Contractions feel like gas pain

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Avatar f tn So today I was perfectly fine, as soon as I got to work I have this very bad back pain and like my thighs hurt so bad. They feel sore but I haven't done anything? And I am having such bad gas haha (sorry) I'm 36+4 I was wondering if the back pain was a sign of anything?
Avatar f tn I know it sounds dumb. But out of no where i got nauseous and i feel like i have a fever && i got this pain in my lower back. At first i thought they were gas. They feel like i have gas, but i try to fart and nothing. I sat on the toilet for a good five minutes and nothing came out. I dk if i ate something bad or something since I'm starting to get chills even though I'm bundled up. I'm 40w 4d. I have a feelin its gas since i can hear my tummy rumbling.
Avatar f tn I would not compare it to gas pain at all... I would much rather have gas pain then contraction. It's excruciating. I'm not even gonna sugar coat it.
Avatar f tn Do they feel like bad period cramps or really bad gas passing or something completely different?
982641 tn?1252029012 Skin stretching- usually itchy and taught, but your belly underneath is not tightening up 3). Gas cramps S U C K! It feels like contractions, but again--- no tightening. You'll feel relief when the gas comes out. 4). Period cramps- well if you're pregnant you won't have these 5). BH contractions- tightening of the belly, usually the low side. Real contractions will cause your entire belly to tighten into a tight, tight ball. These can be uncomfortable, painful or not even noticeable! 6).
Avatar n tn Alot of lower back pain,alot of tightness in my belly, cramp like pain in my lower abdomen. What exactly do contractions feel you feel them in your lower abdomen or is it in your vagina? Sorry I just have been getting my hopes up everytime I feel something differnt. I'm just ready to have my baby boy. Thanks in advance!
Avatar f tn It's the worst pain ever!!!
6366847 tn?1381552689 Contractions feel like very bad period cramps. As for me tho I never had period cramps so the doc explained it like a really bad upset stomach I have to poop feeling.
Avatar f tn Braxton hicks aren't usually painful though they can be the bigger you get. Contractions apparently feel like period pains, I've never experienced them so for me they feel like I need to go number 2 due to the immense pressure your bottom. Or horrible never ending gas pains lol buy that's just me.
Avatar f tn Just really terrible cramps. I've heard that's what contractions feel like. I also feel like i have to poop, like i have gas pains but i cant go. I've felt awful all day and have really bad back pain as well. I don't know what to think!
Avatar n tn I have noticed that when I have gas moving around, I often feel that my heart may skip, or when I am laying down a spasm may occur near my heart with no pain but gives the feel of a slight skip. Though I have a heart murmur, I was tested and have no heart disease. Can gas cause this skiping sensation in the heart, or by pushing against the heart actually cause a skip, I heard this is posiable. If so what can I so to lesson the gas and the skipping or spasm sensation?
Avatar f tn For the women that gave birth already what does contractions feel like? Some people say it hurts like bad menstrual cramps but I never had menstrual cramps. Is there something else to compare it to so I'm prepared?
Avatar f tn Mommies I was told that contractions feel like period cramps but worse or your stomach tightening and now I just read that its also described as gas pain....I have all those and ik its not real contractions because there random but how am I supposed to really know when the time comes?
Avatar f tn Do contractions feel like bad menstral cramps ?
Avatar f tn What do they feel like?
7758733 tn?1402593020 I'm a second time mom, but never felt contractions with my first. I've got this pain that feels like I have bad gas, but it won't break down (fart), but it will get more intense every couple minutes or so. Nothing I'm concerned or paniced about, just curious to if this could be what contractions feel like. I'm 35wks today.
Avatar f tn How can a contraction feel like? I know its different for everybody and the pain I have been having I am not all to sure that is what it is. Has anyone ever had a contraction feel more like a low stabbing sharp pain following a low back pain. Im not feeling much tightness. And also whrn you are having a contraction does the baby tend to move during it? Please let me know!
Avatar f tn Hi can somebody tell what real labor contractions feel like and is it normal to have bloody show all day long.
Avatar f tn Ok so I need help from you contractions feel like bad menstrual cramps or gas pains? I've been having pain like that all afternoon but nothing is real consistent or anything. Is this Braxton Hicks?
Avatar f tn What did your contractions feel like? Im 40 weeks and 2 days and confused about this pain.
968185 tn?1248259181 Hi I am only 31 weeks tomorrow and i have been having like cramping and i do not know if i am having contractions or gas pain? i feel like i need to go to the bathroom but i can't when i had my last nonstress test there were small bumps on the contraction line but i didnt feel most of them and the dr would not see me after the test. i feel like i get crampy for a few minutes then it goes away but i dont think my stomach is getting harder it always feels hard.
Avatar f tn I been having a few contractions for only like 30 mins and I wouldnt be worried because I know a few are normal at 34 weeks but ive also had a bad pain in my left side all day.
Avatar f tn What do they actually feel like? Does it feel like when u have gas extremely bad and u start to cramp?
Avatar f tn For the women that gave birth already what does contractions feel like? Some people say it hurts like bad menstrual cramps but I never had menstrual cramps. Is there something else to compare it to so I'm prepared?
456991 tn?1239310832 What exactly do contractions feel like?? I keep having this weird pain that I've never had before but it's not constant they are pretty distant apart... Does it feel anything like gas??? PLEASE HELP!!