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Avatar n tn A week ago I was sick for the whole week with the flu. I had all the normal flu symptoms and was given notuss to try and control the violent cough I had. I had fever, headache, chills, aches, and would wake up during the night in coughing fits. I haven't had a fever in over a week and a half but I still have the hacking violent cough. I thought nothing of it until last night when I had a coughing fit and coughed up what appeared (and tasted like) blood.
Avatar f tn I'm 20 weeks and I just threw up and at the same time cough really hard. I so scared now that I probably think i hurt know when you start coughing so hard that than you feel throwing up. It hurt my stomach so much like in the bottom. Has anyone ever happen to them. Or someone you know.
Avatar m tn I have been waking up for the past few mornings and hacking up these chunks of mucus. I would like to know what it is before I go t see my doctor, incase its nothing and I go for no reason.
Avatar f tn When I do cough in the MORNING (on purpose), I cough up quite thick chunks of phlegm that are bright yellow, sometimes a greenish color (I cough about 10 chunks up each morning), and then as the day goes on, when I cough up phlegm, it is white and/or clear, less chunky, but still quite thick. I am worried about •Bronchiectasis because 1. It's week #5 and although the cough has gotten MUCH better, I still have phlegm/chest congestion daily and 2.
1063285 tn?1285674316 I did not know where to post this sorry in advance. But I have been battling this cough and congestion for 2 months now i can't stand it lol. But my problem is i am constantly coughing, coughing up green/ brown chunks of mucus, Congestion i 'am sneezing and blowing out green/brown stuff most of the time just congested. Any idea of what its possibly wong?? I have tried everything from mucinex,Thera-flu, allergy meds, tylenol, amoxicillan. everything i can't kick this bad boy.
Avatar m tn t having regular bowel movements after a while then one night her tummy was very hard. I ended up giving her an infant enema which seemed to soothe her after she went to the bathroom, I hoped she then would return to normal but alas it returned the very next night. I increased her water and juice intake but it still has not helped. I called her doctor and spoke with them, they prescribed some hyosyne drops. I gave them to her as I got her ready for bed but it has not helped.
7797471 tn?1397188658 I have been getting over a cold for the last couple of weeks but it is in my lungs now. During the night, my throat gets so dry and backed up that I will wake up not being able to breath and constantly coughing/gagging. I am 31 weeks and I'm afraid it's hurting the baby coughing so bad. I usually sip water while it's happening and then take a Halls cough drop but it's been happening every night. Is it hurting my little one?
Avatar m tn So I am a 33 year old male, in the past I was social smoker and drinker. I occasionally when I swallow (a "dry" swallow with saliva, never with food) I have a click or a pop sound I can hear it and I can feel it on the outside of my neck, just to the right and just above my Adams apple.
Avatar f tn Thank you for your reply and I am terribly sorry to hear about your brother. It is very hard losing a sibling. I have given up smoking as of the moment I saw the blood and I will continue to do so. Please don't apologise for saying what needs to be said. I am grateful for it. I am hoping that you are right and that I ruptured a blood vessel. Fingers crossed. Once again, thank you for your kind words and for taking the time.
Avatar n tn Have been coughing blood in small amounts in the past two days . Was taking TB medication and finally I was told it wasn't TB . Had x-rays taken before and after treatment no change in the spot in the lungs . As of right now it's more like chunks of blood instead of watery blood .
Avatar f tn on a morning when i wake up i always need to cough and clear my throat since about a year ago. but now it has extended to needing to do it throughout the day. sometime the mucus that comes up is small hard sticky lumps that nearly make me be sick as they get stuck in my throat. or some times theres a lot of yellow and white flem. its never clear. I'm wondering wat the cause of this is as i can constantly feel it there at back of my throat like a coating.
Avatar f tn Coughing up chunks of green mucus.. all congested with green.boogies, sorry tmi but my thoats been hurting since.monday my midwife said it was allergies.. i know this isnt allergies waiting to get a call back from doctor but can this hurt my baby??
Avatar f tn he told me that this morning he was coughing really hard and spit out blood which was almost about half a cup..he is not an alcoholic and he doesn't smoke either.he has coughed up blood for the first time and i am really worried.can you please tell me what this might mean? also there was no phlegm in the blood,it was just blood.please help. P.S: he is a heart patient and has had 2 heart attacks in the past 15 years..
Avatar n tn A friend of mine (who refuses to go to a doctor, no matter how much I nag them) is worried about their symptoms of constant runny nose, wheezing in throat but not in chest, breathlessness, and coughing up white phlegm. My friend IS a smoker, and is going through a lot of stress currently.
162279 tn?1270601359 its only been a month and what i did was started with peas and carrots but i use baby food bought and added a little water for the peas because they are dry and then squished the suppers like the hard pieces and he started learning to chew and a month later he is fine with some chunks... he is getting better some things he still gags on...but he will eat a fry no problem.. he loves spagetti and hot cereal..
7190844 tn?1393358607 ok My Brother And Boyfriend Were Throwing chunks Of Ice At each Other The Other Day. I Was Walking Away When I Heard My Brother yell "Look Out!" I Stupidly Froze And Was Hit Hard in The Rib By The Ice. It Knocked The Breath Out Of Me And I Feel To My Knees Unable To Breath. I Recovered BuT Since The Incident I've Been cramping Pretty Bad. I'm 13 Weeks. Should I Go To The Doctor? It WA In My Back Ribs. Didn't Touch My Stomach...
Avatar f tn So gross, makes a gross taste in my mouth, and generally when I cough it sounds like I should be coughing something up but nothing actually comes up. Anyhow, I am still taking the medication, not sure why it made me cough blood, but we shall see what happens, I have all this medication for a week! Hopefully it works.
Avatar f tn I can deal with the wheezing, but 3 times now over the past 2 months I’ve started coughing hard and pulled up a thick, brown worm/slug like hard mucus that’s about 1.5 inches long and fairly thick. Directly after, I end up coughing up a small amount of orangish “regular” mucus. Otherwise, I haven’t coughed anything else up at all. Anyone know what this is? I can’t find anything online.
Avatar f tn Can you mucus plug come out as just white chunks? im 36+4 as well, and have 24 days left?
Avatar n tn email me at ***@**** please i have been having the same issues for 5 weeks and have blacked out three times and just this morning had a small seizure in front of my kids when i came to i felt my body still shaking as soon as i start coughing for a short period of time and or laugh hard it sends me into a coughing fit and i black out hospital has said my vitals are fine and send me on my way they dont go any further than that one hospital said it could be my uvula that is long causing me to
287996 tn?1312023682 When I had my pvcs really bad they would make me gag so eating was hard because I felt like throwing up but it didn't cause my throat to hurt. I would have chest pain but not throat pain or difficulty swallowing. I might be concerned that you have some acid erosion from acid reflux damaging your esophagus. This is an issue that could trigger pvcs due to the vagus nerve so I would go see your doctor or a gastroenterologist to get your throat checked out.
Avatar f tn You could also try natural ways to soothe the cough. I avoided teas not because they are all bad during pregnancy it was just hard to keep up with the list so I just drank hot water and squeezed lemon and honey in it and seemed to help me a lot when I had a cold.