight. I had a cold before I traveled to my home country, Vietnam, in 2003 I think. I was prescribed antibiotics and etc. The cold got better but then I began to develop this dry cough. I was there for 2 months or so, when I got back I went to the doctors. They said that nothing was wrong and that I could still have a little infection. He prescribed more antibiotics.
Avatar n tn I have this problem since a long time whenever I suffer from cold, it gives me dry coughing and I never gave attention to this, bt this year it bothered me a lot at night. And I get it instantly sometiem when I am on the road, or when I enter any AC room... feels like some particles in the air bothers me.
Avatar f tn So I am full of cold flu whatever this crappie illness is. Are there any over the counter remedies that are safe to use in pregnancy. I am also now worried as I have put Vicks vapour rub all on my chest and back is this safe. I've had hot lemon and honey but it only relieved me when it was drinking it. My throat and chest are so sore and worried about the effect coughing is having on my baby. I've also taken 2 paracetamol .
Avatar f tn I did all of this and got better in three days or so and the waking up to pee just gets worse to be honest with you. Try not drinking too many liquids before bed. Maybe a small cup of milk or water when you get super thirsty will satisfy you. Also if it is ice water it will help. Just do that once your sore throat goes away so you don't make it worse with the cold. Hope this helps!
Avatar n tn It seems to come in waves of coughing spells and then no coughs. I have been coughing up phlegm that is mostly white/clear with small amounts of a yellowish color and small brown flecks. When I lay down I can hear myself breathing/wheezing and makes it impossible to sleep, not to mention coughing fits making my partner unable to sleep. I have been taking antihistamines before bed and it seems to help calm my cough.
Avatar f tn Then my voice became rough and then I developed a sore throat. So I took some drinking medication for the cold-flu and coughs, to cure my throat. It didn't work. Well after a day or two of completing the medicine, I got dry nose condition. Everytime I breathe, I feel my nasal passage getting dry which is a very uncomfortable feeling. I felt the inside of my nose and noticed there were dried mucus. Now I got a sore throat and a dry nose.
4222739 tn?1351285144 i can't stop sneezing, i am not allergict to anything i just can't stop sneezing i have my pj's on i have a big teddy to sleep with and i am drinking water. my Dad has all ready given me a lemsip tablet. i was just playing on but then i started snezzing all over my key bored i need help and fast!!!!! it is cold outside!
Avatar f tn m getting so annoyed, everytime something goes away, something new comes!