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Avatar m tn This morning I woke up coughing and I spit up a wad of yellow mucus and a dark red chunk about the size of a nickel. I'm not sure what this could be. I was alarmed at the sight of this, so I poked it with a straw; it had the consistency of fat. Is it possible that food was lodged in my throat overnight? Could this be a piece of my lung or some part of my throat?
Avatar m tn I have been waking up for the past few mornings and hacking up these chunks of mucus. I would like to know what it is before I go t see my doctor, incase its nothing and I go for no reason.
Avatar n tn Hi, I used to have the problem of coughing and lot's of mucus after eating. If I laid down right afterward, the mucus would come up in my throat and it would feel as though I couldn't breathe. None of the over-the-counter antiacids helped me. It wasn't until I started taking Nexium that I got any relief at all. I also have post-nasal drip, so it was a combination of things that was causing the cough, but once I got those things treated, the cough and the mucus went away.
Avatar f tn on a morning when i wake up i always need to cough and clear my throat since about a year ago. but now it has extended to needing to do it throughout the day. sometime the mucus that comes up is small hard sticky lumps that nearly make me be sick as they get stuck in my throat. or some times theres a lot of yellow and white flem. its never clear. I'm wondering wat the cause of this is as i can constantly feel it there at back of my throat like a coating.
1063285 tn?1285677916 But my problem is i am constantly coughing, coughing up green/ brown chunks of mucus, Congestion i 'am sneezing and blowing out green/brown stuff most of the time just congested. Any idea of what its possibly wong?? I have tried everything from mucinex,Thera-flu, allergy meds, tylenol, amoxicillan. everything i can't kick this bad boy. I'm possibly going to see a doctor but i don't know if it's serious. Im missing out on so much with my kid, my husband, and fun stuff.
Avatar n tn And the next day, I started coughing up small amounts of blood, sometimes combined with mucus, sometimes just blood clots, the blood seemed dark, not pink, and I didn't cough blood all the time, I would cough some blood, then it stopped, and maybe much later that day, or the next day, some more blood..
Avatar f tn So gross, makes a gross taste in my mouth, and generally when I cough it sounds like I should be coughing something up but nothing actually comes up. Anyhow, I am still taking the medication, not sure why it made me cough blood, but we shall see what happens, I have all this medication for a week! Hopefully it works.
Avatar f tn Sounds like something I had a couple of weeks ago, usually the medication they put you on well I know they always do with me as I do get chest infections, helps bring up/ lossen all the mucus and crap of your lungs/ chest so I'd say it's just the medication working getting all the crap out of you :) bubs should be fine if you're worried about the coughing hurting it just call your doctor /midwife and talk about it, it won't hurt to call and ask :)
Avatar m tn I was given a pump by my doctor but this didn't help me at all and tonight, I litterally feel like I'm drowning and coughing up a lung... I quit smoking over 10 years ago (in 1998), I have no known allergies, I have severe bad breath (my wife thinks I may have a duodenal ulcer because of this.
Avatar n tn For a really long time now (months) I have been randomly coughing up hard chunks of what looks like mucus. The back of my throat will start itching and if I try and scratch it I end up scratching off more of the hard mucus. I also couch it up sometimes. It is coming from the part of my throat that is bubbly on both sides, I think they might be my glads, I have tried to identify them using a diagram but Im not sure what they are. Is this something I need to be very concerned about?
Avatar n tn The other week I was eating some cake and somehow some of it went up my nose. I eventually got it down after snorting and blowing my nose. I didnt think too much of it until this week when the same thing happened again except I couldnt get the food down. The problem is now whenever I eat all my food keeps getting caught in my nasal cavity. My left nostril feels rather weird where it joins the bak of my throught, it feels like there is some sort of gap which wont close.
Avatar n tn When i went to the doctor i was already sick for 2 months, they put me on a nebulizer and gave me an x-ray on my lungs, they said i either have pnemonea or bronchitis, it doesn't really hurt at all until night time, and i kinda throw up alot, well like once or twice a week, but i recall the last time i threw up, i coughed during and big white chunks came out, it seemed like puss or hard mucus, and they where clogging my throw up from coming out, soi was like choking, i don't know what to think
Avatar f tn t as bad even though I was coughing constantly - by week 3 the bronchitis cleared up but the mucus in my nidd and thrust was worse - at least once or twice a day I cannot breathe for 10/15 seconds and panic and anxiety develops!
Avatar n tn Age: 57 YO female: For last 3 yrs different foods either cause blisters or burning throat. Also MUCUS forms in back of throat and it just starts running DOWN THROAT & INTO LUNGS so fast I can hardly stop it. I have found quick activity like doing jumping jacks actually helps to stop the mucus production. :( Prevacid helped for about 2 days. Then it caused angioedema of throat really bad and had to take Atarax to breathe.
472231 tn?1207485217 Despite having just eaten a meal, there is usually only a couple of chunks of food in it, sometime nothing. If hes throwing up, why arent the contents of his stomach coming up? Is it possible for him to have a piece of food stuck in his esophogus and he is just throwing that up? Note- there is NO coughing during any of this ( coughing is a sign of choking). Could it be a seizure?
394994 tn?1274475056 I was super stressed out today and still didn't reach for one. I've noticed I am blowing my nose all the time, and I am coughing up icky chunks of mucus from my lungs. How disgusting I am..........I've heard it's only going to get worse as i was a heavy smoker for a long time.
Avatar f tn Coughing up chunks of green mucus.. all congested with green.boogies, sorry tmi but my thoats been hurting since.monday my midwife said it was allergies.. i know this isnt allergies waiting to get a call back from doctor but can this hurt my baby??
Avatar m tn mild headache Coughing up green mucas Stuffy nose Both ears are blocked and cannot hear Chest pain Upper back pain from coughing...that's what I thought. She told me it was a virus and didn't give me anything. She checked my chest and said it was clear and looked in my ears and said there was no redness swelling etc. Said try breathing in steam etc etc Over the next day or so I started to feel very weak and tired.
Avatar n tn My doc diagnosed me with asthma when I took in a specimen I finally got out 2 months ago. He told me it was a mucus plug and it was indicitive of asthma. However, I still exercise regularly, experience no known symtoms of asthma except for these wonderful chunks of crud that seem to lodge themselves in my throat for about 3-5 days before I either choke on them at night, while speaking, end of swallowing them, or they come out.
Avatar n tn For about eight years now (since I have moved to Huntsville, AL from PA), I have been spitting up yellowish-white pea-size chunks with a foul odor from my throat (usually come when coughing or sneezing). I have been feeling okay otherwise with no fever or any other symptoms. I have since been on a wide spectrum of antibiotics for various sinus infections which have not helped the chunks. They come up periodically usually about once every one to two weeks.
Avatar dr m tn Every time you get a cold, notice how it usually starts in the throat with a tickle, a scratch, or a slight cough. It then progresses into chest congestion or travels up into the ears and the sinuses. You’ll have a low grade fever, mild chills, and a runny nose. Even if you start out with a runny nose, eventually, you’ll have throat symptoms later on. Sounds like a classic cold, right?
Avatar m tn This gives the cilia in the closed nostril a chance to clean out all the pollution and mucus. When it’s clean, it opens up and the other side is closed to repeat the process. The things that swell up to close your nostrils are called turbinates. Keep this in mind when you are blowing your nose. One side will always seem more congested than the other, even if it’s clean. Step One: Spread your feet so they are about 2 feet apart, for better stability in the shower.
Avatar m tn this will help clear up the mucus and allow her to breath better. there are again certain manufactures that make with the fewest ingredients that are safest for cats. -Natures Way Nettle Herb. 435mg capsules -Solaray Organic Nettle Leaves 450mg capsules -Planetary Herbals(this one is freeze dried) 420mg caps. -Eclectic Institute either powder or capsules. open 1 capsule per day and add a small amount of water to allow you to syringe into her mouth...slowly.
351724 tn?1267540618 i started feeling like i has a fever but no fever, very tired ,chills , and body aches . then i started coughing , and just coughing up dark yellow . i felt congested also . then my left ear felt a lil weird but didnt last very long either , and then switched to my right ear. my right ear started feeling like there was water in it . and started to ache a little . but i didnt think nothing of it .
Avatar n tn And on the weekends i smoke even more. I have been spitting up pieces of sometimes, white chunks, othertimes huge mucus "loogeys" thats are very dark yellow, almost orange or even rusty coloured. I have probably been spitting like this for about a year, more or less. Im underage and the fact that my mucus is already this bad, scares me since, i dont know what it really means. Does all that mucus/pieces, get expelled from my lungs? ive been smoking for almost 4 years.
Avatar n tn My symptoms are a cough where I periodically cough up chunks of yellow to green mucous (especially in the morning and at night), a dry cough inbetween off and on, very swollen nasal passages with a thick drip down my throat, difficulty swallowing some foods because my throat feels a bit swollen, lots of thick mucous coming from my nose that is at times clear, but generally opaque and yellow to green. The color varies throughout the day but is generally yellow currently.
202436 tn?1326477933 DUH I haven't been eating and when I do it comes back. My BP was up just a hair at 140/79 and babies HB was 140. TODAY he makes the comment about the bumpy rides being a good idea and that I need to find a dirt road with a lot of bumps. WTF?!?!?! Friday he tells me not to. Then he tells me to come back on Friday which is my due date, but mentions that he is on call Thursday.
Avatar n tn Murray Grossan, who invented the Grossan Irrigation Machine, and he removed her cyst and the smell went away. 4. One man did a sinus flush, and some white tofu-like chunks came out. The smell actually got worse for a while, then went back to normal. 5. Many people, particularly the ones who have a strong odor that other people are revolted by, had no change at all after doing a Sinus Flush. 6.