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Avatar n tn i am usin turmaric but i don feel lik it works ... pls suggest me diet also to maintain a clear skin.
Avatar f tn It's been about 4 weeks now since I have been using Xtreme Brite. It's a cream to clear away black spots. The black spots have been left after the pimples and I been trying to get rid of them. This Xtreme Brite cream is like a bleaching cream and now it's making my whole chin peeling and it's looks like my chin is bleached. Will my natural brown skin color come back? How long will it take for me to recover from this? Is this permanent? I'm worried and scared.
Avatar m tn Then try to wax the hair out in a single strip as multiple strips may injure the skin more.After waxing apply ice(wrapped in a towel) and some calamine lotion on the skin which helps in soothing.You can also take some over the counter anti-inflammatory like ibuprofen after waxing. However,the best method of painless hair removal is by laser treatment.I would advise you to consult a dermatologist/cosmetologist and discuss this option with him. Hope it helps.
Avatar n tn If so, there are a number of treatments available. One very popular remedy has been laser skin resurfacing which helps to minimize the appearance of wrinkles, scars, lines and hyper pigmentation surrounding the eyes and mouth. It can also be used to treat areas on the cheeks. Laser resurfacing does not cause as much discomfort, bruising, scaring or bleeding compared to other cosmetic surgery procedures.
Avatar n tn Dont apologise we are happy to hear from you and give you any input and pearls of Wisdom we may have,your post was very informative and interesting, Skin disorders are a pain literaly to deal with arent they,especially psoriasis,are you sure your face ruins your life ,perhaps the person inside is what people really like , however I understand we all want to look our best, I think you should do your diet first then the Laser treatment,as you have a clear run at it then, does the diet work well I
1430704 tn?1306387507 Have you used any new makeup line that might not be suitable for your skin type? Try to think back to what you did when your skin was more balanced. My guess is that you've passed the puberty stage so it's probably something you've done differently in your routine. Simple is usually the best. Don't overload your skin with too many treatments or products. Cleanse once in the morning and once at night. Eat a balanced diet and avoid too many oily or sugary foods.
Avatar f tn I did have it done, about 5 treatments but discontinued because i saw little result and the cost was expensive.
Avatar n tn I went the a demotologist twice and they kept giving me glyclic acid, 10% it does clear up my skin but it only brighten the spots and make them more visibly and sensitive to sunlight, the result is not effective it only make matters worse when I have to go outside, I do use sunblock but I will let you know there is no sunblock that can beat the sun light, heat, and pollution in Houston Tx.
Avatar n tn I am quite wealthy so money is not a problem.I have been reading about cryosurgery and laser surgery.Would any of that help to lighten my skin by a shade or two.Any suggestions or comments are highly appreciated.
1752667 tn?1312290587 Hi! I am currently taking doxycycline and yasmin for my acne, and it seems like none of them are working to help clear my skin. I'm still sporting several small cysts on my jaw line and eyebrows, and though they have grown considerably smaller in size, I'm still breaking out every few days. This is only my first month on this treatment, though. Does anyone have any recommendations regarding creams or gels that eliminate existing acne scars?
Avatar m tn I got laser treatment where my doctor treated it with a weaker dosage of laser once, and last week I got a stronger dosage of laser on the bruise. It seemed to have the turned the pigment darker. Is this normal or should I stop getting laser treatment?
Avatar f tn But when the same laser is also absorbed by the melanin in the skin, it turns the surrounding skin darker. (They place the laser right on the skin to get the hair, so I have no idea how they can claim the skin woykd not be affected.) Of course, you sign a waiver before doing it, so all of this is just hindsight talking.
Avatar n tn Well what's the cause of milia and what do you do to stop and clear it? I wish my face regularly and I find these white, hard, dots on my face continue to pop up. It' on the higher portion of my cheek and around my eyes. Been getting them for years now. So how do you clear the current bunch and what measures do I take to stop them?
Avatar n tn Was he already exposed because of the skin to skin contact that occurred 3 weeks prior to the appearance of the first lesion? Is it at all possible he was the source (I've read incubation periods of 3 weeks)? Also when its stated that most people clear hpv in a year, is that a year from the infection date, or a year from the appearance of the lesion? Technically I was infected last summer so i was wondering if future breakouts are less likely because more time had passed?
Avatar f tn Also, do you think it is alright for him to use his (DCL) revitalizing gel (use for dy skin if you have heard of it) or should he use something like a Lubriderm or CeraVe lotion because he has been using a prescription gel (Benzaclin) at night (it was to clear up the folliculitis) that dries his skin? Thank you so much for your time.
883279 tn?1244102594 A word of warning about any chemical peels, micro-dermabrasion and laser treatements. These might temporarily improve your skin but in years to come, your skin could become sensitive and damaged and result in a condition called Rosacea. Chemicals are the going to traumatise any skin, especially the most sensitive or fair skinned types. The best approach is gentle, slow, steady and as natural as possible!
Avatar n tn I have lots but I also have 13,000 dollars and am willing to spend every penny to have clear skin. Or else I'm never going to live my life. I've also seen this stuff; pixie dust that can grow back limbs. I figured I would chop my arm with the scars on them off and regrow my arm with pixie dust. Do you have any information on what you know about pixie dust, Where can I get some? It sounds like science fiction but so what...
Avatar n tn The treatment for post inflammatory hyperpigmentation includes various skin creams like hydroquinone, azelaic acid, corticosteroids, tretinoin cream and laser treatment.Apply hydroquinone cream on this scar and it should go away in a few days to months.If it still persists then you can go in for laser treatment, Chemical peeling or microdermabrasion. Avoid picking, harsh scrubbing, and abrasive treatments unless prescribed by a dermatologist during this period. Hope it helps.
Avatar n tn I have used TCA, glycolic peels, hydroquinone, tretioin, kojic, bit nothing has reduced it. Recently i heard that yag laser can be used for depigmenting skin by destroying melanin cells itself, and in a way cause hypopigmentation in these regions. Can I do this. Please advice the type of laser, etc.
Avatar f tn Hey there! I just wanted to start by saying this community has been so helpful post eye surgeries, so thank you to everyone for answering my questions. It's been 8 months since my vitrectomy. My last check-up was in December- the surgeon said everything looked perfect and I didn't need to see him for 12 months. I was seen in January for a glaucoma screen, due to elevated IOP post-surgery. My retina was attached and I experienced zero vision loss due to eye pressure. All good!
Avatar f tn I'm going on a strict skin diet now! My skin condition is really so bad as I have oily and sensitive skin:( anyone knows whether is it possible to get flawless skin if I eliminate: white grains, white bread, chilli, fried food and dairy products? Oh! Is yogurt harmful too?
Avatar f tn Hi Angela400 Please provide an update: are the scars all gone? Is your skin entirely clear like nothing happened?
Avatar n tn What did finally work for her is IPL (intense pulsed light) laser treatments. She had the treatments in May and her face is still, for the most part, clear of acne. And, it is drug free! If only we had known about the laser treatments before she became acutely ill from the Solodyn.
Avatar f tn Hello, The treatment for such dark spots and hyperpigmentation includes various skin creams like hydroquinone, azelaic acid, corticosteroids, tretinoin cream and laser treatment.As you have a sensitive skin,so any of these is not recommended.Apply calamine lotion and aloe gel. If it still persists then you can go in for laser treatment, Chemical peeling or microdermabrasion. Avoid picking, harsh scrubbing, and abrasive treatments unless prescribed by a dermatologist during this period.
1155893 tn?1263018015 Hey, I finished my accutane course like 5 months ago and my skin has been really clear but recently I've been breaking out some and would like to try out proactiv. Do you think this would be safe? Do you even think proactive works?
Avatar f tn i burst it and it became again this time more big...went to dentist surgeon he laser it ..but after 15 days it came back again... after waiting 2 months more did laser again, but this mucocele.came again not the same place but just above it, last sunday it became in morning and drained itself in evening, but today is the 3rd day, theres still little white spot like thing at that place now i m getting headche thinking of it ..i dont knw wat to do ?