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Avatar n tn try using the sunbeds or sun shower for a few minutes a couple of times a week along with this cut out alcohol and chocolate from your diet and stock up on fruit and veg this will help the blackheads clear. Once they have cleanse,tone and moisturise morning and night to keep them at bay. sounds like obvious advice but it really does work!!
Avatar f tn A lot of clean eating, little to no milk, dairy, no commercial cleaners, no commercal laundry detergents, I could go on and on. I did it for asthma and health and the clear skin came along with. Castor oil is amazing on your skin, it pulls them right out! Look up castor oil cleaning for your skin. Wish I found this stuff before years of worthless toxic rxs!
Avatar n tn I have what appear to be blackheads under my eyes and on the sides of the nose, close to the face. I wash my face every day and I use a scrub pad and some scrub-type cleaners as well as moisturizers night and day. I got a facial and the person could not do anything to the ones under my eyes because of the delicate skin and she could not get to the nose ones because of their tight location.
Avatar n tn old female, and I have tried everything in order to keep my face clear from blackheads mostly. I sometimes get those great big deep bumps that take forever to clear up, usually every other month, in which almost always seems to leave a small scar. What can I do ? I have pretty oily skin, so I don't use any oil products on my face at all, I don't wear foundation make-up at all. Any suggestions ? This discussion is related to <a href='http://www.medhelp.
Avatar f tn Use a gentle facial cleanser and facial toner each morning and night, along with a moisturizer for sensitive skin. If you must extract a pimple, do so after cleansing the skin and taking a steam shower. If clear liquid or blood is extracted, stop, as this will lead to a scar. If you use facial make-up, make sure the packaging specifically says non-acneic, non-comdegenic, or won't clog pores. Wash any make-up applicators at least once a week.
Avatar f tn It is applied at night, after washing with a non-soap cleanser. It will take about 3 months of use to clear all blackheads or spots. Eloise.
Avatar f tn i have suffered from blackheads and visible pores on my nose for as long as i can remember and ive tried lots of different cleansers and face masks etc but nothing works can anyone recommend anything that will help cure this problem there so visible i wont leave the house without applying make up first, i would really love clear skin without these or the oily t zone. any advice would be appreciated thankyou.
Avatar n tn Clinique 3 step system I am skin type 3 the site will tell you which skin type u are. When it comes to your face, you get what you pay for. These products arent that expensive but they work. Here in canada they are 22$ each for you need all 3 to really get results. They seriously helped my skin so much I need to get the word out. I had acne for 10 years and the last 3 years my skin has been to it worst. I did not know what to do and doctors kept giving me creams that did not work!
Avatar f tn I was wondering how to treat blackheads. I have blackheads on my chin, on my cheeks and on my nose. I get large painful pimples usually because they form from two or three blackheads. I have tried every over the counter product there is. (Stridex, Clean and Clear, Noxema, Neutrogena, St Ives, Cleansers ect.) Nothing works. What do I do?
Avatar m tn There isn't much progress, but there is one small area I noticed where the blackheads have disappeared and the skin is clear. Could it be up to a month or should I see results more quickly? Also I wanted to ask how much impact does stress have on the skin and how much could stress have to do with my blackheads? I have pretty bad stress, sometimes I have bad muscle pain because of it.
Avatar n tn I have tried the strips and they are a joke on my skin. They'll take out maybe 10-15 % of my blackheads, but nowhere near enough to make it worth it. The only advantage I've found with them is they'll remove the first few layer of dead skin, making it easier to deeply wash my face afterwards. I think a facial scrub does a better job. Verona- Did you really have the problem as severely as I do? We're talking about every other pour getting clogged in a matter of days.
Avatar m tn hi i have this weird urge to clean my face so much and once i've scrubbed so hard to get rid of blackheads i actually took skin off... i was wonderin if theres a product (within the UK) that actually gets rid of blackheads properly i tried clean&clear and clearasil but none work.. most of my spots are gone,exept for alot of small small ones that are never ready to go... any suggestions on what worked for anyone here?...
Avatar f tn ) I'd be really thankful if u discuss my problem and inform me.
Avatar n tn I had blackheads and my nose was red and oily. No other promlems on my face. Went to derm and she gave me oral med (dont have it in front of me), and also Retin-A. I went in thinking i had roseaca, but i was told that wasn't what it was. I've been on the oral for 3 months and the retin for about 6 weeks. I've seen a little difference, but its hard to tell when you look at yourself everyday. I saw my derm last week and she said it looks better.
Avatar m tn They all do nice things to my skin, and the skin around my nose FEELS great, even when I touch it, but when I look, those cursed blackheads are still there. Nose strips - I've tried Biore nose strips, as far as I can tell they don't do anything. In my most desperate moments I've even tried packaging tape and duct tape. Other than hurting very badly when I ripped it off, it didn't seem to do anything.
1419384 tn?1282280957 i have a clear smooh skin but i get blackheads on my nose and chin...
Avatar m tn Amber's right. An exfoliating scrub will help. Estee Lauder make a good one that leaves your skin really soft. Use it after their cleanser for maximum effectiveness. Clarins make a cleanser and exfoliator in one with orange extracts. There are loads of cheaper makes too like Clean & Clear. Do not try to extract blackheads yourself, book a facial at a beauty salon or skin clinic.
1603997 tn?1297780797 I'm going on vacation in 2 weeks and I really hope I can get this to clear up by then. Any advice? Thanks! (a few more pics, worse quality)
Avatar m tn 1. Remove blackheads, either physically or by peels 2. Prevent blackheads by using a salicylic acid, glycolic acid (available on ebay), or benzoyl peroxide wash along with a retinoid (by prescription- this is the best way b/c it has cell turnover and addresses the problem under and within the skin); regular microdermabrasions may be additively helpful 3. For oily skin, carry some salicylic acid, glycolic acid, or benzoyl peroxide wipes and use 2-3 times/day.
Avatar n tn Hi. Never squeeze blackheads or spots. Doing so spreads bacteria under the skin leading to more spots, delayed healing time and even scarring. Instead ask your doctor for a retinoid gel such as Retin-a or Differin which will clear blackheads and spots and fade post-acne marks. It is difficult to say how long it will take for this hyperprigmenation to fade. The majority of post-acne scarring is superficial and will fade within a year. Eloise.
686783 tn?1239449063 I use my clean and clear exfoliating wash and deep pore wash for about a week now. Skin does look clear but not really a product to get rid off what iI already got. I've seen a Blackhead remover tool in BodyShop, anyone ever tried this tool? Any help and advice is greatly appreciated!
Avatar f tn The raised area can be squeezed and then releases a clear fluid, and the blackheads keep returning, no matter how much I remove them. Sometimes they also bleed if I squeeze them too much. I've never been to a doctor about it, but now it's affecting my sex life. I was just wondering if anyone has had the same problem and knows how to deal with it.
Avatar m tn I am 28 years old and I have been hoping for years that my acne and bad skin is going to clear up as I get older and grow out of it. I had bad skin (not horrible) in high school and it got better 18-25 years old...but I certainly never got to the point where I didn't have to keep a cover up make-up stick in my pocket and tan at least once a week to hide some occasional zits. blackheads have been something I have dealt with my whole life and lately it is out of control.
Avatar f tn It took at 3 months of meds to see a difference in my skin. I've been clear for 3 months. Now that I am on month 6 I developed a cyst this morning on my face. Hope this isn't a bad sign.
Avatar n tn I sometimes get whitehead spots and have a few blackheads on my nose, but the rest of my skin feels a little spotty (and i mean a little, thye are not big, very visable spots) and i have a bit of a shiny T-Zone and drier cheeks (combination skin really). However i still have these little spots, that are not blackheads or whiteheads, on my face and i was wondering what they are and how to get rid of them, including what ingredients in products i would need to clear this up.
Avatar n tn They wont let me see a dermatologist and I need to know what is the mildest noncomedogenic skin cleanser that i can use to help repair and clear my skin thats also for sensitive red flacky skin.
Avatar f tn Also talk to your doctor about Differin, a topical synthetic retinoid. This will exfoliate your skin and is good for all types of acne, spots and blackheads. It is generally well tolerated with few side effects, and should not dry your skin or contribute to wrinkles. Eloise.
1564445 tn?1295162763 all what you mentioned is right and they became so clear when it is hot and when my skin start to be dark from the sun they became like light whit color or gray color but there is no itch or pain. looks like i am missing the color in some areas on my body our docotors looks like they trying but they did not find out yet.
Avatar f tn I am a 22 year old girl. I am fair and have smooth skin but my skin is not clear. I tend to have pimples and boils on my face. The boils appear on my forehead and cheeks. They are not painful or itchy but simple swellings and they come in clusters. Few days back i massaged my face with olive oil but i got rashes on my face> how do i treat it. My otherwise health is good but overweight. What do i do to clear my skin because these problems recur regularly. Mine is a normal skin.